Windows 10 published in China, a key to use tencent computer keeper can upgrade

WinHEC meetings in shenzhen today, Microsoft released Windows in China 10. At the same time, Microsoft and tencent reached a strategic cooperation, to provide Chinese users one-click Windows, ultra-high speed and security are assured, 10 free upgrade service.

Windows 7, as long as a year doing users through official channels of tencent upgrade Win10, permanent free use copyrighted Win10. As members of the Microsoft global active defense plan (MAPP) unit, tencent computer butler to Microsoft launched the “ Windows 10 free upgrade security “, will provide free upgrades the original Windows 10 domestic users with safe speed upgrade, ghost and other system services, provide Win10 user system level security.

10 is a Windows covered including mobile phones, tablet, PC platform for the whole operating system, make different platforms have the same interface and experience. At the same time to build a general software platform and applications store, no gap between support applications across devices.

tencent as Windows 10 official partner in China, will be upgraded by tencent computer butler launch a key Windows 10 service, users only need to click the mouse to press the button, can be permanent free genuine Windows 10, all the rest of the housekeeper can be done automatically by computer.

based on the Microsoft’s official cooperation with tencent computer butler, over the next year, the user through the stewards tencent computer can finish the original Windows 10 free download, install, upgrade, there will be no past piracy once upgrade will meet embarrassing black screen, etc. Both individual users and business users, no matter use Windows is Win 7 or doing, as long as the computer tube upgrade button in the home, not spend a penny can use genuine Windows on 10.

conference on the same day, tencent computer butler launched “frank rose Windows 10, housekeeper reliable” official stand (), the user can realize speed through the official website to download, intelligent customer service, support services such as ghost; By downloading the computer butler to upgrade, not only can say goodbye to the past without CD or optical drive is difficult to install trouble, more say goodbye to the days of download updates slowly – because tencent is domestic has the largest bandwidth of the network service providers, therefore has a strong advantage in the download speed.

in addition, the computer butler has set up a file in the Windows 10 version of play all the patches for the user. This means that once installed Windows 10 doesn’t have to check what is the driver needs to do their make-up or reinstall. In the past, the graphics card, sound card driver after the upgrade new system often prone to compatibility problems, now through computer butler upgrade 10 can solve a very clean Windows, users don’t have to worry about driving “breeze”. Now, users can also use computer housekeeper software management software to backup and restore, cloud background without thinking to the new system one by one, reinstall the software after installation.

Upgraded Windows 10

computer keeper with ghost function, the user to the operation of the old system and interface not forget for a moment, suddenly encountered in the installation process the tragedy of power, just press the system restore button can switch to the original system environment, and don’t have to worry about lost the original data problem. “Smart customer service” is aimed at the user’s technical specialist guidance services, users to upgrade Windows 10 when encounter problems, contact tencent computer directly to the pipe technical staff can enjoy a free upgrade guide service.