Woes: a small entrepreneurs trains many technical, but I’m still in distributing leaflets

note: hunting cloud in the highly competitive opportunity fleeting Internet industry, a lot of people, seize the opportunity and more losers. The following network CEO xiao-feng Chen in order to marry an article on reflection, to review in baidu previously held the position of a business head first with a “little brother”, but now he became the backbone of many companies, in addition also includes left baidu do wind Shared repeatedly missed opportunity. Now, he founded marry clap nets are still at the initial stage, won A $3 million pre – A angel, he is also giving out handbills in the street, strive for the company development.

the following for the full text:

when I was the boss, 35, list, standing at the gate of the fuchenmen station distributing leaflets, my life fall off a cliff. How can I get to this point?

after graduating from tsinghua, baidu, senior manager, I ever did in renren hosted the wind Shared tourism projects, led the 360 for the development of search engine. I had a hand has become a major Internet company bosses, accumulative total value more than $10 billion, and was reduced to myself on distributing leaflets, estuary metro subway life why would become like this? The past raided on mind.

those bosses which I take

drops a taxi CTO aoj

aoj is my import to baidu. Jaco technology is very strong, very motivated, and can speak can sing. On his interview evaluation, I gave it all out of 5 points.

aoj join soon after, I was fool the development of baidu Japan, if it weren’t for baidu Japan finally disbanded, he will join my baidu Japan technical team.

I leave before aoj baidu, after leaving the baidu, we had dinner together. I said: “mina, I do the windmill project in renren, over a period of time I would have made it myself. I learned a lot, the windmill is ready for business.” Mina to envious eyes. I said, mina, you are prepared to venture, you are entrepreneurial, the hierarchy of baidu tie your wings. Three months later, mina away from baidu, luxuriant turn around.

two years later, drops a taxi to complete C round of financing, valuation of $4 billion, I entered a travel agency distributing leaflets.

CTO ao and students with excellent grades king road

a weekend, I work overtime in baidu tower hiring. I flipped through baidu down the interview candidates in 2008, each link, each one in this way, I found the way to ao (said the elder brother of the road).

the elder brother of the road is a great god, Dota PHP great god. A month time, he developed alone baidu Japanese library, no bug. A month, he became a Dota team captain, led the “pink sister” team win baidu Dota series.

he follow me with windmill project in 2012, before and after we struggle together for two years.

two years with honors students completed A $5 million round of financing, I joined only three personal micro team and start writing code.

sina weibo chief architect, hui new zichen

in the early years of baidu, or C language of the world. I am the first to promote the development of baidu PHP. I dug up from the company new Chen (called bird elder brother), and then set up baidu PHP committee chaired, Montana birds elder brother of the PHP core engineer. Our team of 6 people, laid the cornerstone of the baidu PHP.

wind Shared by Chen is turned off, weibo technology VP and I chat, I asked could you recommend a PHP whiz, and I said, the elder brother of the bird world.

soon, luxuriant in baidu has been ignored in the bird to join weibo, become weibo technology image spokesperson.

Meituan network architect peng-cheng liu

I am a technical background, in baidu, I made the largest UB, C language programming framework is baidu PHP, chairman of the committee, Montana has trained a lot of technology. The current Meituan inati architect is the most outstanding representatives.

I also do in baidu community manager, inati is our department’s high. Later, I was fool to baidu Japan development, no longer inati on direct management. But one day inati ran and told me his puzzled: “emperor elder brother, I met the bottleneck technology development, don’t know how to improve.”

I asked him, “the title assess who assess you, and they are familiar with you, you will have the opportunity to discuss technology, your weekend go out mountain climbing?” . Then I told him about my famous “circle theory”. He said: “emperor elder brother, you’re T9 administration.” Inati very clever, after two years, inati rose from T6 to T9. Then also luxuriant turned, as Meituan network architect.

at the same time, in only three people in a team, 5 years I did not write the code, start writing PHP code. Please inati on eating, I asked him to help review the technical architecture. He was surprised and asked me: “emperor elder brother, why are you still writing code? !” . It is for the meal, I was out of the pat team, because technology does not pass.

baidu Thailand division general manager Chen Guohao

in baidu Japan, and I know guoco coincidence. Guoco defeated in wudaokou business 7 years, his mood very frustrated at that time, we chatted for an afternoon together.

a month later, guoco find me, he said: “the eastern part, I decided to closed, want to learn something to you”.

I introduce him to the chances of a pile of large companies. He said to me: “the eastern part, I find you are not your help introduce work, I just want to follow you learn a lot.”

if recruit guoco, I thought for a long time. Business 7 years he may be not suitable for large companies in development, if let him as a Japanese video search manager, may damage the whole team. I asked him: “do development, would you like?” Guoco serious nodded his head. He soon after the promotion practice manager, manager, and then was transferred to Thailand to develop new markets.

three years later, when I was in baidu ceng printer free print flyers, met guoco. Guoco have baidu promotion division general manager in Thailand, Thai can speak fluent business, is baidu Thai employees “daddy”.

guoco ask me: “the elder brother of the peak, to baidu busy what matter?” I’m embarrassed to say: “business cooperation and business cooperation.

reflection: why would I reduced to distributing leaflets estuary metro subway?

I am a successful manager, more than 200 employees, I don’t have a hate, include to be expelled by the I. Among them, the seven CTO, three architects, two round A CEO, more than 10 earning more than million.

why I ended up in distributing leaflets estuary metro subway?

1: reflection entrepreneurs don’t buy a house in Beijing

open after the teacher taught us very early, if possible, don’t jump the loan to buy a house.

thoughts back to January 18, 2012. Realized that day, Chen told me that the windmill is too slow, not willing to continue to input, want to dismissal. And just the day before, I bought a set of school district room for the daughter, 40000 of every months of reimbursement.

William investors looking for me, he said: “the eastern part, and the wind I Shared is used the best product, fragmentation travel APP sharing must be in the future, you take the team out, I pay you to continue to do.”

although I wanted very much to accept his investment at the time, but with huge housing debt pressure I don’t have a choice. Pressure after carrying to buy a house, I work for a year in eight, at most time playing three jobs, do outsourcing, also went to the travel agency to sell tickets.

later William find Peng Tao do the bread to travel, fragmentation, to share the same flat UI.

2: reflection saw opportunities on

have a good business opportunity is, instead, his lack of ability is not important.

just left baidu, I met a very good opportunity. Innovation works at that time was for peas for CEO zhang advised me to give it a try. I was answer say: “I am a technology curtilage male can’t a lot of things, are not ready!” .

I chose to renren internal business. Friends advised me not to go, I would not listen to them. I said: even if the windmill failed, I also learned something, it is also a harvest. I gain the experience of failure as a result, missed the peas.

reflection 3: not everyone is suitable business

new Chen hui is to the advantage of technology to dig, but the domestic environment, the possibility of technology entrepreneurship is very small, he must be suitable for further study in the BAT.

in the present such a everyone in business, industry lacks the CTO crazy era. Every big company technology students, should carefully consider: if he was right business, able to bear the consequences of a failure? You can refer to the “want to entrepreneurship, I wrote you reason to consider it”.

in 2014, peng-cheng liu wanted to leave baidu out entrepreneurship, he again consulting my opinion. My words is very fierce, and he talked for half a day later, he decided not to come out business, and seek more suitable development platform. Subsequently, inati into Meituan as architects. The first day of orientation, he gave me a message: “thank the elder brother of the emperor, the road of life choice, the second time you help me”.

last word: don’t gentle into that good night

in May 2014, I joined a wedding website, tens of millions of dollars of financing for CTO. In a month, I set up the wedding industry the most powerful technical team. In July, go from door to door, with pluralism, I have finished all 3 million mortgages, after two years to buy a house.

in September, I began to raise their own entrepreneurial projects: marry wedding photography platform; In December, the Pre – A financing in place; In march of this year to marry as the biggest online wedding photography platform.

because to buy a house, miss countless opportunities; Because to buy a house, free now I have already no longer young. Fortunately, I didn’t fall into moneypenny, fortunately, was still in a dream.

don’t gentle into that good night, the elders ought to be in when the sunset burning roar; Nu scold, thundered against the dying of the light. The last wave, kind-hearted people crying out his own business, is fragile, this glorious to dance in green bay, they at the stop of the light.

— to all 85 former entrepreneurs