WiFipay: serving the merchants of mobile payment platform

(text/xiao-wei Yang)

i_Free free WiFi2014 establishment in February, and in August 2014 to launch its own products. In October 2014, pay treasure with exclusive i_Free formally signed strategic cooperation agreement, and to provide alipay jointly launched Wifipay favoured independence development interface.

Wifipay alipay wallet and is based on mobile terminal i_Free free Wifi wireless security network environment, to provide users with mobile online payment services, mobile phone pay treasure to purse the backend login user can directly through the cloud platform.

i_Free founding humanistic DE tell hunting cloud network, currently Wifipay focus is based on the development of mobile payment services, for merchants to provide more accurate data, support business operations. I_Free your router equipment provided to merchants, charge a deposit. Do Wifipay offline data data labels, and then into the i_Free and ali cloud to build a database, to produce more accurate label of consumption behavior, i_Free to wrap up these properties to the merchants.

in order to better support the development of Wifipay, i_Free introduced auxiliary products, WiFi, users can through the WiFi would like to receive coupons. Wen Xiande think WiFi is a flow inlet and Wifipay is exports, consumption scene that WiFi is a bridge to connect the two, won’t appear rupture, forming a O2O closed loop.

may, Wifipay fuding in fujian province held a three-day promotional activities, to hunt Wen Xiande cloud network, said the next step will be looking for the agent, as soon as possible to carry out the Wifipay in three or four line city more promotional activities. With the thinking of “small city surrounded by big city” take the lead in three or four line city promotion Wifipay, because the acceptance of the small city is higher, it is easy to do the market saturation, and large investment and risk are not big cities.

in order to create greater value for merchants, expansion of offline resources, Wifipay will work with the scenic area, next to the scenic spot tourism platform build wisdom. Use Wifipay tourists in the scenic area, the company can obtain the tourists consumption behavior trajectories and the corresponding data, to the scenic area to do some management support, these passenger transportation to the local lifestyle merchants shop.

on the business of WiFi market at present there are a lot of the company’s business model is the device into the hands of the merchants, the late advertising. Wen Xiande tell hunting cloud network, as a business cooperation with merchants WiFi operators, should be more to think about your own products can bring any value to merchants, through the operational support for merchants to provide accurate data to improve the user viscosity and user experience, when the user development to a certain level and then consider to advertise.

hunting cloud network learned that WiFipay currently more than 1000 users, and more than 10000 per day in growth, the growth in fujian, Hong Kong and Macao and other places have partners, have A round of funding plan.