Weather bureau: from temperature cut dress collocation, the future to introduce the concept of “everyone buy a hand”

hunting cloud network reported on February 11 (word/SiYu)

today’s society, go out what to wear for choice phobias are likely to spend a long time in the selection. And couldn’t remember how many clothes I is normal phenomenon, can only every day in the closet, flip, the majority of people is not sensitive to the temperature at the same time, what kind of clothes is also very vague, what temperature weather the birth of the wardrobe is to help users solve the problem of the dress collocation.

it’s wardrobe would popular online scientific systematic improvement, the 26 degrees dressing principles of user depends on the weather and clouds currently existing in the more than 29000 kinds of collocation program automatically get fit on the day of the temperature of the template, if users to add automatically match the types of clothes personal wardrobe. Set the cloud chest, each clothes can be clearly seen, convenient user generalization, and automatic order dynamic adjustment according to the temperature category, intelligent operation today is tie-in, research and learning collocation and comfortable double data engine operation mechanism. Everyone’s clothes quantity is limited, so the collocation of quantity is limited, the intelligent filter inappropriate scheme, users only need to browse the results, to comment on the results, the weather wardrobe learning user preferences, recommend the user optimal collocation.

the weather in the future is the development of the wardrobe, xiao-ming shang like hunting cloud network founder said: “the perfect collocation mechanism, after the introduction of electricity is recommended, with weather and dress both universal and the relevance of demand as a starting point, the wardrobe as the core, take pictures submitted by users or electricity data import clothes shopping recorded data such as price, color, style version analysis get the user’s preferences, real system recommended by the user to wear a scheme of operating feedback on user preferences data obtained further, for personalized insert type electric business recommendation, products are set to the recommended collocation. From the gradual transition to the platform, the future too much on clothes can expand trading second-hand clothes a key, similar data matching user push “buy hand” concept, each user is likely to be another model. Using both the wardrobe of clothes to the collocation of the P2P service, users only need to open chest to collocation to be able to undertake collocation service. Finally through the tools gradually transition to the tool + platform double dimension.”

the weather wardrobe now there are two kinds of competing goods: the first category, weather related app, such as ink weather, weather, etc.; The second category, guides and vertical electrical business, such as beauty, said mushroom street, clad assistant, etc. But there is competition, single function and weather wardrobe product advantage: remove the weather app multifarious weather index and additional functions, only keep users most in need of a few weather index; Guide the current products, basic is a talent show guide shopping, if the future can be used as reference to data that matches the user model instead of the seller, get conclusions may be relatively more neutral, is more authenticity.

the weather wardrobe app, the official version launched on October 25, the accumulation of 50000 users; The product is still in perfect, are not available at the moment to conduct a comprehensive promotion. Has yet to accept external finance, prepares for the angel financing.