What is a m. 2? Understand SSD accelerate the magic behind the assistant

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last year released most of the solid state drives for the need to use their bus processing speed is too fast, obviously it was a bit of overkill. Although Gbps SATA III serial ATA (third generation) technology has been forming, but we were still a lot of use the built-in rotary disk, SSD extremely rare at the time, the price expensive to the surprising, and technology is also not stable.

there are several kinds of technology was specifically designed to solve this problem, they adopt the method of basic is pretty much the same. Such as first, SATA Express the interface and the old generation of SATA hard disk is using the same physical connection, but it with a new PCI Express connections (peripheral interconnection standards) to replace the previous SATA bus for rate increase storage.

such as mini notebook, all-in-one and super have restrictions on size of equipment, are often use another called m. 2 interface (also called NGFF before, namely, “a new generation of shape factor” English abbreviation).

m. 2 deep concern not only because it depends on PCI Express connections to speed up the store, in addition it can also use a variety of other bus. It can replace now mini SATA interface and mini PCI Express, and the two standard interface has been widely used in solid state drives and wireless network card. Intel’s new Broadwell central processing unit (CPU) and is included in the chipset of form a complete set of m. 2 and PCI Express (PCIe) launch driver support, although PCIe link stores and m. 2 connector itself is not a new technology, but with the support of Broadwell system, these two interfaces should become more popular in the future.

let’s begin with the connector entity itself and can be started and it connects the hardware. Single this aspect alone have lots of content, speak not to know m. 2 connector can be more than one oh, it can use the interface and m. 2 types of chips is also emerge in endlessly.

, m. 2: small chip powerful

images appear on the four different m. 2 chip. The most on the left side of the one with the function of the wireless network card and bluetooth card. It right that one is using the SATA bus Sandisk SSD. To go further to the right, we see the same using SATA Intel SSD. And one of the most the right side is Samsung products, up to the hard disk is connected to the four PCIe connections.

in the chip at the time you have to pay attention to two points. First of all, each chip card physical connection above the mouth are not the same. Cut at the bottom of each card has the difference, so come to light are also different interfaces. The second point is that these card length width are different. If you want to see the specific m. 2 specifications please stamp.

a style different connection mouth also means that m. 2 provides different hub “module”. These hubs determines each different chip card to connect to a different window, such as m. 2 can be directly connected to the PCIe bus, but different interfaces can be connected to the USB2.0 interface and 3.0 respectively, SATA III, DisplayPort digital video interface, or some other less common memory data bus. There is a groove at the bottom of the chip card is specially for the configuration of a connecting head, and chip card with two grooves can be used by two different interfaces.

this form above lists the hub today we some of the most commonly used models. There are also a lot of other model has not been decided, if officially launched a new bus and interface, the hub will be officially named.

in the above, you will notice that each interface is with several groups of four or five figures. This code actually reveals the physical size of each chip card, the first two digits represent the units of mm in width, and then two or three represents the length card. We use the wireless network card is 30 mm long, 16 mm wide, with write code is 1630. And we use one of two SSD is 22 mm wide, 80 mm long, which is 2280. Another is 22 mm wide 42 mm long, namely code 2242. All floor, even including those connections in 30 mm width of the chip, they provide the interfaces are 22 mm wide.

we use all of the current hub interface allows the chip is connected to two PCIe interfaces, but beyond that the compatibility of the interface is higher than this. So far as long as have a look at the hub of the interface model is easy to guess what kind of hardware interface connection. Wireless network card or cartoon commonly used wireless wide area network interface is A number or A E, because they are usually only need PCIe or one of two USB 2.0 interface chip card itself as long as 30 mm long can hold all the main parts. SATA SSD and other solid-state drives needs two PCIe interfaces are most used B, or M, hub interface to realize the maximization of the compatibility because of these two types of connectors can be used at the same time III and two PCIe SATA interface. Some of the fastest SSD prefer a M, because it is the only one that can access four PCIe link interface at the same time.

want to one-time about chip interface all knowledge is almost impossible, but I have these mentioned above can help you probably understand m. 2 properties. If you want to know what about the thickness of the chip card entity rules you can go to find some literature, but the rules in our today’s discussion is not the protagonist.

this hub interface system also is not everything. There’s mastercard & for example, we usually connected to A port number and E port of wireless network card is, in fact, you can insert, used to connect the SSD B at the mouth of the just computer recognition don’t come out the hardware. Be in m. 2 than or mini mini PCIe SATA rules to more complex, but it is also more flexible use. Parts can be achieved by a small inner connectors are paired with all kinds of connectors, and m. 2 card the size of the entity also has a lot of choices, when you use more than limited in height and half height of the two choices.

but m. the biggest drawback is that it has 2 parts are scarce. Original equipment manufacturer if buy parts directly from manufacturers are more likely to choose a few, but to want from Newegg or electricity such as Amazon to buy m. 2 mass users, choice is very limited. Compared with mini SATA and mini PCIe parts is much more. This kind of situation with m. 2 gradually popularization and improvement of the old generation of joint will gradually be eliminated, and the birth of Broadwell processor will become the process of the accelerator.


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