WIFI master key won $52 million in financing

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today, there are reports that wifi master key received A $52 million round of financing, investors including haitong kaiyuan, the school, etc. Then, the company CEO 2 habib gb to confirm this message with the hunting cloud network.

WIFI master key is founded by shanda joint founder 2 habib gb, is an automatic free wi-fi hotspots around information and establish the connection of android, iPhone tools.. Users can upload their know hot password, can also download upload hot password, others to use direct access.

from 2 habib gb wifi’s letter said master key is not for sale in three years, by the end of last year to give employees the tesla, wifi master key has been affects the public’s view. WiFi master key recently is frequently, in early may, network acquisition is the top-level domain name wifi.com. On May 7, invited Chinese hacker “godfather” Mr. Gong to join as a chief security officer. On May 9, even it is network Singapore company for the opening.

although WiFi master key is only 2 habib gb manages one of projects, but the operation was a success, WiFi master key active users is very high. According to official data, up to now has nearly 600 million users, more than 270 million active users, second only to the mobile phone QQ and micro letter, in the domestic mobile Internet software third place, also is the country’s largest mobile Internet software tools.