Windows RT is dead, but the Windows will never give up the ARM

cloud network hunting note: recently, several mainstream media have reported that Microsoft will stop production Surface 2 and 2520 two Windows RT equipment the company news, the public also all think Microsoft Windows RT system have been abandoned. However, this does not mean that Windows gave up his ARM. Instead it could herald a new outbreak.

Windows system based on ARM architecture has never been popular, in just three years ago in the first week of release, on the ARM processor running Windows will some prospect or a curse arouses most people’s interests, especially surrounding it can run how what kind of software and hardware to support.

but when it landed in the user’s hand, interest is quickly cut. Windows RT is based on ARM architecture of a representative of the release of the Windows system, but it can only run the new touch friendly Metro application, as is known to all, the application of less poor, and those for the x86 processor designed by a large number of traditional application also banned as expected.

as Intel x86 for Atom to a large number of subsidies to down flat price, Windows RT even fewer have limited appeal, unsurprising, this Windows system based on ARM architecture is not in the storm. Low-key admitted that Microsoft has been discontinued after Surface 2 series, and last week the same thing happens in another ARM tablet, the company is 2520, which is derived by the Microsoft to buy nokia devices.

the place on put together is narrated, the tablet is obviously can’t duly to upgrade to Windows version 10, but Microsoft has said that the existing Windows RT equipment will receive some software update and they will get some Windows function of 10, but specific what and when to receive the current is still a mystery. We think they should accept pure designed for small tablet Windows 10 Metro function, it is no matter how specimens can run Windows desktop software, Microsoft will pay more efforts than they think.

all seem to be for this based on ARM architecture of Windows are ominous, but some other news shows it is promising, at least have vitality.

the latest Raspberry Pi 2 is super cheap with the ARM type computer of the second generation ports and connections, the first generation of the Raspberry Pi is designed for the majority of the Linux device, its operating system is recommended by Debian special modified version. Pi 2 to upgrade the processor for the operating system more possibilities, one is the ARM version of Ubuntu.

it is understood that this equipment will carry Windows 10 $35, and Microsoft has confirmed that the operating system is free, this part of the “free” is actually not a surprise, said last year, the enterprise is setting up a free Windows, Microsoft has tried before negotiating with manufacturers, hope they can support Intel’s Galileo motherboard. With Raspberry Pi 2 is a reasonable extension, cheap ARM motherboard products is more popular than Intel.

support Pi 2, of course, means that Microsoft is still in the support of Windows based on ARM architecture, but may be different from Windows RT system. TechEd Europe conference last year, described Microsoft Windows 10 is the product of the Internet of things, Mary Jo Foley outlined the three different versions of Windows 10: “industrial version”, “mobile”, “lite”.

“industrial version” is the full version of Windows, although it has additional modular and locking function, this is a continuation of the embedded version for a long time, and it will support the conventional Win32 application and a new “Modern”.

“mobile” is corresponding to the mobile phone or a small screen tablet versions of Windows. It is not known, but Microsoft has made “embedded” version for WP, hardware company can use it in similar circumstances, but not identical, smartphone use a lot.

“lite” was a continuation of the Windows 8 content networking version, designed for existing Galileo motherboard. This version really streamline a lot, such as the lack of a complete Windows user interface, is designed for highly restricted resources equipment design. Likely this version will be loaded on the Raspberry Pi 2, although the specifications of the Pi 2 is relatively high, it has 1 gb of RAM, it is hard to imagine that Microsoft would like to a reasonable complete Windows offer a $35 device, as to what will save on this version has not been known.

Microsoft revealed that other important details about the different versions is their adaptation of the processor, industrial version “can only carry x86,” mobile “and” lite “x86 and ARM can be, and it is not surprising. In the field of smart phones, the ARM is still king, despite some progress in x86 already in tablet, but the ARM is very important. “Mobile” must support ARM, interesting is perhaps it also supports x86, suggesting that Microsoft is all set for the cell phone support x86.

on “lite” applies, iot devices most might use ARM processor, in order to be able to play in this field, Microsoft had to support the ARM.

all this means that the ARM Windows is not going to disappear, really can’t, Microsoft still want Windows can be everywhere, and in order to achieve this goal, the ARM is indispensable, but don’t need Windows 8 before and designed for consumer tablet are exactly the same.

a mysterious Windows tablet GFXBench has gone through the 3 d graphics benchmarking software released out some benchmark data. It has a high ARM processor, a 2560 x 1440 ration inch screen and special 55 gb storage (maybe this result because partition way is strange).

cannot guarantee that the device will enter the market, but it can be used as a validation processor or reference test system of the operating system, but also, it may also be a we will buy the product trial production, if true, it will be perfect soul successor of Windows RT.

based on ARM architecture of Windows look like a lifeless, but also may be in before sleeping.


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