Why the TMT field is difficult to see women entrepreneurs?

the author is assistant editor Shang Weiwei Forbes China

why there are few women entrepreneurs in the field of TMT on the map?

“goddess” in the field of TMT seems to be many, such as Google’s first product manager and marissa mayer’s first female engineer, such as alipay CEO Peng Lei… They are the core of Internet’s most prominent executives, but not the founder.

in China, have been few successful women entrepreneurs in the United States, this area is also rare to see women of successful entrepreneurs.

this might be a point in time.

if we look at jack ma, li, ma of entrepreneurial experience, they have been through the Internet bubble of the last century, and survived, and after the ups and downs of the industry, they caught the second wave of the Internet, rapidly grow into a giant.

in 2004 before and after a few years, the Chinese market of every industry on the Internet on the map is a blank, tourism, real estate, retail, board games, media… Every industry are likely to be Internet, as long as at this point in time to enter the industry, has great may become the TMT a niche in the field of outstanding person.

which few women.

in the 90 s, Chinese women and don’t realize is undertaking a possible path choice, also there are few women to entrepreneurial success for their own development goals. A large number of China’s bustling university graduates to enter foreign companies, state-owned enterprises become “jinling”, which covers a large number of senior women talents. They rarely out of the company and the courage of your own business.

in the late 90 s, when the dotcom bubble warm surging, male extremely busy during the engineers, had a less number of female scientists, hid themselves in foreign company or school have a warm harbor. So naturally, they have lost the best point in time.

courage was originally a too emotional words. Recently, I have just visited dunhuang network founder Wang Shutong, she will be one of the very few women entrepreneurs to a Internet “self-handicapping”, “many girls are very consciously tell myself that I can’t do this, I can’t do that… But few people will say, why not? Why can’t I be XXX?”

Wang Shutong is a serial entrepreneur, in 2000, she co-founded the joyo, two years after sell the joyo amazon, she again in 2004, founded the dunhuang network – a dedicated to the global trade B2B business website.

“ten years, there are too many temptations, also there are too many can’t stick to it. I was nervous on the first day of the site to feel like in prison sentence, then a few years also once someone with a very high price to offer.” For entrepreneurs, fear and worry is always there.

women entrepreneurship has incomparable advantages, such as perseverance, have stronger endurance, not the power; Good at communication, have stronger in TMT type of company condensed coordinated ability; Sensitive and exquisite, the products have stronger cognitive and perceptual intuition.

women entrepreneurship and some do not seem to be important, of course, but need to bother to operation details. In China’s business environment, for example, partner, a partner at tend to drink wine, can produce the elder brothers, and female entrepreneurs are often difficult to kill time drinking with a partner in the middle of the night. Wang Shutong believes that women naturally easy to isolate outside a “atmosphere”.

I’m part of the view that Wang Shutong, do women is easy to “limit” for oneself, also rarely expressed in “Wolf culture” bloody, but more fundamental than behavior is female psychological characteristics: women are hard to become a fan of “risk”.

psychological preferences may be more deadly weakness than timing.

every industry subversives are risk lovers. If the Musk (Elon Musk) for the analysis of a template, he founded in paypal after successful exit, flung into the rocket launch field, then into the new energy field, and in the case of no car manufacturing experience created the TESLA. In the process of this series of serial entrepreneur, he divorced three times, several times nearly bankrupt, so few women will be willing to take the initiative to assume the risk.

although has very strong capacity of connections and a lot of women, but in many cases, “dare?” And “can’t you?” Compared to the former is more direct spiritual torture.

a tech company recently launched a “church girl learn programming” activities, the organizers invited me to write a congratulatory messages for them. I said,

“for women in this world, what will matter is not step forward, but to look at. The world abundant and vivid, don’t let a narrow perspective bound to live in your hands. Girls to learn from the technical perspective to interpret the world, change the future.”

this sentence, I also want to give to you.