Why He Zhijiang: lenovo cloud services and research and development center in Hong Kong

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in January this year, lenovo announced it would set up the cloud services and research and development center in Hong Kong. After four months later, in Hong Kong cyberport lenovo cloud service and product research and development center in the morning of May 16, the official start of the operation, as lenovo’s first cloud services in the Asia Pacific region and the product research and development center, it will become the lenovo cloud based on the mainland, radiation Asia Pacific markets, accelerate the globalization business layout of important fulcrum.

lenovo group, senior vice President, group President of cloud services He Zhijiang has publicly said that lenovo’s overall strategy of the cloud services is to be deeper and stronger personal cloud, cloud, steady development of enterprises actively IOT and payment certification platform layout, the use of good funds and venture incubation mechanism, the overall goal is total more than 100 million active users, more important is to fundamentally build a team with Internet gene, promote a new culture, the establishment of the team and the management process. While establishing r&d center in Hong Kong is the important step of the big strategy.

why do you choose Hong Kong as a business to overseas radiation first stop? He Zhijiang accepted the media interview, hunting cloud network.

talent advantage of Hong Kong, lenovo cloud to the ground of the main causes of

lenovo cloud to the ground in Hong Kong in addition to the unique geographical advantages, Hong Kong connection at home and abroad, by China radiation overseas market. In He Zhijiang view, talent advantage is established in Hong Kong lenovo cloud big data and cloud infrastructure the main reason for the research and development center. He said: “over the past two decades many top talents choose to study in Hong Kong, mainland these talents gather together, is very worth doing one thing, they are very good people. The second is that Hong Kong will be better able to gather the international cutting-edge talent.”

in addition, He Zhijiang also revealed that since January signing, research center, now has 20 people, plans to expand to 100 people, in the big data and cloud infrastructure also determine the direction of the refined, at the same time, including big data and business aspects of the work has begun. In the future, the research and development center will also drive the Hong Kong cloud computing industry and the overall development of the Internet industry and innovation.

the layout, attract Hong Kong outstanding scientific and technological personnel, build more perfect cloud infrastructure and platform, with the help of lenovo global hundreds of millions of users and hardware advantages, to provide users with better experience become the target of the research center, a year, lenovo has grown to seventy million cloud services overseas users.

funds and cloud platform for local entrepreneurs to provide support

for research and development center in Hong Kong local Internet start-ups on the promoting effect of He Zhijiang said: “music do angel investment funds, the local entrepreneurship is characteristic of Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is a foreign-oriented economy environment, this is a unique business advantage.” And, for the joy of fund investment direction He Zhijiang also has two goals: “it is early stage investing, 2 it is around the Internet service industry. Hope to play a role of two funds, the first is as lenovo cloud radar, scanning industry development direction and the latest cutting-edge technology. The second is hope le fund team can become strategic lenovo cloud service agencies, lenovo cloud services through key investment in mergers and acquisitions and growth.”

in addition to funds, He Zhijiang also said that cooperation with Hong Kong cyberport lenovo own cloud platform can be unified for entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial teams can do applications and services directly, without the need to rent a room. Lenovo’s big advantage is that in a strong domestic market support, encourage entrepreneurs to establish relations with domestic users quick “channels in 160 countries, the local user support” in He Zhijiang appears to be very valuable to the entrepreneurs.

, when talking about lenovo cloud IOT He Zhijiang said: “for the current field of IOT, although I think that is a very hot market, but overall still very scattered, no company can use it as a main business and grow into a big company. But the era of intelligent hardware will come. While lenovo in the past few decades experience in the field of supply chain and hardware, is the ability to do IOT advantage.”

so on IOT lenovo cloud doing three things: first, NBD in building a through online sales channels. Second, the lenovo experience in hardware development, supply chain management and funds together to become a IOT of accelerator. Third, build a IOT of cloud platform.

He Zhijiang confidence in the future. Lenovo, he said, there are three main advantages in cloud services: one is the base of large equipment, 2 it is by the PC and mobile phone business after building internationalized resource available, three is the brand effect. “Lenovo has two cloud services more than 100 million users,” He Zhijiang, according to the “Hong Kong will become lenovo cloud services in the Asia Pacific in the international market bridge”.

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