When you’re in a startup is smaller than his many boss…

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cloud network hunting note: incoming century embarrassed! That is the boss in the younger than you do. “Doc” will not be too did not face? You can rest assured that the answer is definitely No ! This article support a move for you, let you “embarrassment” for the “friendship”.

when you find the company boss (particularly in the start-up, happen) much younger than you, you’re bound to feel stay in the company of embarrassing (a young don’t work hard, idle young, needy old feeling). To be honest, this kind of feeling really uncomfortable, as if is smaller than your house than your relatives are driven to get married before you have children, you said your heart can feel?

whether in work or in the case of the appeal on the home front, it can only say that you missed the old hard, then you have to accept the reality, which is life. But we all know that there is no absolute, maybe sometimes this kind of situation will bring the Gospel to you. Below with hunting cloud network editor you can see exactly what are the best ways to help you through the embarrassment, the recommendations are made by some of you have encountered this kind of situation, but in the end all don’t startup “small boss” winner get along very harmonious.

Tip # 1: give the “trust”

if you yourself are the young business owner, you will not be ignored by employees because (due to yourself too young don’t feel happy? So, learn to transposition thinking. You might think he is too young to undertake this task. But once you have this kind of idea, you should consider whether their technology is not enough, lack of ability. Why people can, and you can’t do; Why somebody else can shine on you and is better than blue, and you were “die” on the beach? Therefore, he must have edge worth you believe that he can do to your boss.

all in all, when this happens, you be careful to decide whether to stay or not to continue. If you choose to stay in the company, then you must work well, because it’s your decision; And you not have anything to do all of your young boss, because he can be your boss, not for him to decide this society or the strength, so why you want to fighting with him? What you should do in the first place to know that you can learn from the young have the strength of the boss.

here is David Bakke with you to share his experience:

under the condition of a lot of work, my boss is younger than me. In my opinion, this has many benefits. First of all, they can teach me how to do one thing at a fast and good, after all, young people more skillful. Second, their understanding of science and technology must be more than me, so that I can learn a lot from where they technical knowledge related to company business.

how did I crossed the candy in my heart? I always constantly tell myself this is like a deck of CARDS in the hand, if I’m out of the well, is a big help for my work, so I will do my best to adjust their mood, actively join in work. I believe that for most of the older workers, mainly is difficult to throw away their old ideas, accept the fact that work in a young men.

as a result, the secret of success is that your boss as peers; Only respect win-win.

Tip # 2: shaping their

you must believe that their own professional experience with far more younger than your boss. As the growth of the age, will accumulate some knowledge to other people, others have no is you unique sparkle. Find their own special skill, which has nothing to do with the job skills, but in promoting the relationship between you and your boss will play a key role), it is important to find their place in the team. When your boss is how to build a great team and distress, you must express oneself very willing to out of a force. It doesn’t have to be that you pay a lot, but can you ask your boss to see is a devoted staff, able to complete assigned tasks. In the end, you will because it is the first to be assigned to complete a project staff and get the boss’s favor.

Tip # 3: mentor

if you get along with a age younger than you, you will always unconsciously brother elder sister role. Not that upward management (manage up: the boss) no, you don’t do too much, just let others think you proud. In that case, will only make the already bad-tempered, instantly broke out; Besides, you are able to benefit, you just to show your boss the age difference of no influence on you? Don’t be naive, it would only backfire.

if you are in the team has a very good opinions and Suggestions of development (according to your experience), you can organize your own language, in the form of a boss can accept most let him know, in fact, this also can yet be regarded as a kind of business strategy.

Tip # 4: refused to “act young”

no matter what you are doing, you don’t intentionally is very young, and now, in his words, not to “act young” in front of your boss. Perhaps this sounds a bit funny, but it is not very desirable, speak a little bit ugly be invite humiliation. If you want to, you pull you in front of foreigners leaving the country, will be how? Estimation is picture too beautiful to see.

if you have a young boss is not to say that you want to buy fashionable dress, with young people with brands, do things the way like a child, they won’t let the boss feel you are near it slowly, and that will only make you look very funny is childish. You should do is to do the most true to yourself, work hard, improve their work. You should also work in you, and your colleagues to contact more exchanges; With your new boss in the coffee shop and talk about work life, learn from each other. Only in this way can reduce when you see the boss of tension, reduce the distance you and the boss. Over time, you will find a lot in common between you.


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