Who will be the next baidu cloud OS: where does that leave third-party ROM?

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on March 3, 2015, often hurt often war of Tencent Tencent keep open OS private activity; On March 11, baidu cloud OS announced the shutdown; On March 14, bloomberg said Cyanogen finishing totaled $110 million in a new round of financing. In March 2015, the third party OS by newborn, development, death, accompanied by several glad several sorrow.

third-party OS, characteristics as android platform in his presence has its specific historical background: the android platform has high open customizable; 2 it is early android operating system exists caton, operation experience problems; Three deficiency is local optimization.

these existing soil to third-party OS, and with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, third-party OS became more control, the key to preempt the mobile side entrance, they became the ecological bearer of the mobile Internet. Time originally designed to optimize the android native product localization system, fusion, improve the user experience of the third party rise precipitously OS, layout in succession, third-party OS also have sprung up. Whether such as ali, Internet giant tencent, baidu, or such as hardware makers samsung, HTC, SONY, millet, meizu etc would spare no effort to this. But after a few years after the ebb tide, mostly in silence in the sea, can memorize and give high praise by the user only beautiful MIUI, FLyme, Color OS, Smartisan OS a few money. Baidu cloud OS suspended and briefly back to the stranger attention to third-party OS. People started to discuss third-party OS go from here?

discuss third-party OS what to do, first of all, we should talk about is: third-party OS there is also the basis of solid as usual? We know, third-party OS is the basis of the two, the android native defects in the system, the second is the enthusiasm of the Internet giant.

third-party OS exists is the basis of the early android operating system is unbearable caton, complicated operation, the system imperfect interface roughness and so on, the imperfect to third-party OS reason to exist. But with the constant improvement of android and android 5.0, the android system fluency, ease of operation, perfect functions, interface aesthetics has been on the quality. Android native operating system is already beyond the most third-party OS. The improvement of the android operating system itself is undoubtedly to third-party OS a fatal blow.

and in the early days of any rushed to incoming, enthusiastic, the reason is that the early giants for how to get the feel confused about mobile Internet ticket this fear. The mobile Internet era, third-party OS became the control, the key to preempt the mobile side entrance, they became the ecological bearer of mobile Internet, with a third party OS means that they can control the entry of the mobile Internet, getting traffic. But the giant can be confused about how to grab the tickets, so make your OS, in their own building OS preemption mobile Internet entry appears to be the effective ways, but the method allows giants ate up. When the giant confused about WeChat sudden success gave them great enlightenment. Indispensable super giants found using people take the mobile web APP entrance is more easy to succeed, plus additional features on the APP, will equip the APP to “another form of third-party OS”, is a more feasible way. So QQ, WeChat, baidu search, pay treasure, Tmall, taobao, sina weibo such super APP became giants to be bestowed favor on newly.

android native system perfect, the giants of the OS take mobile Internet portal dream wake up, the chances of survival for third-party OS will only become more and more slim, and the combination of hardware and OS experience hardware and software integration path may be their only hope of survival in the future.

in the android universal flash era, third-party OS features can be slightly survival; But in the android running forward, consumers of selective flash era, to capture the user need, bring the best user experience of third-party OS to survive. But the reality is that many third-party OS and could not provide a good user experience, just die baidu cloud OS, for example, the third party operating system and nothing can let a person remember, or cannot give up characteristic; At the beautiful MIUI FLyme etc., but there are always some let you interconnected characteristics exist. It was because of the gap, on the user experience that make some raw, some to death.

and remove user experience, decided to third-party OS is another important foundation of the existence of hardware support. Briefly explain the third party is needed here OS operating system distribution method. A is three giants such as a BAT without hardware support OS operating system, promotion of this kind of OS rely on flash service, and provide no OS r&d strength small producers use; Second, such as millet, meizu OS operating system with their own hardware support, they promote OS preinstalled depend on their products, then open OS supply other brand mobile phone use. Have hardware manufacturers, in the expansion of the OS is an advantage of (at least on the raw data) to sell a home hardware, can promote a its own OS. This is millet, huawei, lenovo this year sales volume exceeding 60 million vendors advantage is obvious.

so for a large number of third-party OS, soft hard integration road, on the basis of the hardware and software to support. With hardware drive the third-party OS installed capacity, with a third party of the OS experience to enhance its hardware of word of mouth, do the mutual promotion of hardware and software is likely to live in the future. Maybe alibaba investment meizu, is the change of signal. Third-party OS, in the future, only will be more and more narrow road.

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