Weibo net increase of 22 million active users in the first quarter this year month record, for two consecutive quarterly profit

weibo today released the first quarter of 2015, according to data, weibo monthly active users reached 198 million in the first quarter, the net gain of 22 million, 38% year-on-year growth, since going public in most of the mobile end month active users has increased 57% year-on-year. Weibo commercialization also making good progress, in the first quarter of the total revenue of $96.3 million, up 43% from a year earlier, and two straight quarterly profit.

since listing, weibo on active users or whatever keep active users are four consecutive quarter year-on-year growth of more than 30%. In the first quarter of this year, on weibo. Active users and active in both rose more than 10%, as listed after the first time.

# # let red envelopes during the Spring Festival of innovation, growth and size of weibo users active promotion, to form the effective drive. In the activities of this # let red fly # 70 million users, including activated users, also includes a large number of new users from second – and third-tier cities. During the activity, weibo, two more than 100 million active users in the New Year’s eve and Lantern Festival, hit a record high.

active users growth at the same time, the combination of weibo and mobile Internet is becoming more closely, in the first quarter of the mobile end month number of active users rose as high as 57%. After three quarters in a row, weibo monthly active users in the proportion has remained at about 80%, from the mobile to breakthrough again, in the first quarter of this year to 86%, over Twitter and Facebook were little changed.

the growth of the number of mobile users, thanks to the user to move the migration speed is accelerated, and weibo in the mobile terminal to provide users with new experiences. In order to further expand the mobile end usage scenarios, weibo strengthened for movies, cars, music, and other vertical layout, also in the launch of “movement” in the first quarter, be among the first to support the apple application of watch, and based on this and the linkage of the network of mainstream TV more in-depth cooperation, has brought the new interactive experience for the user.

it is worth mentioning, 45 million weibo users open the payment functions, accounting for 27% of the mobile monthly active users, pay the steady growth of the user, to further improve the business ecosystem, weibo promote laid a solid foundation for the construction of commercialization.

mobile accounted for higher than innovation, continuous profitability

user scale growth record at the same time, weibo commercialization remain strong. Quarter weibo total revenue of $96.3 million, including advertising revenue of $79.2 million, up 53% from a year earlier. From the mobile advertising revenue accounted for 58%, year-on-year growth of 185%. Weibo in the quarter profit of $2.9 million, for two consecutive quarterly profit.

weibo mobile advertising revenue growth, mainly because advertising effect brought about by the native advertising the rapid popularity of the ascension. In the present form, and general information closer to the native advertising, based on various dimensions such as interest of making it easier to attract users to interact, monitoring data show that the interaction between the current weibo native advertising rate has amounted to 1.4 times that of the ordinary advertisement.

at present, weibo advertising development presents the two original biochemical tendency, namely the original biochemical and advertisers to the original biochemical contents of the advertisements. The first is the original biochemical advertising, it will further enhance the user experience. Followed by the original biochemical, advertisers now weibo advertisers scale continues to grow, some advertisers may have a weibo account, but I don’t which operates or weibo, the situation will be improved greatly in the future. This also means that advertisers to weibo marketing understanding deepens, the quality of the marketing content will also be strengthened.

in order to further stimulate customers to use native advertising, open weibo will soon flow of advertising products, brand enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users can launch. Weibo is also the first domestic complete coverage of social media solution “Big Day”, integrating weibo exposure, content and tools, such as high quality resources, provide for the customer across the mobile terminal and the PC marketing platform. In the fourth quarter, Erie on weibo synchronous starting jay tailor new song for the Erie optimal yogurt “handwritten” once upon a time, through the Big Day plan finally activities related topics reading more than $100 million, amount of new songs first tweeting play more than 1.2 million times, made good effectiveness.

thanks to promote weibo self-service advertising platform, in the first quarter of weibo strong revenue growth in advertising and marketing, especially from revenue grew by 125% year on year in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises. Active at the same time the number of small and medium-sized enterprise customer rose 21% to 38.8, this shows that the recognition on weibo native advertising market is growing at an unprecedented speed.

weibo CEO gao-fei wang said that weibo at the heart of the business model is build based on native, based on the information flow, based on mobile business marketing product system, promote the enterprises to make better use of the microblogging marketing products. Social marketing in China is still in the popularization stage, relative to the development of advertising clients, weibo is more focused on expanding in weibo marketing enterprise scale, will further improve commercial tools products, provide convenience for the customer marketing. In addition, with the improvement of the business marketing products, weibo will strengthen the specification of the marketing behavior, maintain the balance of the user experience and corporate marketing activities.