Where a unicorn enterprises, perhaps it can be predicted

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editor’s note: in this paper, the author for Kepler Analytics CTO Tom Jacobs

so much valuable space assets idle; Rented the house even if empty also have to pay the rent; Want to stay in a hotel — reality let these problems solved, reality, of course, is worth billions of dollars.

taxis are bad, the price is expensive, simply unreliable; The last time I rode when I think I’m going to throw up – but Uber appeared, people can call the private cars, no troubles. Uber worth billions of dollars, of course.

time to dial back in 2009. Remember the first time you heard someone whose? I still remember when I travel on business for a month, then put in San Francisco, the studio by someone whose short-term rental. I was just glad that don’t have to pay rent for a month, did not pay attention to how much the service is good, what’s more, on Craigslist (classified ads website) send a advertising, probably too. But the reality but it has a clear pictures and detailed at a glance the housing selection list. If you want to investment, at least I will give Craigslist and as an investment.

I remember Travis recommend a start-up, is today’s Uber. As long as you press a button, use a taxi Uber send request, within a few minutes a car will drive to the front of you, show you to your destination. At that time, I think this is indeed a very good project, but I don’t think how many people will be using it, even I myself don’t be, because often called a taxi if it spends too much so I wouldn’t call a car, and Uber called the price of the car is almost twice the taxi price. “Imagine that you can make it a point to point business, let any strangers in their own car you a ride.” I particularly care about living expenses friend said at the time.

by 2015, however, the company has developed into more than billion dollars worth of unicorns, they also fully proved their worth and power, it is high time we invest the money sell the kidney. Today, these firms capital flows have millions of dollars a day.

it all in 2009 have no leader. Let’s do a thought experiment: and don’t look at today’s achievements of these companies, back in 2009 when an, Uber, Twitter, Dropbox, and other companies in the beginning, exactly what shines will attract people to invest? Then put these bright spots, today, take a look at.

don’t attempt to use paraphrase of the existing model. Unicorn company in their respective characteristics and development of the plan is different, natural no specific pattern. Let us see the essence through the phenomenon, what is the underlying factor for today’s fledgling startups, can be in five years later developed into the daily cash flow more than millions of dollars, the unicorn of attention?

in other words, how can we better anticipate the birth of the unicorn?

the unicorn enterprise

I dare say that ninety percent of the VC every day of your life is to find the unicorn enterprise, at the same time and have the potential to meet the founders.

Aibnb and Uber has a lot of things in common: the same is coincidence with the basic skills, to use the resource has not been used before, aimed at the People’s Daily life in the big three “start” overhead (housing accounted for 18% of the average cost, food was 17%, the traffic is 16%). The only difficulty is that they should how to let the public acceptance of their model.

as for the other unicorn company, I summarized below:

Dropbox, Box, the company, Slack: these companies make people work more efficiently.

DeliveryHero, Instacart, generally I just now! Listen to the music in food are now! Immediately right away!

Atlassian, directing, IronSource: software can make your business more efficient.

Square, Stripe: paying too convenient able

CloudFlare, AWS: the Internet is evolving to upgrade.

Shopify, surprise, SurveyMonkey, HootSuite: so in your home can operating company!

millet, travel, shopping Meituan, pocket, shake handshandle net, sogou: China is on the rise!

Pinterest: quite good fun.

this list I almost all the company’s valuation has billions of dollars, so can among the great this list also proved that the strength of the company.

apparently, now there are a lot of startups is to satisfy people “want it now” urgent demand. Ubercookies, in my opinion, is about to become the next “Decacorn” (less than 10 years, company valuation is $10 billion).

this a few company’s biggest thing in common. They are all the new technology introduced in trend, seize the opportunity. (but isn’t that what the valley’s greatest charm? On just invented technology promotion, let everybody can enjoy the fresh at parity?)

think of the iPhone in the pocket, powerful browser on the desktop, countless inexpensive servers, these are the most advanced technology. There is another, I really regret why our team was not tried: put on a large scale computer linked with the real world, such as Banks, telephone, restaurants, and from person to person.

so, want to predict whether a entrepreneurial team will grow up to be a unicorn, we have to bet on a bet. After all, in the next decade, technology and trends will bring us what surprise again, or which company can grow rapidly, and the status is not see alone.

in the past five years, there are several sudden new product thoroughly changed the lives of most people: social media, network short message, the ascension of the popularity of network and network speed. This last, of course, as being a “sudden”, just have long existed, always like a step function in progress.

but, in my opinion, the trend of the next ten years, I am most looking forward to is: “in your home also can operating company!”

in the past, 30% of americans are free profession person, this ratio will soon account for 40%. Once upon a time, if you want to live abundance days, by the skill that you have to work in a big company to produce high quality products or services. Nest can run a company on a large scale at home, or to carry out the important business, I think it will be the biggest, has just appeared in recent years. Even a non-technical staff can easily start a business and sell their own products, services, knowledge or skill, don’t need large amount of investment, as expected in the first months to take risks, or spend effort to decorate the office.

in other words, the era of entrepreneurship to the one person.

from Uber driver, an operator of the hotel, even Etsy sellers, we can see that one person’s business trends. (although Etsy’s business model is not how good)

say so many, now what do you think which trend will bring you a surprise? And what lucky entrepreneurial teams while the trend to become the next head of the unicorn? Don’t tell others, unless you really intend to invest.

at first, I did not intend to Twitter, because I think even Twitter itself also didn’t understand what is the nature of Twitter, and it has no obvious place to explain why it is worth more than billion dollars. Living in the real people believe can find another heaven and earth in the Twitter. Like me on Twitter is mixed in a full of academic circles of home and entrepreneurs, every day I will meet my friends there and they talk about something. Look from our ideological content, they and I live in a city; But in terms of geographical position, and we can each respectively in the ends of the earth. Facts have proven that demand for this kind of interaction between Twitter users was the true cause of it worth billions of dollars, of course also be attributed to the factor of this classic – a company if mastered so detailed information about the user, the money will naturally like heaven fell pie hit on their heads.

this largely depends on luck, and need someone who is interested in the products they are willing to invest in it all the time, and entrepreneurial team members in every man’s vision and so on. Look at the company and PicPiz. Company was 8 competitors, PicPlz sets a rival. Now? Company valuations and sets a billions of dollars, and the company and PicPlz have already gone. But don’t just only luck? Also is not. You need to make a people with the right vision to lead the company, to ensure that the company has superior conditions to every day and.


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