“Wild west” financing failed, he suddenly realize: arrive quickly is more important than high valuations

note: hunting cloud not flashy highly educated and working experience in big companies, grassroots entrepreneurs Li Bo legend private servers earn the life’s first one million, then started catch lightning dog project, in the early days looking for lack of financing channels, financing and walked up the “wild west”, the script automatically grab the sofa of great investment of a large number of weibo V to attract attention, send 500 private message every day, but then the server be black make its effort be in vain. The following reports for reprint of the Antarctic circle:

in the past few months, catch lightning dog in many VC sought after in “trouble”. In the end, they choose the IDG completes the millions of dollars in A round of funding.

in fact, their financing the start and not so well.

ruffian Wolf claimed to grassroots entrepreneurs, because he was not favored by VC now highly educated and Internet experience of a major corporation.

as early as more than a decade ago “private” still legal age, he was still in college, with a legendary private servers have made the first one million of life. Since then, open the floodgates, straight-tempered from college dropouts. Catch lightning in a dog before, he had samsung mobile interactive marketing marketing manager, selling a domain name, driven a liquor agents, and even done game studios…

until one day, he met with is the britain-based authority “game senior players, the two men hit it off, ready to do something interesting.

left for ruffian Wolf, right for the britain-based authority

a catch lightning dog products online, quickly accumulated a large number of popularity, which naturally have big games V influence of credit.

“wild west” financing

in September 2013, in order to adapt to the development of faster and faster, ruffian Wolf to seek financing, when it comes to specific financing experience, he smiled and said, “this time, I will reveal the nature of a grassroots entrepreneurs, I don’t know to investment industry, find the right financing channels, had to walk a lot of wild west.”

these “wild west” including the script automatically grab the sofa of a large number of weibo investment big V, he recalls, “didn’t know where to find the investment channels, I will send 500 private message every day, to weibo I IP, I’d like to reply me as long as there is a person every day, it’s white.”

think that some of the wild west effect is good, catch lightning dogs have had a lot of the media and investors’ attention.

at the beginning, what the Wolf to his project is very confident and even proud, often think of investors to project valuation is too low, also behaved in all kinds of interview, this kind of situation lasted until October 31, 2013.

ruffian Wolf clearly remember this date, because that day change is too big for him. That day, when he was a famous VC partners to demonstrate their products, found their website was black. Catch lightning dog only he and britain-based authority at that time, the server is “fragile”.

this is black, the 12 – to 13-year accumulated data lost, this means that the previous efforts were white do, start all over again.

for startups, this is a fatal blow, before around the VC are open around wait-and-see state, financing once an impasse.

“never bring experience success, often fail to most hard.” He lit a cigarette, “for we entrepreneurs arrive quickly is more important than a high valuation forever.”

angel financing failed, rascal took out the savings continue to adhere to the Wolf. Finally, because in the early stages of a low valuations were rebuffed the pine fund catch lightning in a dog is the most difficult time to help us. “Pine and fund it well, I won’t forget in my life, come out to mix, handout spirit, see anyone I have to blow the story again, a wheel, wheel, b I can list I also blow.” Rascal Jiang Huqi said the Wolf.

“catch lightning dog” logic

“in the future the number of game players, will be equal to the number of Internet users.”

what a Wolf in his five-year-old daughter, for example, “she now spend every month in the game there are about hundreds of dollars on the money, we will the next generation of gaming market is an exaggerated than they are now a lot of markets.”

game players have been a large and distinctive groups, including a large portion of the pay have good habits and the ability to pay, the industry of the high ceiling already do not need to go.

the breakthrough way to catch lightning dog is doing “social” game, this is different from social acquaintances or strangers social – a lot of players in the game is “alongside fellow”, in the reality without any intersection, ruffian Wolf says the relationship was “the most familiar stranger”, this kind of special relationship is to maintain the existing social product can’t do it.

catch lightning dog’s core product is “record ranking search system”, in which players can see data of global players, the guild, team ranking, these are game players

the content of the “hard” : ordinary players can see their own “the game of life”, find had fought alongside their “comrades”, also want to know can be found, consult the game a great god, and are a great god can also through the website to share your glory “game”… This is just the beginning of the social.

Catch lightning

in addition, the dog also aggregate density, YY, now very popular live platform such as the banner of the resources, more convenient to users to view content of concern.

now catch lightning dog with blizzard, fist, tencent, perfect world famous game makers have data at home and abroad to cooperate more than two years of accumulation, the data covered LOL, WOW, etc. Eight major end 400 million global role, with relevant layout and began to swim in the field.

“why people play the game? It finally is looking for identity, here is the place where will identity infinite amplification, found like-minded people, clap for you. Want to know our data foundation each character we can all produce hundreds of various latitudes. The rascal Wolf analysis.

as the first domestic games live aggregation platform, catch lightning dog has formally collaborating with baidu to search in the search box e-sports star, can catch lightning in a dog with directly broadcast, video integration, correlation function is still in the test status at present, formal online will also provide more data record.

get the app also forthcoming month dog. Today, the group of “play” really love games, are trying to help the industry opened a new era of dominance of “player”.

“by the way, why call catch lightning dog? “

“I have a dog, called for a month, don’t laugh, I am so along with the gender of the people.”