Why tech startups should hire design consultant?

the world is never lack of from emerging in the field of science and technology enterprises, the lack is the experienced design talent. The so-called “design consultant”, which is able to jump out of the regular work rules, showcase their creativity and a group of people, they often is independent of the designer.

as business partners, is responsible for the trademark design Steph Bain is also the second author of this article, he will be in the back of the article to share with you employ designers some of the comments. Why in the field of technology startups need to hire professional design consultant? He summed up several reasons.

1. Can’t let the pace of the design work stop you.

when you are looking for the ideal design consultant, a lot of design work is bound to be backlog, promote products for a long time also. Therefore, in a timely manner to hire a design consultant will be in a certain extent, promote the development of enterprises. Never let the design to be a stumbling block in the work.

2. You can see the progress of the company with the naked eye.

project consultant is calculated by the hour pay, how many hours it means how much time under design. Accumulate over a long period, the effect will not be poor.

3. Not all companies need to complete the design team.

even if startups need to design an app or website, they also no need to build a whole design team. In order to save costs, or decrease the difficulty of talent mining and even a bit of both, many companies prefer to hire new designers, nor any hopes for design results. If, however, hire a professional design consultant, you can not only save, manage and guide the design team of this important link, also can the product experience drawn up to a new level.

4. It will shorten the decision-making time.

we all had a similar experience – the design team to a different opinions, proposals are deadlocked, modified the dozens of times, even if success look is still a long way off. A headache, you don’t know who listen to good. On the other hand, if you’re hired a design expert, she would know what they are doing. Hire outsourced design company is also in the same way, it will cherish the opportunity of each customer and team cooperation. The atmosphere of mutual respect can effectively promote the company decisions.

5. Cooperation is more simple, efficient,

today, such as Invision Flinto, Slack and Google Hangouts team collaboration tool arises at the historic moment, the product development team closely together in an unprecedented state. Design work also needs to perfect feedback mechanism, that is to say, you will be able to understand each of the design process. These tools to weaken the senior adviser and the difference between the interior designer, because everyone can communicate with each other through network channels and communication.

6 two-way choice, “try before they buy”.

employ designers is a massive game. General test takers with a day to know the interview company online, and then gives the design scheme. The occasional designer will do some beneficial attempt, but most of them are independent decision-making, did not make any cooperation and communication and management team. It is risky for both sides. Because of the company’s expectations and the designer’s idea does not match, we can always see a wave of designers and varied. If the employment is a design consultant, then you can use for a period of time to decide whether to hire again.

7. The company will have a high standard of design scheme.

no matter what the development stage a startup, it wasn’t through the test of time, the product design is just getting started. Cannot afford any failure because of not yet grow, hire a full-time designers, there is a risk. However, most capable of senior designer has received a special treatment in creative company work. Therefore, only hire design consultant is paid by the hour or directly find a design company, the company can come into contact with the top design.

8. The company can decide the cooperation term.

you can never know in advance all the design task, but as long as there is need, design consultant may at any time of the company’s internal designer — a week, month, year. Part-time and full-time the only difference is that she has the right to accept any other company’s project. I don’t think this is a bad thing, because of the different design projects can bring designers more inspiration and creativity. At the same time, also can make the designers to consider a more comprehensive, make the program more perfect. Of course, if the designer doesn’t meet your requirements, you can not hesitate to fire her. If she work very well, you can offer attractive conditions after several times cooperation to persuade her. Most companies will be there in logo design of long-term cooperation, this is also one of the reason why I write this article.

9. Good design can attract talented designers.

if you happen to find a good design company, your product design will be a qualitative leap. Extraordinary work will also help you to get the unique design talent.

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