Women entrepreneurs: the Gospel of the angel investment only women entrepreneurs

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Jonathan Sposato, a Seattle entrepreneur, CEO of photo editing software, in Seattle last week Angel Conference announced that he would only investment enterprise of women entrepreneurs in the future.

women often difficult in financing process. From CrunchBase ranges data showed that women founded enterprises only about 19% of the seed wheel and angel investment, until the next phase of enterprise development financing, this data will be cut again.

but thankfully female founder number is growing. According to CrunchBase ranges data, according to data from the women entrepreneurs to set up by the enterprises, up from 9.5% in 2009 to 18% in 2014.

Sposato told Mashable reporter said in an interview: “both in terms of financing, to express ideas or hiring, female entrepreneurs are at the disadvantage of the society. Do you want to do something he could do nothing. But for some things as long as you are still full of passion, you should go to push it.”

Sposato said part of the problem is the inherent concept from investors, or investors only those big companies have successful experience has small scale of effective learning. And these successful companies tend to be led by men.

“we must use the brain to think about how we define success, rather than being inherent thinking,” he said. In Seattle “Women ‘s Startup fusion, Sposato expressed strong support for Women leaders in the field of science and technology and full recognition.

although Sposato statement to support women entrepreneurs, but he is not only limited to the investment of women. He invested $1.4 million in seed round, and become the director, but the company founder of three men. At the same time, he is also a fitness app EveryMove angel investors, the company founded by two men.

“if I’d have a purpose, special care, so I think things will be different,” added the Sposato male leaders he had invested enterprises in recent years in support of women’s founder some extremely important role in the operation. “I don’t think all male leaders of the enterprise is bad, bad product, company, or employees, and so on. Look ahead, this is my position.

he is the first women to support Lisa Maki, (a site) is responsible for the medical service partner and CEO. Sposato said Maki enterprise founded at the beginning of the let him worry is Maki does not conform to the typical image of entrepreneurs in silicon valley – she had older (has more than 30 years old) and a female.

“her travelling to raise money in all kinds of investors, but in vain,” added Sposato, after he became her major investors. “PockitDok do very well, was surprised investors.”

“she is typical of the women entrepreneurs, facing the opportunity challenge actively respond to and persistence. Hope you all have, may be the next successful women like her.

Maki Sposato support women entrepreneurship remarks with cooing.

“Sposato is a very talented person, he is able to realize the diversity of entrepreneurship, not only because of this diversity exists is right, but also because this diversity wisdom choice can also bring high return.” Maki stated. “Jonathan realized has intrinsic advantages of women – women from multidimensional thinking to possess outstanding leadership.”

Sposato said was engulfed in reply to his social media account, 99.99% are backed, on a rational and emotional.

but he also says he email address also received some more negative reply. “I feel incredible, it will still be 0.01% of the people to resist this kind of industry trends, also refused to admit women entrepreneurs entrepreneurship hard fact, deny what I said.” He said.

Sposato said to support women entrepreneurs company even gave him back the blame of sexist.

“I cast my own money,” he said, “that’s the way I choose investment.”


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