Why is silent startup poison?

note: hunting cloud startup team is composed of a man full of passion, such people attaches great importance to others for their own. Long silence can let a small setback into a big problem, let person in his right mind become capricious, will create a somber atmosphere, destroy the harmonious relationship. The following is The Next Web reported articles, translated by tencent technology:

silence will spread over the whole organization, defeat the enthusiasm of employees, to suppress the enthusiasm of people, will also hurt the friendship between colleagues. Communication is less, the situation is more serious.

if you don’t agree with this opinion, because you haven’t feel it is imminent. Silence can make a small setback into a big problem, let person in his right mind become capricious, will create a somber atmosphere, destroy the harmonious relationship. In either scenario, the organization is more harm than good, comparable to the poison.

why communication is so important? Because the outstanding team is composed of a man full of passion, such people attaches great importance to others for their own. Praise is important, but often misunderstood.

understand the sincere appreciation

unless under the same circumstances, you can never really understand others’ work value, difficult to get a comprehensive understanding of their work.

but because of this, you just keen to fight alongside with the entire team, because they can’t for you. Each team is encouraging, an exciting, make people humble. Sincere appreciation to let a person feel the understanding and care.

often happened contradiction between executives and managers, which actually reflects the operating level and planning level of conflict. And when the contradiction or conflict occurs, silence will often create unnecessary misunderstanding.

both practitioners and managers, desire is not compassion, attention, sympathy, or “you’re brilliant!” This kind of meaningless flattery.

executives hope that managers understand that is needed to make popular product under great pressure. While managers want executives understand that when they use an untenable “I need more time!” As an excuse, the whole process will be affected by the huge.

in fact, they want the same thing: they all want to cause the resonance of the others, not for each other’s tolerance.

real professional wants to promote each other, eager to mutual success, let the team to share the honor. No matter what your job is, must be more or less understanding of each other’s predicament and contribution, to give heartfelt admiration.

if there is no communication, will not be able to establish such a relationship. So, silence is poison, must not let it spread.

facilitating communication

I often hear the engineer put forward all kinds of complaints. Sometimes, for example, managers think certain modifications just “small changes”, but the actual workload is very large. Resentment and friction from misunderstanding and poor communication.

on the other hand, the smooth flow of communication can bring positive influence. Both of us feel contributions received each other’s understanding, also felt real and organization, the success of the organization’s own glory.

suddenly, originally tight schedule becomes understandable: “time is really nervous, pressure is really big. I have been very attention to detail, but they understand me very well. Unless we really need, otherwise they will not put forward such a request.”

can strengthen cooperation basis to understand each other. With such a premise, no one will doubt the intentions of others, anything doesn’t mention are by default to well-intentioned, but to achieve all this, we must first achieve the smooth communication.

I have a feeling on this topic, because through such measures, my work can be better. I’m very value relationships, and has the responsibility to promote this relationship. The following is my measures taken:

more communication

when you’re busy, feel all sorts of things are like a flurry lifted. But if you do not take the initiative to open, can’t let others to open, the mood is mutual. So, please take the initiative to speak.

to know colleagues challenge

simple sentence “is it going well?” Never enough. This concern superficial, feedback also cannot penetrate. Should with curious mind understanding of the challenges facing colleagues showed enough interest to know further, thus can promote the communication, and ultimately benefit both sides.

deeply in this paper, the background information and understanding

if informed, you are less likely to feel neglected. But you should also introduce background information to others: to achieve good communication, you should know what others want to know the information. Want to get better feedback, first, to give better feedback.

planning various chatting times

for team members scattered distribution, this is especially important, reason is that the team does not have a fixed place for lunch. Key concern, however, does not lie in the alienation of the body, but a psychological alienation. So you need to create a variety of opportunities to dialogue. Shall specifically plans chance to communicate with each other, this is very important to strengthen the stability of the team.

a lot of people are likely to worry that this behavior will disturb others. And when you talk about their work to others, challenge, struggle and confusion, also hard to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

but it’s better than silence. Silence can lead to confusion, alienating relationships, create friction. Once you create friction with the men of his own respect, ideas must be solved, otherwise, the friction will inevitably evolve into conflict.

you won’t be able to set up a “Google”, and know when and where the failure of communication problems. Can’t simply write: target “in the second quarter, to strengthen the team communication.” This is a maintenance job, once can’t stick to it, that will soon deteriorated. Even embarrassed to, be sure to use communication as a top priority.

want to know, to break the silence better than silenced “break”.