Women entrepreneurship golden opportunity comes, it’s your action

note: in the past decade, led by women, at more than $10 million in annual sales, the number of enterprises increased by 56.6%; Women’s leadership in the technology company’s revenue to 12% higher than male leading technology companies. Numbers don’t lie, it expounds the fact that female entrepreneurship. The following for the digital medical startup ZappRx founder and CEO of Zoe Barry (Zoe Barry) point of view and feeling:

in silicon valley, tech companies the proportion of female founder is surprisingly low, only 3% or so. As for privately held company, by only 6% of the proportion of female CEO, with the proportion of female founder is only 1.3%. Now, get the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree more than half of people are women, why will appear this kind of situation?

despite these disappointing data as well as the recent headlines BaoKang as (Ellen Pao) v kleiner perkins caufield & byers reflects gender issues, but we also see some good news. Science and technology, and industry outstanding women are getting the attention of the world. Recent data show that the technology companies led by women has a higher efficiency of capital, investment rate of return is 35%. In the first half of 2013, founded the company by women in the venture capital business got 13% of the share, in record, want to know what this number is only 4% in 2004. In other words, investors began to find, let a female lead the company to bring more generous returns.

as a female entrepreneur, as a venture capital support only digital medical startup founder and CEO, unlike before those sad business women, I have been in the technology industry experience women treatment of positive change. It makes me believe that female entrepreneurship.

women to be recognized as a strong leader

as Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer), Cheryl Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) and gini Roman mention (Ginni Rometty) such a heavyweight women leaders, already among the c-level executives, in charge of the fortune 500 companies. Made out of their leadership, their news, already popularized the female senior managers of the enterprise, and “science and technology and the broader industry needs more women leaders” the future trend made a very good bedding.

fortunately, the spotlight of women stand out, and with his outstanding leadership to get the approval of the world. Harvard business review in 2011, conducted a survey of working men and women were evaluated, the results are as follows:

in each level, a peer, boss, direct reports, and other colleagues ratings, more women got higher scores than male rival, and the level is higher, the greater the gap. Specifically, in 16 assess outstanding leadership of the professional quality, all levels of women in the whole 12 indicators on the leading position. Moreover, there are two women leading men’s quality: executive force and efficiency, which has long been regarded as men’s specialty.

considering that women are bound and excluded from the meeting room or in the family not long ago, this is very surprising and encouraging progress. For those aggressive women entrepreneurs, the shift of the timing couldn’t be better.

female leadership of enterprise success is

rule in the women’s situation, happened something interesting (but not surprising) : with those compared to the traditional rival companies led by men, they are led by the growth rate of enterprises want to win. In the past ten years, led by women, at more than $10 million in annual sales, the number of enterprises increased by 56.6%, the growth rate is 47% higher than average.

women leaders, it seems, are still in the process of promoting a business success plays a key role. Women executives in less than two start-up, their failure rate is 50.3%; However, if the company has more than five people of female executives, so they would have jumped to 61% success rate.

especially in the field of health care, women are becoming a key role, and C level management at the grassroots level as well. Women as the proportion of medical and health services managers reached 73%, which makes them to be the voice of the public eye health care industry. Founded by women in the past ten years, the high revenue in the number of health care and social assistance company not only has increased by nearly two times, and the growth rate is also very striking, health care and social assistance company as a whole was 54.9%, and those at more than $10 million in annual sales of close to 183%.

in the case of health care by national spotlight, women are rise become a new era can lead us into the health care of successful leaders.

risk investment snowball effect of

women’s leadership of the enterprise is successful, which in turn attract more venture capital for them, so as to promote higher growth. At the height of the dotcom bubble, by women’s leadership of venture capital enterprises lag far behind. In between 1997-2000, they only receive 6% of all investment funds in the United States. But between 2000-2011, the rate has soared to 41%.

coupled with the fact, that in case has the support of venture capital, women’s leadership in the technology company’s revenue than 12% higher than that of male leading technology companies, they like the Pandora’s box of a lot of potential.

as risk investment companies continue to achieve positive returns from the investment of female leadership, they will be more open attitude about future investments. It is difficult for us to also don’t want to stop the snowball rolling faster and faster.

women mutual support movement has only just begun

now, young and inexperienced women entrepreneurs, who are to support the number of women entrepreneurs than ever before. For example, I have a huge influence on their growth and success with the teacher, so I do the new generation.

in the past year, I have been in guiding a young female entrepreneurs, her startup financing $1 million recent success, and she also made the Forbes list of top 30 below 30 junjie. The good news is that 80% of women technology entrepreneurs said they have mentors. From my experience, I think it is good for their future success, one million.

more women investors led by women in the search for the company, or find good investment company, and in the leadership team or increase the female characters in the advisory committee. Numbers don’t lie, had a company of women leaders are more likely to succeed. More women to participate in the technology industry, the greater the chance for them to develop a mentor relationship. If this can be an exciting and full of hope of women entrepreneurial opportunity, then I don’t know what time can.

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