Week: financing remit total disclosure of 51 financing, increase O2O door-to-door service

, June 6 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, now is adjusted for every Saturday to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (5.30 ~ 6.5), 51 hunting cloud network included financing successful event occurred, due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, much more in number eight. O2O local life financing success population continues to increase, the door massage is still a hot spot, cloud network hunting yesterday collective experience “comfortable” neck shoulder care, professional degree is worthy of recognition, maybe can break through some service environment, such as touring car “mobile massage room”, try technician travel can give attention to two or morethings arrives, service environment.

in addition, the intelligent hardware children focus on the proportion of this market segment is higher, the same holidaying in tourist groups also received enough attention. Basic flat car traffic and online education, electric field has decreased significantly.

10 O2O local life

Massage reservations Urban Massage for financing, by Firestartr collar, the specific amount has not been disclosed, allegedly valuation of nearly $12 million. Urban Massage for consumers to 30 seconds on the day of booking and even the time of the Massage service. The massage service vary, according to the difference of different service types and time pricing.

super club 3 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the angel investment team integrity as personal investment. Hui is a super club people pursuing life convenient lazy design oriented shopping software, it is based on LBS and C2C e-commerce, real-time to near the village residents and merchants set up information platform, build a network shopping platform.

campus O2O night angel round purchase 6 million yuan, the investor is worked with vc. Night for colleges and universities focus on O2O segment of the market, 5 minutes to provide instant delivery service campus “online store”, providing services such as online booking snacks, drinks, daily necessities, minimum 3 yuan, 5 minutes delivery “in bed”.

wine O2O platform angel round of funding chain wine was 10 million yuan, the management for poly cinda (China) industrial group. “Chain” is a collection of cloud stores, financial system, invoicing system, membership system, distribution system for the integration of the mobile Internet O2O tool, for traditional offline entity retail terminal stores realize own fine management and the transformation and upgrading of O2O provides powerful software and service support.

massage O2O proper living home for $3 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor for HongTai fund. Appropriate home is rich Chinese traditional offline pedicures chain Beijing launched the door products, currently include symptomatic toning and foot massage of TCM two large categories.

as pet social + O2O smell won A $6 million round of funding, by innovation works collar, pre – A Buddhism capital of the investors continue to an extra 10 million yuan. Users can share in the “smell the nest” and the baby of their own life, brush the other pet owners of print, or interact with other host connect and lines. “Smell the nest” provides medical care, hairdressing, training, foster care, matching, etc. 11 categories of local services.

“feeding” won A $15 million round of investment, led by sequoia capital, morningside and capital, the financing will be mainly used for the product research and development, the private kitchen marketing services, regional development and food security. Foraging positioning is not solve the problem of users have a meal, but friends, it is naturally contains the cuisine of people, such as for traditional, authentic pursuit.

community O2O platform “circle C” $16 million for A round of funding, capital investors for the blue lake. “Circle C” is based on LBS platform for the local life service, the user can through the mobile terminal or PC to locate all the nearest supermarket, now can provide fresh, business super heavy goods, etc. More than thirty thousand kinds of category.

Internet custom clothing company evo tailor won $150 million B round, led by jun union capital, IDG, and shots. Evo tailor through open offline experience stores in 30 cities throughout the country, in the domestic implementation C2B + O2O clothing customization mode. User experience whether online or offline, order, all can through independent research and development system of data, realize the personalized customized.

Brazil room company iFood won $50 million in financing, the investor for the mobile electricity giant Movile and delivery companies Just Eat. IFood is Brazil’s largest delivery company, this round of funding, after iFood total funds has amounted to $62 million.

smart hardware nine

Singapore robot startup CtrlWorks for s $1.3 million (RMB 5.94 million) angel rounds of financing, the venture capital company Wavemaker Labs led, investors also includes the national research foundation (genus technology incubation program), etc. CtrlWorks is a focus on cloud based robot application startup, especially focus on the independent movement and navigation.

products didn’t cure the baby sleep of night terrors $2.1 million seed round of funding. Didn’t through vibration (10 times the phone vibrate) will never healthy babies and even terrorist dream out of sleep, and into the shallow morpheus condition, thus avoiding the phenomenon of night terrors.

smart children toothbrush Grush won 20 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, for AnZheng Road venture investment. Grush intelligent children toothbrush will be introduced to the game scenes of children brushing their teeth, brush your teeth to make more fun. Grush the sensor can detect the touch and strength of the brush head, rotation Angle, time, etc.

smart collaborative platform hardware HWTrek won A $4 million round of financing, investors including wi Harper group, ITIC, star of lenovo and jingdong, etc. Among them, the star of jingdong and associations in the form of strategic investment. HWtrek is a hardware build collaborative platform, the platform for entrepreneurs to provide all kinds of hardware resources docking and project management, including the aspects of the supply chain docking.

technology must dollar funding, effort by jingdong and lenovo group, at the same time also with baidu, iQIYI, haier and other Internet giants and home appliance giant reached a depth of bundling and strategic cooperation. 2014 effort to lenovo and baidu science and technology, developed a smart technology products newifi new road.

“security good housekeeping Canary won $30 million B round, by Walden Riverwood Ventures led, Cota Capital to vote. Canary is a cylindrical solid hardware, there is “full” the various sensors, can connect home wi-fi networks, and synchronization with the user’s mobile phone app, see the home at any time convenient.

carbon nanotube chip company Nantero won $31.5 million in financing, the investor for the Charles River Ventures, Stata Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, etc. Nantero hope in the future can be developed to store T level data storage.

nuts G1 intelligent projection company fire science and technology awarded $200 million B round of funding, the loose grain capital, bole, day, amebic joint investment, the money will be mainly used for product development, brand promotion, personnel, the introduction of module, etc. Fire le technology is a professional development and production of intelligent micro projection products of high-tech enterprises.

intelligent toy makers Orbotix won $45 million in a new round of financing, led to Mercato Partners, including Disney, Foundry and party Group. Orbotix made BB – 8 and control by mobile phone smart ball the Sphero Ollie and smart car.

car traffic six

4 million yuan to help maintain a angel round, led by the onion fund, Infinity Venture Partners to vote. Hope that through the Internet to help maintain a + way to access to the industry, the car subsidy, cost is high to break the bottleneck, the formation of a virtuous cycle of the new situation.

American express startups Doorman received $1.5 million in financing, by Motus Ventures led, WTI, MicroVentures and VGO Ventures with pitch. Is the operation mode of the Doorman, the company first rental warehouse, customers to online retailers provide their “Doorman address” (warehouse address), and to bring the warehouse as their shipping address, then the Doorman after receive the goods, will be in the customer convenient time package delivery the goods to the appropriate occasion.

20 million yuan car home quick fix angel rounds of financing, the investor to ahab international group. Car home quick fix is a start-up after service O2O enterprises, through all the vehicle maintenance and repair, maintenance, beauty of one-stop service. Committed to using the Internet and mobile Internet, integration of advanced management system and unified supply channels, optimize the efficiency of automobile service market after the original industry.

carpooling O2O platform “bag carpool” received A $8.3 million round of funding, Lead Edge by dollar fund Capital investment. Package carpooling currently provide commuter car pool for commuters, holidays carpool services such as long distance car pool.

auto after market O2O platform service car ask net 50 million yuan A round of funding, tabled by the high capital led, renren to vote. Car ask network based on networked auto after market service platform “secretary” car, car owners can stay abreast of car driving conditions and basic information, vehicle monitoring and guarantee the health of the car.

real-time bus application “bus” won the $15 million B round, led by the broadband capital, such as alibaba to vote. After completion of this round of financing, “bus” will officially involved in the commuter bus market. Bus by yuan light technology co., LTD., research and development operations.

online education five

online education software “choose t easy” won A round of $10 million. “Choose t easy” to the public comments on a taxi and software part of the principle of combining, with the mobile Internet to strengthen the matching degree between teachers and students, squeezing tutoring industry the price of water greatly, make disintermediated tutoring O2O platform.

online education company lele class won $5 million in A round of funding, led by the morningside capital. Lele is a class K12 education institutions, Internet business is given priority to with elementary school mathematics and elementary school language at present. Before the launch of 3 minutes short video mathematics curriculum and APP le le composition.

tutor O2O platform “good teacher” won nearly $10 m A round of investment, Mr Hainer Asia vc (SIG) and to vote. “Good teachers”, depending on user location and needs time to complete service matching. In choosing a grade, the course, address and date of first class, platform will be displayed in the teacher to the nearest information, students can according to the situation of teachers’ introduction and evaluation, such as complete matching, and door-to-door counseling.

IT profession online education platform of the north wind net $64 million B round of funding. North wind net is an IT education website, employment and enterprise solution oriented, providing services such as online course, YY of network teaching, the north is mainly for video training course, early is given priority to with programming, late to expand diversified, curriculum design with more practical for the principle, to provide is the mode of teaching + + community employment.

open online education website Udemy won $65 million D round, this round of investors for the Stripes Group, after investors Norwest Venture Partners and Insight Venture Partners continue to vote for. In addition to the C end users, their courses have also been some company in-house training for employees.

travel four

theme making a platform to drive China’s 5 million yuan angel round, controlled by auditions pitch. “China” zijia, committed to making a product release and trade, introducing O2O mode travel network platform. Through the qualification licensing and function of the group of the Internet, can open “individual subject line” on the platform, as a “leader” to launch the original theme activities, such as photography, food, etc.

holidaying “child swims” won $1 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor for changzhou high-tech. The angel funds will be mainly used for the improvement of the children’s swim team, “mobile terminal technology research and development, tourism talent library and expert’s library expansion, parent-child swimming the establishment of a standardized, as well as south China market promotion and so on. Children’s swimming 020 tourism project positioning for the mobile Internet, lines formed products mainly adopt the UGC and PGC mode.

road passenger travel technology start-ups “Klook guest road” seed round of funding for $1.5 million, by tencent group senior executive vice President, angels Wu Xiao led light. Klook guest road with one-stop operating concept, to meet the diverse needs of the travel destination.

main products do overseas destination sea playing net $tens of millions of yuan B round, led by day figure capital, sequoia capital, source of capital and capital and hong ping. Sea play stick product straight way, by directly in destination to find local beer and skittles resource provider of the product.

property three

home that domestic outfit O2O brand to help get A + round, by tencent in the form of resources + cash in, but did not reveal more details. “Beautiful home help” flagship for flat layer of semifinished product, contains a line advocate material, a line and auxiliary materials, artificial cost as one completely standardized decorate a one-stop service, priced at 777 yuan/㎡.

Internet platform torch that rent a house to rent for 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor is well-known angels xue barbarian and JingLin capital. Torch renting flagship of all homes are 100% from intermediary, the concept of zero commission owners straight rent without differential mode.

Middle East Yamsafer online hotel reservation company won a $3.5 million B round, investors for Global raised Capital and Sadara Ventures. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull