Why investors about investment “to eat”, please?

last week, hunting cloud network reported the main line of date announced “eat”, please complete B round of funding, a total of $17.105 million, led by auspicious peak investment, sequoia capital and investment. Plus $3.375 million at the end of last year completed A round of funding, please eat has completed A total $20.48 million in financing.

from the product is launched in February last year, please have a meal at the beginning of the accumulated after the original user shows the growth potential, have been several capital value. As B round led auspicious peak investment is how please eat product behind the business opportunities?

interview to the auspicious cloud network peak hunting investment chief investment officer of ivy, reading the mysteries behind the following for the eleventh full text:

cloud network hunting: from when to begin to pay close attention to “eat”, please?

yoshiki: for investment “” please eat, I find the Liu Gangjiang (please eat founder) many times. The first is June and July last year. At that time, he said to me, he just got A term, A round and is sequoia, I thought that’s nothing to talk to you, but as long as I mentioned products, products, communicate with him he will be very good. The impression brought me under a lot of impact. I can feel he is a model of entrepreneurs. It makes me more pleasantly surprised, because I think the model’s founders, do have a greater chance for social products.

again after a few months later, I got Liu Gangjiang several times. At that time he haven’t finished A round of delivery, also in the erection of the VIE stage, in fact, until we send him the term later, he hasn’t finished once and for all A round of delivery. Why am I in a hurry to find him? Because I especially want to know to make such a strange social product, and is about a meal for the introduction of social products, led the behind what is a man of the product. I am to have such a strong sense of curiosity.

in the end, his term in December last year, in January of this year, A round of money that he gave him in, because he didn’t finish the VIE in January. Our money is in March.

cloud network hunting: why to want to invest “eating” please? What point value “to eat”, please?

yoshiki: I have treasured “please eat” is that it is very good place to start. First, as the 90, 95, 2000 after the move after the growth of Internet users, unfamiliar social user base to grow very, very big, and female relative performance will be more and more active, active users. This is a big industry background.

second, think we go to unfamiliar social fundamental impetus is what? Has been on the Internet time consuming? Say hello, then no words talk about not bottom go to? Not, we’re unfamiliar social fundamental impetus is: “meet”. All is not strange to meet for the purpose of social is play rascal. But the problem is that existing on the market at present is rarely from strange social efficiency on the problem of “meet”. What reason? One is, the original strange social product can’t let both sides to quickly find a interesting topic point; Another is that the original strange social products are difficult to do match, you want to chat, you go to the other party, but not necessarily interested in any topic with you at this time, so you “think” about her becomes a kind of harassment. Third, from the strange to meet, you need a buffer to trigger the both of us can quickly to find a reason to “I want to go to see you”. Many new social, many male users started to women hair: “I can ask?” That most women are not promised to meet.

and “eat”, please find a good “entrance”. To “eat” as an opportunity to push the two sides meet. No women can refuse to food, may in the previous social products, the woman refused to directly, but in “” please eat, she will give you more opportunities to meet. And talk about food is strange the beginning of a very good topic on both sides. And food also can response the other person’s values, attitudes, life level and life taste. Food this topic tend to and tourism, attitude to life and other topics are intertwined. In addition, the “eat” is the entrance meeting strangers, two people meet for the first time, have to have a dinner, from chating at the start, give you a relaxation, the buffer communication environment, is after a meal, singing, watching movies and go home together.

some experienced “please eat” industry friends will doubt that enrolment rates could go up? In fact, we do not worry about how enrollment at all. We don’t sign up to do eat, we are doing social. Social networking is an important problem is the relationship between trigger. “We by” please eat, can stimulate the strange have meeting about the desire of users to trigger relationship, this is the most important thing. I eat in “please” on a few dates, also about to lead, but in the process of experience, I found a lot of girls may not sign up, but will send to you at the bottom comments, send messages to you, it’s purposes have been achieved, this is the relationship between trigger, and is a women’s initiative, these are all have a desire to meet you girl, not talk a few words of goodbye to pure network users, in this way, the quality of the user in this platform will be very good. Is again I emphasize that I recognized the quality of the user not only is high in appearance, but she really have to meet with you the idea of the user, rather than just silence users in the network. Of course, a special professional certainly not.

in addition, from product design, I also agree with “please eat” in the first stage adopt the mode of this kind of minimalist design, many new social product complex, having a lot of products with one up what hot product elements to an app to stack, I it is not approved. Are very simple to guide users to meet about to eat, wait for users to reach a very large degree, and then gradually to add more cohesive function.

cloud network hunting: that the future can make money?

yoshiki: about cashability. This is also one of the characteristics of “eating”, please. Gold is now a “credit” revenue model, you buy the “credit” and put into use, the more the greater the exposure you, the more friends can see you, so as to increase the chance of meeting. This is a bit like the revenue models, male users in order to set up a girls often don’t care about pay a little money. Of course, the economic mechanism also abide by an ecological cycle, it also consumes, eat a meal can consume, play also consumes about, but if no one sign up your date, will not burn.

the second cash model related to food and beverage. “Please eat” on many users follow their favorite restaurant, then around the food and beverage revenue model with increase user base is ok. There is a big imagination space, everybody can think about it.

hunting cloud network: what about the other around the dinner scene to infiltrate the APP?

yoshiki: “please eat” or lock the scale of the mass line. Not taking special high-end narrow the line. Don’t go the route media everything. It is the nature of social, not a restaurant. In addition, “eat”, please don’t consider work route, developed from the past, social workplace is not good, no success in the domestic case, possible workplace social product-oriented, work-related purpose is too strong, Internet groups may play more, but from the scale, I on the workplace social or reservations. “Please eat” is not to let it be looking for a job, but let everybody can work down the mood relax after work, chat with different temperament, interesting new friends, enjoy life.

hunting cloud network: what about the big company to replicate this model?

yoshiki: mobile Internet in today’s era, the industrial environment in today’s era, the financing environment in today’s era, I think that entrepreneurs have don’t have to worry about big companies do. If it is hardware, today’s entrepreneurs may worry that millet, because today’s hardware business still depended on the environment of upstream and downstream industry chain, because the chain is very long, you is very dependent on the chain. But the online application, the developer of the entrepreneurs have excessive don’t need to worry about this problem.

if fine go ahead again, first of all, the mobile Internet development to today, the first move is very important, this is the biggest difference between the age of the Internet and PC. You quick start, first start, a lead in time for a long time, the role of brand in the barriers will be very big, the initial user gene accumulation will be very strong, the user the chain will be more solid.

second, tencent advantage mainly on social acquaintances or half acquaintances social, this is determined by its relationship with chain, if you don’t want to mix and acquaintances, want to use a new strange identity and new friends to open a new world, today most users will not or dare not choose tencent, because the chain of tencent always existing relationships with it to guide users to his products, if you don’t do it, it have no advantage, but it did so, want to open up a whole new world users will feel that privacy is not guaranteed, everywhere is the original QQ, micro letter know know what I’m doing.

the third, if a big company will pursue an innovative products, and if it cannot play its existing resource advantage, it not only no advantage and disadvantage. Why do you say that? A big company is specific to do the project team of the allocation of resources can’t be innovative companies have more advantages, you have a few people, a project team unless level has risen to corporate strategy; Second, you inside the big companies want to open a project in internal application to what funds, no top help you push, it is also hard to from your brother what to promote resources department. Third, you are the big company paid an employee, even if you as a project director’s power is very strong, but the team under you don’t necessarily have the same power with you, and entrepreneurial environment so hot now, if a little idea of all take out financing business.

cloud network: hunting, how to see so many around the catering business opportunities?

yoshiki: for now, the industry layout has been associated with “eat” is very complete. Yellow pages, comments, search, booking, delivery services, group purchase, b2b supply chain model, CRM, guide the media mode, proprietary brand, have a lot of players, and get many billions of dollars of players, too. The future there will be more frequent in the industry mergers and acquisitions in the above a few niche across. “Please eat” is the essence of social, as for the food inside will go deeper, and then see.

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