Why don’t big fear of giant, afraid of entrepreneurial dark horse?

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on Saturday, hunting dark horse cloud network editor jun joined the annual sports meeting. Ccpit, now a lot of venture capital on display, there are a lot of slots, full of hustle and bustle, noisy noisy, kinship between entrepreneurs; Full of chatter, share, however, is like a wet towel dry speech of investors; Of course, there are no (or is not used to) speak mandarin, comparable cheerleader, main task is to save the ice guest host.

however, if you can for these share a dime a dozen startup will be prudent to treat, will find there are some very interesting, very worth pondering views and ideas. It doesn’t, entrepreneurs and investors in the carnival, it is a word from the Internet giant attracted the interest of the cloud network editor jun hunting. This sentence from 58 city, vice President of xiao-hua Chen: “we are not afraid of the fair this old rival, how many years, tricks and routines to touch each other very well. We fear most is those who come from remote mountainous areas, like a brute entrepreneurs “.

if you think about this sentence, you can easily draw the conclusion that others don’t think your greatest threat comes from the big giant, a dark horse in the business community is the most let them worry about.

58 city, vice President, xiao-hua Chen

why afraid of entrepreneurial giant dark horse?

if the Angle to interpret “the human nature this evil”, so you can think this sentence has 58 about ourselves, our opponents. Obviously, no one giant not at such a conference, platform for my own business. However, this sentence is actually not only for the purpose. We can analyze the 58 of that sentence.

first of all, the giants are not afraid of old rivals, because each other’s sphere of influence is relatively fixed, every giant has his best and most solid bastion business. Siege in the field of the new method, are more familiar with each other, even in a different way, but the style is very difficult to change in short time. While entrepreneurs, especially those in line with “light shoes don’t clap your feet” entrepreneurial dark horse, they often don’t in the CARDS, unexpected, even they play make giant “zhang two monks confused”. Many giants in entrepreneurs “nightmarish” and “, array “, gave the accumulation of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship early time.

second, giant afraid of entrepreneurs, to some extent, is also afraid of his “buy”. Now most of the giant strategic investment dark horse in the purpose of “on track”, the pattern of entrepreneurs may not have read, but the team is a can prospect the trend. As a result, the worry is the fear of missing the next wave of giant, also afraid of being bought to other giant or a strategic investment venture dark horse.

let giant is afraid of the dark horse then what should I do?

black games have such an interesting speech: “journey to the west of the story tells us that no background of the monster was killed by the Monkey King. The monsters in the background at the time of suffering, are picked up the people behind.”

with the development of entrepreneurial firms, want to adhere to the ideal of the “no reform”, seems to have become increasingly difficult. Hunting cloud network editor you think, now the development of startup, can present a “reform” and “the fence”. “Immune” is unlikely to achieve, also is not an option.

in turn in the thinking of giants, after is irony as “XX” dog day, more and more giant has from hope establish “closed platforms” into hope establish “open platform”. From once copied rivals – rounded up all users – monopoly industries, to now many giants are more willing to establish itself as a “receiving” platform. They hope that this platform can gather the broader range of business developers. Giant is willing to join its platform for entrepreneurs to provide resources, help them to thrive. For entrepreneurs, they are more weave as the giant of the network and a specific node. With the heyday of the mobile Internet era, as well as the coming of the era of Internet of things, these nodes was dig subdivision and each node can generate new small “LAN”, and contains a hundreds of billions of dollars worth of new pattern of the industrial chain.

as entrepreneurs, their development cannot leave the “backbone” of the most fundamental. Connections on the “backbone”, let them get the faster “speed”, more “bandwidth” resources. What’s more, more and more giant have understand oneself cannot by copying, aimed at the new field. So they in acquisitions or strategic investments, said he tried not to interfere in the development of startup. Whether this hands-off attitude in extent to maintain in the future, but they are the more and more open mind, did provide entrepreneurs with relative more free space for development.

the ideal to change the world and bring up a billions of dollars worth of business dream, do not and whether to choose from. Especially in the current, immune, and not reform, causes at the same time facing the similar entrepreneurs and giant double attack. Dark horse, expressing a consensus view is that investors don’t just think about the introduction of institutional investors, the introduction of giant strategic investment is also very important, and may be able to achieve the result that expect is less than.

micro sowing easy founder Xu Yang

dark horse facing entrepreneurship bubble?

a startup bubble about to pop? This topic according to the seasonal law of development, every once in a while, it will cause investors and analysts, observers quarrel. Today’s investor groups, an interesting phenomenon. Some investors in the media interview, or idle nothing post, to always remind us that the “bubble coming, can take money, don’t hesitate.” In frequent attendance, on the other hand, business share in the meeting, they like being under the ecstasy, advocacy “” today is the best of the business s strength. Investors make a “death in round C and even death in round B” entrepreneurial terror at the same time, is the business of sports, one of the most loyal supporters. Institutional investors have many began to set up a private fund, even science and technology media want to in this wave, in-depth layout (entrepreneurs in last weekend’s dark horse sports meeting start “black +” incubator).

hunting cloud network editor jun not professional analysts, nor read person’s innumerable investors (or dumb money), I can’t determine whether the industry is a bubble, or is it when the bubble will burst. But as watching the thinker, we should think about a question: who belongs to the bubble? Belong to the entrepreneurs? Belong to investors? Still belongs to the whole business environment?

especially at home, in the government to promote “Internet +” and “entrepreneurship” development philosophy, in the real economy declined, looking forward to inject new elements of the Internet, new way of the development of the domestic a-share market become entrepreneurs. No matter when the bubble, the huge venture plate, a period of time in the future there will be “macro hand” in the flange, in regulating.

so, if the arrival of the bubble is inevitable, who will be the most unlucky person? In the stock market, is always a wise man make money out of a fool. The investors and speculators in business groups, affirmation is to have the most severe losses. Such a person no matter whether the bubble will burst, excessive Yu cannot long be sucks. Those who from the beginning, it has set up a long-term development plan; In the process of development, and constantly improve the experience, accumulated the broad user groups; In and giant game and cooperation, more than capable to deal with entrepreneurs, it is hard to together with a bubble burst. They may be affected by the environment, but will spend winter.

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