Whome: APP + + music lights much room hardware equipment management system, break through the traditional intelligent sound


maybe you the complex circuit of traditional stereo headaches brain fever, you might think big price to buy a stereo too extravagant, maybe you think that sound can do a lot more: lighting, dimmer by mobile phones, direct broadcast network music, use it to sing karaoke… Maybe Whome brings you not only these.

Whome is wireless intelligent music system more room, one can create, display and sharing music, pictures, color, lighting, the combination of media interaction system. Whome wireless communication part adopts Atheros chip as the core, double antenna design, effectively strengthen the signal gain and increase the transmission distance and coverage, and provide better quality and user experience. Support all the IOS and Android devices. Wi-fi technology compared with bluetooth wireless technology has longer transmission distance, ensure indoor transmission distance of 20 meters; Higher transmission broadband, high quality lossless audio, assure quality artistic work of high order; Platform compatibility is stronger, more and more devices start adding wi-fi, this is the trend of The Times.

founder jian-qiang Yang told cloud network, hunting WHOME panchromatic domain using Led lamp bead formation of 16 million colors, support 256 file dimmer, the internal structure of a passive radiation belt unit 2 inch 10 w band speaker module, all can play control equipment such as mobile phone audio file transmission via wi-fi, light color can be change with the rhythm of the music. in addition, multiple Whome can be composed of a set of wireless multi-room music system, combining wavebomb own wireless transmission protocol, by one or several intelligent device control Whome each room lights transform, music playback, such as operation, Whome can work independently each have each room style, also can work together to form the overall style of video playback.

Whome “scene” to share the light and sound of three-dimensional element into the field of social sharing. Build atmosphere makes friends with music and light can personally experience the user more ideas. Taken as long as the beauty of the sight, deserve to go up in the mood of a song, write down the mood words, package uploaded to Whome BBS to share with friends. Friends to download the package, you can on your own Whome reappear in the scene with the music, looking at photos and mood words.

based on the function of Whome, its application scenario has the characteristics of diversity, from the most ordinary household to bars, shops, upscale hotels, and even performance stage, in some degree, it can help the user to save a part of the cost. Founder jian-qiang Yang told hunting cloud network: “we in the B end user market, already has a home inns, broken butterfly music coffee offline partners, such as participate in the experiential marketing model, users in the offline direct experience, produce purchase desire, can be directly to our offline purchase partners. C end we take APP scene strengthen the function of market strategy, by Whome the function of the product application scenarios such as hypnosis help wake can build all kinds of interesting and can share the content of the drive C end users reputation share, generate sales. At the same time we and top technical team, both at home and abroad in the field of intelligent lighting and music two wisdom, do some forward-looking technology research. For example, we and the winner of the Nobel Prize for physics related team building for intelligent lighting research plan.

jian-qiang Yang tell hunting cloud network, similar to the current domestic market of enterprise and the product is not outstanding, main competitors are foreign intelligence music and lighting system solutions provider, such as philips, Sonos, Jawbone. Whome the advantage of high integration, scalability and performance. The price of a product with them a set of similar product price, but can also provide for the most part they function integration. Has the disadvantage of Whome funding and technical reserves, has the certain challenge when barriers to competition is not obvious.

in the development of the future, jian-qiang Yang told hunting cloud network: “our main products are based on wi-fi networks, and in terms of optical and acoustic techniques extension and integration, Whome longitudinal development will be to the VOIP voice communication system, background music, lighting system, community LIVE HOUSE development, transverse joint haier will star box temperature control products, such as intelligent wearable bracelet watches products, smart TV, game box and other entertainment products achieve the wisdom of the complete scenario application solutions.”