Why SONY and Microsoft game to “implode” to the TV?

hunting cloud network note: said to console display devices, your mind can’t always stay in this stage of the TV. Nowadays, tablet, mobile phone, even the intelligent glasses are likely to become a display screen. Although they the visibility of the small, but we have been pursuing portability is greatly increased. This is good or bad? Today, we talk about video games and TV “enmity”.

although for Microsoft Windows 10 preview release most of the discussion has focused attention on the holographic helmet Project HoloLens, but there are some other things not to be missed, One of the important shift is: you can Xbox One download games to any a Windows 10 devices.

“Streaming media” (Streaming) in the word meaning a lot today, but here it’s mean: if you own an Xbox One, as long as your tablet or PC and Xbox in the same network environment, you can play all games on these devices chang. It seems very convenient. When someone is watching TV, you want to play “ aura “? When you don’t want to stop when I was in the bath of overload “sunset” (note: cloud network editor king hunting a combination of parkour and shot segmentation unique open world games)? I’m sorry, these don’t even think about it.

but than that additional convenience, more interesting is that it release to achieve the purpose of an arrow 3 carve: three mainstream video games are no longer limited to the TV.

SONY is more than one device connected, the introduction of “remote operations” function allows you to run on the PSP console via the Internet a fraction PlayStation 3 in the game, so you can not restricted to game anytime and anywhere. Now most the PlayStation 4 in the game can be achieved by the same method in PlayStation Vita or a SONY Xperia run on mobile devices.

as usual, nintendo in its own way to reduce the efficiency of the TV set. the Wii U GamePad controller of game, there are a touch screen, at the same time these games include “no TV” mode, so you can ensure that only run the game on the controller. Released in the Wii U, officials say this is just a controller by using one of the many ways in the game. But in practice, most of the Wii U game in “no TV” mode are needed GamePad, only a few will not use.

a headset will be inserted in the GamePad, no one will know what you’re playing. This is also a big change, because in 2014 marked a turning point in a major, according to a report, in 2014, are those who own a smartphone or tablet of americans spend more time on small screen but not on the TV for a year.

such things also happen in more and more, that we will be watching it on television before shows slowly moved to tablet and phone. Cable network providers also developed allows the user to their mobile terminal receives the broadcast signal, or even live video applications. Comcast and other companies also realized that must let users at any terminal obtain the content they want, or the user will be to look for other alternative content. For nintendo, Microsoft and SONY. Game is not likely to have been kidnapped by the TV at the same time.

you can’t imagine the world without TV? Now may sound a little crazy, but not impossible. As the years change, the growth of the television is to keep up with the pace of The Times. Advantages: large. Faults: lack of portability, you must install it on the wall, no touch screen at the same time, if you don’t take other things into account, it is worthless.

there are some other claim should mention about TV: it is a common equipment, their role is to let everyone get together. Of course, these ideas is correct depends on your point of view and personal preference. TV set is not like a personal belongings, but we tend to be more personal things.

music has always been is also a kind of more public. In the record before, if you want to listen to music, you must walk into the hall and other audience sit together. The emergence of the phonograph bring music into the living room, which makes music experience more personal, of course also is not so, because the phonograph need a lot of shelves can be placed in the sitting room. So everyone know what you are listening to.

SONY’s Walkman is completed such a shift. With it, you can from the outside world. In decades, we have completed the “to” to “can”. The sitting room of your home and that puts the phonograph big box?

just like almost completely transition from public to private music, the visual media such as television, movies and games should also can. Now is the time to change, because we already have enough advanced technology copies high-definition television shows to stronger portability, higher personal devices. We have reasons to believe that other media can also do the same, when they can do, is not far behind.

by nintendo development strategy of careful observation to make people feel like the company won the “schizophrenia” : on the one hand, they seem to believe that if you want to achieve “no TV” operation, will move the screen in the box is indispensable. Supporters, on the other hand, the industry leading multiplayer games more hope all the game related all around on the sofa. The part of the game doesn’t have a networking mode.

SONY and Microsoft had no such problems. They have always been a support individual game, at the same time, almost all of the games have networking model. For them, the next step is to these games from over to the TV, and through the use of personal devices to ensure the single-player game entertainment.

well, size can be a problem. Maybe you want to see “halo” the beautiful scene, but when we become more and more pay attention to the benefits of personal devices, in order to let you no longer like before wasting too much time on TV, we may not consider so much.


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