When the digital camera is more and more “mobile”, are you still decided to abandon it?

cloud network hunting note: “feast of accumulated Angle, met laugh.” , and nine to five life already let’s childhood memories, growth is to let a person sad. People need photos carrying memories, tender feeling moving heart. To this end, maybe we should look at crash phone, with more solemnly way to respect precious memories.

my brief encounter with cameras.

over the past ten years appeared – encounter with his wife, Kansas City Royal defeat in the baseball world series, the university time, workplace communication… Was filmed with my mobile phone. Convenient mobile phone photo is false, like beer and pop music is short, old memories and immersed in a Dave Matthews band and budweiser beer in the evening, for a moment after the hustle and bustle and no trace to be found. Why I didn’t treat these wonderful moments more seriously?

to return to the former residence, rummaging through the bedroom closet, and from under a pile of winter coat of about a dozen shoebox. I cut them in the sitting room, take out a few albums. I pictured on the young faces, are family and friends. There are old and not contact for many years, we met in green young at the age of 13, but after I go to college in New York. In the past, seems like yesterday.

sealed box of childhood memories

younger I follow the trend, theatrical dress art aron: dyed black hair, crappy corduroy clothing, and, of course, old mama Minolta cameras. Weekend, I wander in the suburbs, free to take pictures. I rely on Walmart 1 – Hour Photo applications developed, select from the photos just wash out outstanding works, the rest of the collection of photos is in the box. As my childhood, the box was full of memories I (my parents) are more likely to be thrown into the wardrobe, along with Detroit Red Wings jacket winter cobwebs in 1988.

I lay these photos on the floor, how time flies. Maybe at the end of each of the 20 people sigh the dead, even thought of his passing. I’m glad I have hundreds of pictures of friends, they are from me far more than the value of garden fence. Time flies, I understand the feelings of priceless. And Tamagotchi in contemporary (bandai in November 1996 launch of the electronic pet series, only use A, B, C three button control) of I, at the moment the mire the clear photos of each one I loved and still love fleshed out, out of time became more vivid.

and most of the people my age are not collecting photographs, they naturally carrying memories photo album can be found. In the late 90 s to the beginning of the 20th century – my high school days, when the camera phone few takers, this new camera resolution is not only expensive but also a mess. On the contrary, the mainstream camera is poor quality disposable cameras. It is made from plastic and cardboard, clap a photo is also very bad: strong contrast, dark color, within easy distortion or covered by the shadow. At the scene scene, my friend often is half closed eyes, can see them even under the skin of the blood. But for the young what are we? Then we just need a can hide acne scars on the face of low resolution camera.

I belong to the age of disposable cameras

, by contrast, my 35 mm camera take a photo (if there is no overexposed or underexposed) is right, they are like a hand the size of the window, let is rejected by years, I also can to spy on the past. Already, many forget details presented itself: greasy bang, Sharpied backpack, “I can’t believe I’ve ever had” meticulous skin and was highly we sought after and now seems very old fashion dress up.

35 mm Minolta reduction under the lens of the true nature of things, both color and resolution. More importantly, it inspired me – or just gave me an excuse – along with the gender to shoot. Because when you become an amateur photographer, you of all things, from soda water overflow to the dashboard Oldsmobile to shelf Vagrant Records CDS are shooting desire. I flip photos, I found there are a dozen of the careful combination of friends fell asleep in history class, and taking about 100 at a coffee shop in an instant with a glass of iced coffee. These are all I care about people and objects at that time, it’s a pity that I didn’t quite have the treasure.

the shoebox to an abrupt end after memories when I was in college. In my time at the university of New York, to switch to mobile phones, iPhone series from Sidekick. Since then, I haven’t wash photos, and rarely upload photos to the social networks, digital because I don’t like privacy. At that time I was really follow one’s inclinations and even blindly take pictures, often filming a dozen, then accumulated a one-time upload a few months images on the computer. Partial compression I put the photos to the folder, keep to hard disk.

camera effect is good

I from home back to the apartment, and his wife together through the photos in the computer. In one thousand, have in the hard disk backup all digital photos. Completely the warmth didn’t open the box, read it thousands of pictures of ambiguous let me. When shooting I think mobile phones are good, because of the close distance shoot with the camera look difference is not big. But now it seems the two are worlds apart. These photos look very dull, not only the fuzzy and cannot be enlarged. Mobile phone camera can’t handle the shadow, can only be used for ordinary moments in their lives.

I said to my wife: “to be honest, every time take pictures of the iPhone let me anxious, I’m afraid it ruin all our wonderful moments in the rest of my life, become Terry Richardson fuzzy explicit works again. So what do you think we should change the camera?” She agrees with me.

Thanksgiving eve, I bought a Fuji X100T camera. It is me in Google search “high-end camera”, “best” camera, “the best camera in 2014” and other keywords after the final selection. It is a high-end camera, it was the best portable camera last year. Its lens permanently fixed, I can’t replace with other lenses. It doesn’t matter, because I am less demanding of equipment and the equipment is expensive, even if in the future have change the need of the lens, I would like to blow the candles on the cake to use salary mind.

last year the best portable camera

Fuji and Minolta appearance are similar, in addition to the location of the papers on the back of the pack into a display and a button, so I am a new digital camera operation is handy. I found that now photos with photos of similar pixels in the shoe box (maybe I was wrong again, these photos may become blurred in ten years. But I think unlikely). In other respects, the Fuji image quality, a good photo is finishing. Papers and I don’t have to carry a large volume, and even can also preview the photos in front of the photo. A few days of practice, I gradually learned how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO (ISO), when shooting also more confident than ever.

then, I will be 16 gb SD memory gauge as the photo. Limited capacity to make me must be archived to hard disk in the photos every week, but now I insist on the principle of “pursuit”. I will work up precious photo editing, keep in the desktop folder, the last print book.

how to deal with the album? Probably like shoebox, buried under the closet winter coat, so the accumulation of experience, but I also hope to be able to will it be big enough in the living room (or at least a few months). No matter how to deal with, the album will be carrying memories, don’t have to worry about the hard disk damage to or loss of thousands of desktop background photo.

the value of it? To me, it is a priceless treasure. The photograph of the person I love, the place I love the photos bring words can’t describe my happiness is other people. Visit wife in Rockefeller Center Christmas photos; Friends pictures of polar bears swim; Their newborn pictures of me, when I see it, family happiness will come to mind, I’m glad these photos record I drip with parents, let me miss on something. The deceased, generate, I can’t indulge in the past and adventurous. But occasionally through photo albums, smile every flower, every wrinkle… I forget all the details will be awakened.

for most people, improve the quality of our mobile phone camera to meet their needs. May also have like me, unconsciously forget photo fun people exist. Admittedly, phone is not only convenient, but also can guarantee quality, mismatching photos can also through the filter changes.

there is no doubt that the high-end camera also has the advantage that save or easy to share photos. My X100T has its wi-fi networks, mobile phone can be connected. It strengthened my sets the feasibility of the organization’s activities, activities to remind people: “the passage of time is most precious.”

Source: TheVerge