What is well-known entrepreneurs in the eyes of a good company

cloud network hunting note: feng lun said well-known entrepreneurs, enterprises like look at girl, look, ten people, said very ugly. As a stranger, without the other party allowed to practise fraud, would be dismissed as rogue. Unless he (she) sick need surgery, and you just is the doctor to see more real. So people usually trouble, for can’t see a business investment also do not know how to start. Recently asked a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, see its listening, asking and, between the actual condition to see clearly, can not help but produce lenovo, also want to be a card shark to enterprise the pulse diagnosis.

1 good company should own a word clear, others as read

, for example, your company do, is to do the food, or clothing, his sentence and then finished, the boss himself not only a word clearly, and no matter which level of employees, ask everyone all that.

in addition, their finished his word is not enough, still have to look at the others, especially the layman, ordinary people do them for you of what it fits the story with your own account. Mou qizhong, for example, not only their one hundred words is not clear what is she, but after one hundred people recognized, observe its still scratching their heads. In the fall of the enterprise also has a lot of such a story: deron Williams of the integration of industry, and keep the low cost expansion, all kinds of capital operation, etc. Most of these boss himself a word said not clear, talk less also had to hundreds of words to their own story circle, at the same time, from the media to the investor to the enterprise as a blind man touched.

on the contrary, look at those mature steady, such as vanke, companies such as lenovo, TCL, huiyuan, the head at any time only sentence, at most a few words, you can tell yourself, dilettante also don’t need to spend more time, we need to see at a glance to understand what they are doing.

actually abroad, Coca-Cola, Gillette, McDonald’s is as simple as we all see understand. Such monsters and enron, when people began to look not to understand it, it HuLaLa such as building tilt. Everything in the world, only a simple great, only true is not afraid of simple, complicated thing, especially good-looking, but look back often is absurd and traps.

2 must see the end products of continuous sales

is the core of the business transaction, and transaction id is nothing but buy low sell high, earn interest. No matter how much business, no matter how great the business story and said come down in the past, if only its busy busy out, see something (final product) to sell, only heard that sell what things, but on the market, such as shopping center, supermarket, etc.) how can not see, or something to sell, but starts, the amount and rarely. So, the company is just in the middle it clearly capital or capital (so-called capital operation, etc.), its feature is very suspicious.

have nothing to sell it without a stable operating cash flow. Cash is the lifeblood of the company, and the operating cash flow is the only blood belongs to their own health. Other such as capital cash flow and financing cash flow. Is can enter enterprise to maintain its life, but after all is not operating cash flow, do not have healthy mechanism of hematopoietic, sooner or later the snap. Nowadays enterprise capital operation is the most glorious, often do not have enough operating cash flow, but with the financing cash flow forging (e.g., through related party transactions make trading records) operating cash flow, and then use camouflage performance to deceive investors’ money, to make the investment cash flow.

the Eurasian agricultural Yang bin is such financial opium smoking die. So, no matter how splendid enterprise, as long as can’t see the products he has sold in the market, you should not believe that it’s amazing stories, even if the story again logical also don’t believe it. Anecdotal rumours one’s richest man, a lot of, for example, it is said that recently is very good, but what he said can make two hundred million people otherwise magic products, the market simply vanished, so, I prefer to believe that he is just a fictional story to set of money in the stock market.

3 to see whether the company boss or manager to do after work

and what person together. If every day with government officials together pull, it is sure to rent or met any trouble. If still in restaurants sauna bubble bank, it must be a company have to bank to karate. If stick around is minor, military police xian, brethren, that there must be maybe is a desperate need to handle. Instead, a company, if the boss or manager doesn’t all ran the government, but ran peers at home and abroad, to the market, product market and capital market) on the run, it will become the advanced industry.

if the bank courteous, business is business, or by his company will be able to deal with ordinary employees, it must be a good financial health, run. If the side of all stripes are more advanced, relatives and friends, even the so-called “small impatiens”, explains the average company, did not involve into the mire of the complex. It should be basically is an old saying: who lies, black. Vanke claim never bribe, sun profits, so rare wang shi to mingle between adults, nor with minor push a cup to change, but is a cultural and easy, place in the future, playing with mountain and water.

a disease, know to look in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, listening, asking and device must have the above three pulse, generally can accomplish know fairly well. “Your tenderness I will never understand, you want to let me take you see clearly” – love so, shopping malls are so.

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