Wisdom of the lion: “vocational education” mobile stations, is interesting and useful


the rise of mobile Internet makes people’s life increasingly fragmented, imperceptible in, the teacher to the PPT or lens dancing, gushing network teaching model has been out, began to popular online training: watch anime while learning. “Wisdom lion” is a “fun” and “useful” for the concept, focus on vocational education training online products. Through brief interactive animation course, supplemented by the corresponding task practice, wisdom of the lion want market the use of fragmented time to acquire the employment, employment, entrepreneurship three aspects of workplace skills, currently in PC, mobile terminal (micro letter, APP) have a trial run.

a wise lion CEO Liu Rong DE is a serial entrepreneur. Just open free line of Taiwan, in 2011, he worked as a Taiwan free line guide APP, then turned to the development of digital reading products and services, and established the hangzhou Jane read science and technology. In 2013, the discovery of government agencies and enterprises after strong internal training needs, he again with blue lion cooperative development, launched a “learning”, using the mobile Internet, for the customer provides a tool to communicate learning anytime and anywhere, this is the wisdom of the lion.

a wise lion technology co., LTD. (Shanghai) culture, mainly by the talents from famous education institutions and multinational Internet companies, is currently a total of 39 people, including 19 people specially formed animation department, responsible for planning and production of the course. In 2014, the wisdom of the lion are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises to provide professional training services online. Liu Rongde tell hunting cloud network, the wisdom of the lion issued 560 courses, to reach a cooperation with more than 200 enterprises, already has more than 40000 users, the user activity every day at around 10%. One of the highest viscosity of users, has been used for more than 400 days lion learn wisdom, “I than they,” Liu Rongde quipped.

however, considering the cooperation channel dependence is too strong to small and medium enterprises, since the end of 2014, the wisdom of the lion have gradually from side to side, the C B and plans in June 2015 the official launch personal edition. Personal version of the target population is mainly after 85, 85 after the newbies, especially the college graduates. “Unlike classroom lesson, baidu and netease cloud, such as the provision of mass for users to choose their course mode, each skill wise lion provide only 3 to 5 classes, in order to reduce the user’s choice cost. After the user login, according to the user’s learning goals, wisdom of the lion to the user matching corresponding courses and practice task, the end result evaluation. Course will be based on user feedback, weed, rapid iteration, but the total number of basic keep in 3-5, not unlimited increase, “Liu Rongde tell hunting cloud network.

Liu Rongde said, in order to realize the course of “interesting”, “useful”, the wisdom of the lion is mainly from the following several aspects. First of all, the course of the anime character reference prototype, users have the role the sense; Second, courses in the first two chapters by fresh working case, user study interest; Third, part of the course in the workplace, please knowledgeable people to make, assure content close to the real user needs; Fourth, set up checkpoints mode, make learning interesting like game stage mode; Fifth, aiming at fragmentation time users, each class for half an hour long, each chapter about 10 minutes.

about the core strengths of wisdom of the lion, Liu Rongde summed up as “a product, the two tools”. The first tool, is to have the ability to do vocational skills training institutions or individuals to create tiny classroom platform, to achieve the effect of wisdom to share. The second tool, is for the enterprise to develop their own courses provide a composed character, scene, dialogue and interaction of the template. Enterprise can fill of content into the template and quickly create their own online courses, greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise internal training.

in terms of promotion, the seeds of wisdom of the lion going to from existing customers and cooperation with relevant institutions both offline activities of organization. Hunting cloud network learned that wisdom of the lion is now with hangzhou, hangzhou daily, such as cooperation, provincial party committee of the communist youth league, the department of education launched a boost college students’ employment activities.

the current online education has become increasingly heated competition in the industry, in addition to the established education company, netease and tencent, baidu, a big help Internet giant also poured into. The Liu Rongde think: “online education points and multiple levels, education in the workplace: this, developers or less.” Wisdom of the lion is considering the segment of the market, but still has a strong opponent, such as the network, enterprise net and cloud school. These online training platform started early, has brought together some outstanding faculty, and accumulated a large number of quality training courses, course system and the online community construction is relatively perfect, has a number of stable customer.

for wisdom for the future development direction of the lion, Liu Rongde said that after expand user, wisdom of the lion would consider building a platform for talent output, docking with the enterprise or the third party recruitment agencies, industry training talents directly recommended in the past. In addition, will also focus on building an online community, between users, the user can realize the interaction between teachers and further improve the effect of learning. Financing, the wisdom of the lion plan in the second half of the launch A round of funding.