WeChat commercial pushing again, to push the charge membership system

WeChat since its launch in 2011, four years has quickly accumulated 500 million users, huge resource consumption at the same time, the commercialization and before WeChat operating managers need to consider a problem. Since before the Spring Festival test information of advertising, tencent and pushing on the other way.

according to the tweets V @ Gong Wenxiang on weibo last night revealed, micro letter will introduce the member system, is now part of tencent internal staff in private.

from some screenshots show, the disclosure content requested by users first Gong Wenxiang to prove: “WeChat start private member system, a quarterly and annual. Become a member after friends online can break through five thousand, at the same time the new circle of friends decorate a style, estimates that will see the QQ, QQ games part of employees to participate in beta testing. Cost of specific and detailed function temporarily unknown.”

then Gong Wenxiang will be released the news on twitter. From the current information display, credibility should be higher. At present, tencent official not yet confirmed.

if WeChat member system was introduced, it is also normal. Started with QQ tencent would have virtual value-added business environment is superior. In the history of QQ, tencent has member attribute is used to provide users with the expansion of friends, the expression, roaming, dynamic protection, building group, and a series of exclusive services, and in the following with the game, life, shopping, and other areas of the business, largely supported by tencent business revenue. In micro letter rise and occupy the most social connections, launch more targeted on business way.

WeChat members how much power? Shall not take ordinary users, to see the wechat business. Gong Wenxiang weibo said, “10 million micro businessman, 80% are willing to pay 1000 yuan fee (if friends can reach 10000), 8 billion New Year income”. Though only, for example, but also can deduce WeChat member commercial space is huge.