Welltwigs “smart for pregnant” will increase the chances of pregnancy women

the causes of infertility are diverse, to handle is very difficult, but part of it is linked to the wrong time. Welltwigs is arises at the historic moment of a hardware solutions and mobile application, it’s on May 2, at the summit in New York as a Startup showgirls a events to the public. Welltwigs best pregnancy through the accurate positioning of the female physiology cycle to help them successful pregnancy.

the co-founder and chief executive officer, Murtaza Lakdawala is a biomedical engineer, after his sister had the problem of infertility, he got the r&d Welltwigs inspiration. He said: “(sister) of infertility during that time our family have a hard time, the lack of health information and the lack of assisted reproduction tools make us feel depressed.”

he developed Thermotwig startup and Labtwig two tracking sensor hardware, better able to track the timing of pregnancy. Thermotwig responsible for measuring maternal basal body temperature (BBT), Labtwig help check some pregnancy and pregnancy hormone.

sensors data are uploaded to Welltwigs smartphone applications, through a unique algorithm to deal with, it in reproductive endocrinology at Mayo clinic under the guidance of experts and scholars to carry on the further research and development. The application can accurately determine the most suitable for pregnant women for a few days, and can be a pregnancy test.

at present, there are other on market a few tracks to help pregnant women’s physiological cycle (or contraception) applications, for example, the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, the Glow of applications using a built-in calculator and menstrual oviposit period tracker to assisted reproduction. But Glow only on fitness hardware make up, but did not provide the necessary hardware to maternal basal body temperature or hormone levels, and they can help women more accurately predicting the time of ovulation.

there are some company’s hardware devices and applications have played an important role and Welltwigs alike. Scanadu Scanaflo is a medical device, for example, it detects the pregnancy hormone levels in the similar way and Labtwig work style.

in addition, Ovatemp run and Thermotwig is similar. It is a bluetooth digital thermometer, like Thermotwig with the basal body temperature changes to indicate the start of ovulation. But Welltwigs ECO and biomedical engineer, Murtaza Lakdawala that show that women of the basal body temperature is only one aspect of the process of assisted reproduction, run in lack of other aspects of detection.

he said: “the basal body temperature can only show you after ovulation pregnancy peak, that is, when the basal body temperature change tracking to oviposit period, you have missed the peak period of pregnancy. So the value of the month for the month pregnant is useless, can only as a reference for next month.”

the most important of all, this approach requires the female physiological cycles must be regularly to determine peak fertility. But according to the American society for reproductive medicine, about a quarter of female physiology cycle is irregular, it is made according to the basal body temperature tracking method has been limited by pregnancy.


Lakdawala think, is a more comprehensive solution, it is a combination of the basal body temperature, hormone and a tracking data can be analyzed to determine the application of pregnancy, it is tracking application, Thermotwig conception and Labtwig fit. Lakdawala believe Welltwigs it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of science.

and many diagnose disease or health to provide medical information equipment, Thermotwig and Labtwig need to wait for the United States food and drug administration (FDA) certification. Lakdawala believes that his biomedical engineering background and the FDA experts of difficulties before Welltwigs into the consumer market, sooner or later will come in handy.

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