Why small chips to make friends “with the word”

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15 months of qualcomm anti-trust case settled within this month. Qualcomm monopoly, the national development and reform commission shall be ordered to make correction and impose a Chinese antitrust fines in the history of the $975 million fine. And in the face of such result, qualcomm without earlier rumors to defend ruling through legal channels, but the darling of lump sum payment, and according to the requirements of the development and reform commission (NDRC), the rectification.

the penalty decision and corrective actions, not injury and core earnings patterns of qualcomm, qualcomm glad to natural, capital markets are reflect good, promote qualcomm estimate continuous rise. Of course, there is joy nature also have dissatisfaction, mediatek a high-rise on its weibo said: high general this penny pay protection money, change must pass, value! In the subsequent media briefing of the development and reform commission, qualcomm has since been check report from 2009 of America’s two rivals, then follow up report and other companies in Asia.

for the dust settles the penalty will be what kind of impact on the parties, the pros and cons? After several science and technology, the authors discussed on this paper is not in now. This paper wants to discuss is qualcomm how magic to dominated in the high-end industrial chain and the what is the magic to let a small chips each followed suit this pattern is already very clear market.

a, qualcomm processor power

before said, I think I need to say what are the current processor market players and their rough status: the current processor market we common players have qualcomm, mediatek, apple, samsung, Intel and nvidia. Play in the home, qualcomm monopoly high-end android market, almost by default WP processor, apple is also inseparable from qualcomm baseband, can be said to be the dominant; Mediatek, qualcomm launched a fierce attack on mid-range intention of surrounding the cities from the countryside; While apple consistently maintain a high LengFan son, watching their worlds; Samsung ambitious and would like to with qualcomm to a “core” trip; Intel and nvidia with aspirations, but always unhappy success; Haisi huawei, LG, etc. To share a light.

in the current processor market, qualcomm processor in terms of performance or a singular index parameters, can be many parallels, qualcomm latest Xiao dragon 810 processor, for example, the processor USES a nuclear architecture A57 + 4 nuclear architecture (A53 architecture of eight core design, using 20 nm manufacturing process, support 64 – bit computing, built-in Adreno 430? GPU, support OpenGL ES3.1/OpenCL1.2 Full/DX11.2 graphics rendering, support the highest 4 k home screen display and display output, support 32-bit memory and dual channel 5.0 internal eMMC chip, integrated the Gobi? 4 g LTE ADVanced CAT 9 mode in the world, the highest support double lens and so on characteristics of 55 million pixels. This seemingly hanging fry day parameters (actually is also hanging fry day). But if single demolition, processor belongs to the pseudo eight core design, while mediatek has eight core design, 64 apple have been used for two years, have been nvidia GPU’s seconds, all the 20 nm manufacturing technology have also been 14 nm samsung behind, the CAT 9 world die huawei has been used. So, indeed many single has been overtaken by competitors. But high market share and profitability, high-end control is still one of mobile processor, is the most powerful players, qualcomm to win the market and the glory, is the result of its processor baseband communication integration and integration ability strong and rely on the early foundation to lay a strong compatibility. To a certain extent, qualcomm is the iPhone mobile processors world, is not a single optimal, but it is the most balanced, can have the first comprehensive results. And is even more important than results is qualcomm patent protection, use qualcomm processor, can effectively avoid patent board to bring trouble. This for many manufacturers, is more important than the other.

a comprehensive strength and patent protection, qualcomm processor has an almost shake status, which lead to the other side of the war basic can’t launch a frontal attack, but want to hit the qualcomm, natural to think of other ways, so that means you know.

finally said 1: a recent media under 2 k resolution through Ann rabbit rabbit performance testing qualcomm Xiao dragon 810, the results show that the running results reached 63351 points, such as running points for manufacturers like refuses to run a points, natural appeal (a joke).

2, processor, the magic of

qualcomm processor market the dominance in a three hour is not change, the war at the end of the development and reform commission investigation also basic is unable to play, but not a dozen don’t play, allowing high dominance, you going to buy his product. Everybody crazy about processor more instead, huawei, LG, the horse is rumors millet also deliberately to enter this market, a small processor, billions of transistors, why let everyone so fascinated, followed suit to launch its own processor? Speaking of it from the following several aspects:

1. The advantages and the cost control key components that

the small processors, bring manufacturers is high cost, these costs are not only the price of this chip, but the percentage of the machine price, resulting in numerous manufacturers already weak profits further reduce, hard earned money is working for the processor supplier. The shackles of giving full play to the advantages of price competition is to limit the manufacturer. For powerful manufacturers, their production of processors, there is no doubt that can reduce costs, and the processor can be exported to other manufacturers, to promote their own revenue, between this with a sale, is double the price gap. The competition for the vendors, benefit is obvious.

in recent years, we see that in the early stages of the popular new processors began to supply, because of all sorts of problems and insufficient storage capacity in short supply situation. In tight situations, the processor manufacturer of downstream of the mobile phone manufacturers supply rule is the law of the jungle, give priority to ensure has strong position requirements, and then to take care of vulnerable manufacturer’s requirements. And laggards in the competition, in order to break into a new product to get the attention of consumers, obtain some stunt, is most likely in the case of all is does not have may release out the new product (other children in the above situation from domestic manufacturers should see more!). Can one, forced break into result in a product is released, but can’t see the sign on the market. Therefore, there are more and more manufacturers are disgusting, doubts about the use of hunger marketing tricks (of course we don’t rule out it does in marketing).

but the sign of hard we should be more attribution to the key components in short supply, and lead to cell phone manufacturers products launched above cannot produce enough to meet the needs of the consumers. There is demand can’t meet, how a word get hurt? So with independent processor, do not be hampered, on the key components are not people trip over the pace of progress, the key supply chain, the above can be faster to promote their products, has set up a file in the competition to obtain the first mover advantage. Imagine, if the manufacturer has the independent processor, maybe because the problem of 810 processor of rumors and was forced to delay the launch of the mobile phone manufacturers have sold a great product, millet Note top-of-the-line version might not be up to now, a castle in the air.

2. The source of innovation, the basis of differentiation

with the supply chain of highly concentrated, today’s smart phones into more and more serious homogeneity, the same processor, camera, same as the screen and so on handset makers increasingly has a tendency to hardware assembly plant this dead end. In the face of serious homogeneity, the function of some differentiation and experience innovation becomes the focus, while the processor in the differences and innovation plays a key role, is really behind the driver, is the foundation of various fantastical ideas implemented.

we particularly in recent years, consumer perception of the progress of the mobile phone camera, for example. To briefly explain how the processor is roughly became the decisive basis of mobile experience and differentiation. We take the iPhone on experience and an example of the company 1020. In the industry, both in terms of different height. The iPhone camera experience belong to the top level, can open seconds seconds seconds remaining. And on the quality since 1020 is hard to beat in the smartphone industry. But 4100 was carrying 4100 pixels of the company has drawn a place, the camera open slowly, I photograph slow, seriously affect the use of experience. Cannot reach the iPhone seconds seconds seconds inch of height. What is the reason? Differences on the root cause lies in the processor, 1020 use qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 dual-core processor. And Xiao dragon S4 dual-core processor does not support such high pixels, nokia has joint qualcomm will be secondary to compile S4 chip, support the high pixel. But we see that although entered second compilation, but due to the deficiency of the native, but whatever makes you optimization, the experience has not been able to achieve a good level. And we assume that the 1020 today’s highest support 55 million pixels high Xiao dragon 810 processor will sparks of how? Look forward to in 2015, Microsoft’s new flagship (forgive me for the Microsoft advertising!

and the manufacturer has recently love playing first photographed after focusing and 120 frames per second, slow motion, 4 k and so on its camera technology, are based on the mobile phone processor hardware support. Mobile phone cameras in this rapidly developing in recent years, instead of the ordinary camera trend is more obvious, it besides lens supplier components significantly progress, more important is the progress of the processor. To experience the progress and play is ready to work on the designs. And remove the camera, in advance 2 k resolution, fast charging technology, wireless charging technology, double-click the awakening, screen refresh technology, etc. Based on this. Manufacturers only on this basis to the powerful and unconstrained style ideas into the excellent experience of reality.

Did you watch the

in the above, you might say I the company 1020 example too extreme. , after all, the company 1020 pixels is too high, and the current mainstream of 13 million pixels, and the current processor can also well supported, why on these speed or the differences with the iPhone? The third point – here, will lead to the processor controls the emphasis has been placed on the optimization of products.

3. Emphasis has been placed on the optimized control of products

at present most of the android system with WP manufacturers of products in the pictures of “three seconds” shang da is less than apple’s level, there is one important reason is that the product processor on the set-up of optimization. Android with WP manufacturers use of the processor is not the origin of their own, but from qualcomm such suppliers. There will exist a the processor character known force and set-up targeted the problem of insufficient strength, and quick update as the processor, it is difficult to understand some of the processor characteristics. And apple, on the other hand, insist to use their own design A series of processors, for many years, constantly working to improve, compared with other vendors have greater natural products quality execution and set-up is about sex.

4. One of the basic layout of prospective

there’s another advantage of being independent processor is: as long as technical support, can under the existing technology, self want function is added to take the lead to achieve the first to enter the layout of the differentiation, in order to achieve greater advantage. Apple series A processor, for example, he can according to the needs of the development of its own steps, take the lead in the support of 64, the first support per 240 frames of slow motion video. And to rely on qualcomm, mediatek’s makers, requires only after their processors mature on these functions, it contributed to apple’s lead.

3, conclusion

a small chip, drive the innovation of the phone. Many manufacturers wanted to follow up with independent processor, for it is not just to get a cost advantage, but in order to in today’s smartphones highly homogenized, avoid smartphone manufacturers into hardware assembly plant; Is that in order to achieve more differentiation, create a better experience, allowed a forward-looking layout teammates drag and slowly, and to promote greater victory. This is to understand why so many friend wanted to follow up.

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