With you also want to be entrepreneurial CEO? Please join the “housing” startup

abstract: a lot of people in their early 20 s missed the chance of starting my own business. Now, people at middle age, have the responsibility of the family, there are age limit, but even so, there are 15% of people didn’t give up on become entrepreneurial company the CEO’s dream. That 15% of the comrades can choose by doing “housing” rewrite your life to the company’s CEO or senior manager. What is a “housing” company? Why do you want to do such a choice? You belong to that 15%? Won’t you come!

CEO you want to do?

if you have never done the CEO but with the dream of being a CEO? But how to make your dream come true? Is it because you have never worked as a CEO so no one take you seriously? In me a hit a high of about “personal branding” blog post, I talked about your skills and market compatibility problems. Market is cruel, if you don’t communicate relevant information, the market will be your location. So if you want to become a CEO, you have to convey the meaning from time to time.

a very strange thing, that is as long as you are to become a CEO, even if only once, it will take you when the CEO to look at. But in fact, you are a newcomer, no one is willing to give new opportunities.

would like to open his own company, of course, is possible. For many people, it doesn’t need to doubt. The most business-minded people just those successful entrepreneurship. But I have to say not everyone is capable of self-made entrepreneurial success. In fact, I want to say most people do.

before decided to make a CEO, the first thing you have to understand, in the first 12 to 18 months, you want to locate market, do research, made the first batch of products, raise the seed fund, set up your initial team, attract you the first batch of customers, the first batch of products to test your whether can fit into the market and attract more funds, so much work, your salary during this period will be less of the poor. Even if you have success with the first batch of customers, the company can operate smoothly in the future is unknown, you have to carefully follow the market.

of course I’m not throwing cold water on those who want to entrepreneurship. If you can, and you want to do, you should act bravely. I just want to emphasize the entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

career choice: entrepreneurship vs. part-time job?

for those who are determined to become a tech entrepreneur comrades, I suggest you according to the “two-step”. All the key lies in “investment yourself”. This is mainly for those who bring big companies invest money to others to hear. I think they should take the other two ways: first, use the money to start a company; The second (this is what I really want to say), is holding a work may be lower than the market price of pay to a company, learn true ability skills, starting my own business again in the future.

it is a pity very much, I met the most people will choose their investment of $20000 in savings to others, rather than into a hot start-up company. In fact in the start-up company, his salary is likely to be $40000. At the same time he also can choose not to take a stake in, can obtain professional experience, after all, he is the most popular company in the industry.

in the choice of career, I have another idea, believe that will cause you. In fact this a statement I often mention, even more often than the “investment”, just don’t convenient public discussion on his blog. You know, the blog is generally in the discussion with good investment opportunities, in his early 20 s technology company founder, and silicon valley’s elite, such as the subject. And I want to say the package is suitable for the age slightly longer. These people tend to shoulder more responsibility, they could not truly “put aside everything, just do it,” you have to feed their families after all.

I want to say with you is basically the same: I once met a company founder about 35 to 40 years old, with two children, with loans. He (she) has worked in a very successful science and technology and media companies, education background is also quite good. He has worked at two startups, but eventually, because the pressure to buy a house loan return to the big company. In such a first-tier cities, $250000, what all not, you have to spend $1.5 million to buy you want to buy a house. Their house is near the suburbs, need repair, school district is not so ideal, but also can make do with.

he has dream, still have the desire to realize their dreams. He is eager to have a chance, can let him change the present situation of the life, can let he and his family will no longer be a variety of accounts, taxes, fees, endowment fee and other expenses. He thought of building a company.

this kind of situation we usually talk about less. But I’m sure a lot of people at a young age have the opportunity to go to the school very cow B, then do the work of the counterpart, at the time of early 20 s working very hard, but I still can’t go to Google, Facebook or Twitter. In the end, he could earn a $300000 salary in Yahoo and tax is 150000, also is only his own daily life spending what additional deposit some money. They finally failed to live on the income of $3 million.

for a group of people like this, I said I think feasible under one or two solutions.

in most cases, I would recommend that people just have had A round of investment in the company for A position as A senior. On the one hand, so that we can earn enough money to support his family, on the other hand, the advantage of start-ups is still there. 85% of people would do such a choice. I often ask them, “how much risk you can take in the company?” Or “do you value it more development potential?” If I find he is not too high risk, so I will suggest them to find some have entered the late development of wheel (B or C), there may earn more money, the future will be brighter in the short term. While following the company all the way from the start to grow with you feel different, but the startup’s advantages are obvious enough.

for the rest 15% of the people, I know they really want to be a real CEO. Were they very remorse “young”, why not brave enough to step this step. Who knows? May be when he was in his early 20 s just in time for 2002 years, the year make a start-up company, the CEO of few and far between.

I would suggest that 15% of people choose to venture “housing”. My friend Ian Sigelow after Posting a urged people not to do such work. I want to say you do the post and I have to go to see him, because his message is do not have what problem. I say if you don’t belong to that 15%, you really should stay away from the so-called “housing”. Ian said to, want to put the “housing” built is quite difficult, and you need to process and work already “burnout” of investors, this is scary.


there are two sides to everything.

we have to admit that diamonds before molding also is merely a piece of carbon. Think is right, who has become a “diamond” about why the company hire you to tube? You never when the CEO again, right? And you want to live, not their money, regardless of the return, no salary to strive, right?

“housing” why the company for you:

1. Do “housing” company CEO, will let you in the future have skill more meaningful roles

if your ultimate goal is to become a better technology company CEO, the best experience on your resume is: were you ever a CEO! This is the “two-step” naked career. In the process of the company as CEO, you will learn how to hold the board, how to set the final financial planning, how to in a certain height to lead a team, how to deal with the media, how to raise funds, and so on. In this company for 2 to 3 years after the CEO, you will be well, become the industry leader.

2. Do the “housing” the CEO of the company, you can know more venture, will be great help for future

in start-up companies, the CEO is always able to access the vc and the members of the board of directors, you communicate by phone, meet regularly exchanges, we have the board of directors. These connections are priceless. Simple say is you do back to the CEO, so if you would like to venture in the future, you will find that the CEO need contacts you have.

3. CEO or senior executives can make you own the exit time

CEO, your morale. But I want to remind you in this position, in fact you have more autonomy to decide when you exit. In general, the earlier company sold, brings to the executive team and early investors in return. But if your job is “head”, or “deputy marketing director”, you don’t have to do the decision. So, could do a good product sales, you will have a 7 digit income, you want to do next is up to you to decide. As a CEO, will eventually face a choice: “continue to do big or walk away?” Many times, people chose to “walk away”.

I have always said that not everyone is suitable for to be CEO. I know some people didn’t even think about it at all. I want to say is, in some cases, you must know yourself, you are good at and what is not good at, what can do which step, when the “exit” is a choice, you have to weigh out the how to make decision.

4. Do the “housing” company CEO, chip in your hands than you imagine

in the post of Ian, he mentioned: in a company’s capital of $15 million has been spent, stir in the same time is problematic. Because of “liquidation preferences” belongs to the investors, you can’t see a penny, this is to prevent the executives in the company development to moderate scale are gone all the time. However, at this moment, the VCS is a courageous person is required to accept this matters, you appeared. Chip, then in fact you hand than you can imagine a multipoint (mainly because no one else is willing to do this). So, you can open conditions. , for example, you can ask for in the contract as long as have sales, you get at least $500000, or they enjoy the same liquidation preference to you, or you can get at least $2 million when they leave. You can also consult with them you require owns a 15% stake in the company (general, to hire a CEO of standard is 4-6%.)

an example that I just to listen to you, and there is no right or wrong. I want to stress is that when the vc in dire need of such a talented person, as long as you can get the “fixed”, you can always go to the negotiations, to strive for some benefits for yourself. In addition I remind you again, these are to talk about before you join. Once joined, to discuss the problem is not so good. Wait until you want to quit, that didn’t even talk. At first the VCS will think you’re kidding, but… You don’t do how do you know the result? Believe that you, chip than you imagine.

5. In taking the road less popular in the process of “house”, must make money

this is my last said. Some companies listed on the first time very compelling, but its executive team is very not to force, do sales, do not to be strong in the market, follow-up service also can’t keep up with, ultimately a waste of good opportunities. So, for the first time on the market performance is not very good company, actually infinite business opportunities, will be making money. Is a quote from warren buffett, when others fear I greed. When others are greedy, I fear.

in the Upfront, we invested in a company. We conducted the first round of the early, but the founding team has change in the market of cutting and leave the situation become worse. We look at the situation found companies listed for the first time actually has distinguishing feature very much, so we cross the rubicon, recruited a new team, to invest, to help the company through. Now the company annual sales of $50 million, increasing at a speed of more than 50% each year. We expect the shots when it can reach a value of about 1 billion. Obviously, then join to “build houses” CEO will certainly make a lot of money.

I know what I say does not see more, but it really happened around us.


a lot of people are very excited about the creation of a company, think career direction, from now on to solve food and clothing, even thinking about making money is drooling. But if you missed that stage, please don’t give up easily. Market’s message may tell you that you have no chance again. But please, hard to find again, find that piece of “diamond” or carbon, that “to repair the house.

all in all, may your experience is not a typical story of silicon valley, also does not have the vc support along the way, also does not have to “step on step by step to” the apprentice, but you still want to be a CEO, please don’t easily deny himself. You can do it to wind the pitcher in the “housing” CEO of the company. This will be your springboard, the “golden ticket” of your life, you can go to where the “ticket” to be your own boss!

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