WiYoo: from a couple of social high LengFan mobile version and the hall

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sex toys are a relatively hidden niche business, but with a large number of entrepreneurs and capital into the fire up gradually. Hunting cloud network has focused on the “WiYoo” with a couple of social combined with electricity way of sex toys.

WiYoo is subtle in Beijing culture communication co., LTD., its products, launched in January 2015, at present only App. Founder Zhang Wendi said in an interview with cloud network hunting, because product content is confidential so only choose the mobile end, the team is not going to do a web site in PC, mobile power is an inevitable trend.

team was established in February 2014, the founder of Zhang Wendi with 15 years experience in marketing communications. “In cooperation with the depth of the durex, the category for sex toys and market have deep feelings, a woman to love, a man will desire in a relationship is unequal.” Zhang Wendi, said the team would like to do couples of promoting communication and appeal, through sex toys business relationship, so on the basis of electricity joined the social function. Team currently has 10 people, technical director and director of operations at the same time with 12 years experience in construction management of digital transmission and system; Technical development team from Internet start-ups.

WiYoo is English With You, want to say is “to be With You. designed for couples WiYoo exclusive expression and chat tools, including letters, burn after reading, time line, schedules, and other functions, to promote the emotional communication. And in the choice of goods, WiYoo do special screening and custom, choose suitable for lovers of special and interesting goods, hope that through content for real life experience.

WiYoo team

as a main electric business platform, appeal WiYoo provides users with red roses and white roses two categories. Red rose is a partial life, romantic class products include flowers, wine, sweets, hand made gifts and so on, and white roses and sex related, more fun. WiYoo logistics distribution of the product, has its own warehouse direct delivery, and this kind of product like flowers, wine is directly by the supplier under the unified delivery. It is worth mentioning that WiYoo joined the wishing well function in red and white roses, and join the wishing well commodity is both of us can see.

in simple terms, WiYoo competitors has two kinds, one kind is vertical electrical contractor including hall, orange, feeling his boring (formerly known as: cost-effective), attraction, etc; And the other is micro conjugal love, love this kind of couples social software.

at present, the big electric business platform has been relatively mature, each with its own purchase environment, some like a big supermarket, some like wholesale market. But for the interest class products, many users don’t want to go to the heterogeneous content of special to do screening, hope to have some precise segmentation, simple and direct can do try, guaranteed in quality and experience. And WiYoo is from this point, the research in the early stage of the product selection, comprehensive quality, cost-effective interesting goods plus buy scenario touches to increase user stickiness.

WiYoo target user group of partial mature people, choice is more a sense of quality, selection of a limited commodity exchanges through the goods. for more direct supplier brand, also have a small amount of personal manual work, such as gourd lamp, sweet wine. Currently WiYoo mode of electricity or lighter, but then may increase. Zhang Wendi believes that life lovers in their online also has the very big market, in the late platform will also introduce the offline activities, to perfect the content of peripheral, make the emotional expression more full.

for WiYoo future development as well as how to enhance the user viscosity, Zhang Wendi said, electricity and social will expand at the same time. “In the future electricity content will be more active, chat is a need to perfect tools, will be updated to the iteration based on the peripheral environment.” In particular, later on in the WiYoo for each couple to do the basic frequency of quantitative analysis, including language sweet degree, degree of violence, the degree of cold, from the perspective of a third party to observe the life of two people, will consider to join the community function in an appropriate way.

national character partial implicative, inside collect, so the electric business platform of various interest classes as a good choice. Mobile terminal App illicit close sex is stronger, WiYoo buy scene experience and screening for product details very close, but in the face of the industry in terms of industry standards and market channels of promotion, and how it is comparatively mature in many interest electricity part of the equation is also it must think deeply about the problem.