Why cooperation, meizu ali Bai Yongxiang jian wang said


in the morning, “the meizu was ali’s $650 million investment in such as” news all over the sky fly, about the details, meizu alibaba jointly held a press conference this afternoon.

ali starting point: do a good job in the mobile Internet ecological

“alibaba investment not meizu to do mobile phone, we want to put the mobile phone industry do the basis of the mobile Internet healthier, do a good job in the mobile Internet ecosystem, this is the starting point of alibaba.” Why investment for meizu, alibaba group CTO jian wang replied. In the future, ali will be for the principle of hardware manufacturers to invest more. The mobile Internet ecosystem is one of the biggest alibaba for the investment demands. Jian wang made it clear that this has nothing to do with YunOS investment. “YunOS need developed by competition in the market, rather than rely on investment.”

we can see the meizu and YunOS cooperation has been very stable, meizu, new spirit’s blue is also adopting YunOS underlying. Hunting cloud network also learned that no matter the meizu do not do the tablet, YunOS next product is flat.

meizu’s mission: to the user experience is a very good

the meizu President Bai Yongxiang said the strategic investment by alibaba, meizu can extend from the smartphone to intelligent ecological battlefield, “we can get the Internet service, etc. The whole chain of new content.” But “we’re not alliance platform, we welcome anyone to participate, as long as you can convince consumers.” Vice President of meizu misia explains the investment. Bai Yongxiang added: “the meizu is to be a beyond terminal and intelligent ecosystem, resources not confined to ali, tencent and millet good resources will be used.” Jian wang such promise, “ali hopes to be able to do your mobile phone with the meizu, the best hardware phone experience to the consumer. Alibaba’s commitment to meizu is investment after absolutely won’t participate in the specific business of the meizu.”

good experience is needed is a truly open, last week, killing netease micro envelope cloud music, etc., which makes the user is very headache, really to ali, tencent penguin cat when a choice? So back to meizu, ali’s cooperation, we are happy to see the meizu, grasps the real Internet thinking is not only a mobile phone, even the legendary meizu watches are also reality brings to the consumer the best experience.

meizu’s future: the money can do a lot more

on speculation the meizu throw herself to ali because cash-strapped, Bai Yongxiang although did not give specific profit figures, however, he said “the meizu 14 years sales in December 1 million, January 15 years to 1.5 million, the financial strength to support a year sales of tens of millions of Taiwan”. It is understood that the meizu sales last year of nearly 5 million mobile phones, turnover of more than 70 one hundred million yuan. In 2015, the meizu sales targets for 20 million. Alibaba this cash allows the meizu do more.

there are rumors that the meizu will make watches, TV, and other products, has also denied the meizu, just for trademark protection. Whatever the meizu do not do, do what is not important, under the circumstances of the smartphone market shrink, meizu inverse of large growth in fact makes us see the meizu’s strength, the pursuit of perfection is demanding attitude, in my opinion is the most close to jobs. In the first four new handsets promise has been fulfilled, and the market reaction, continue to send some 2015 new handsets temporarily can’t give, but jian wang said: “the future we will not settle YunOS and Flyme product proportion”. So good rest assured, 15 years of meizu phone is not YunOS system.

the Meizu to upgrade “Connect to Meizu”, has been officially released lifekit intelligent hardware platform, in haier U + platform and ali cloud support, can realize the interaction between smart devices. The meizu ecological intelligent device has more than 100, will certainly more and more in the future. Hunting cloud network also learned the meizu lifekit still in private beta, in order to improve.

the meizu listed is a sure thing, just sooner or later, the investment ali can be thought of as a catalyst, originally expected – five years, may be shortened to three years.

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