We ordered: it is no longer pursued O2O, reverse chasing S2C mode

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nowadays, points to get promotion, because of the rapid development of modern society about viscosity increase membership, enhancing the user experience of the innovation development of all kinds of business methods. Usually people say system management is to point to the integral used in the management of the customer. Hunting cloud network today, expanding the use of integral to the enterprise management level to employees. In an enterprise, integral measure of self-worth, reflection and evaluation of comprehensive performance, so as to fully arouse the enthusiasm of people.

we ordered is an innovative consumption patterns based on S2C. Traditional gift certificates or loyalty points is very difficult to change to the user really need the product, and Allah correction is to grasp the pain points, let the user ordered through our platform in the convenience store to exchange commodity with integral gift certificates. We book belongs to the abundance of software (suzhou) co., LTD., the company was founded in 2003, graduated from the university of Salford, founder and CEO lee kia hwee, with a master’s degree in computer science. We order automatic terminal services platform to Shanghai in 2010, a convenience store and ordered to pay terminal machine combination of O2O service mode is more close to people’s life. It is understood that our order has been completed angel rounds of financing, A wheel are under preparation.

we ordered is a kind of innovation S2C business model, using the mastery of core resources, the network of merchants for the demand for the specific behavior of its customers or potential customers to provide the S2C solution. At present, S2C e-commerce mode in the industry also began to popular attention. In this mode, to do two things: one is for merchants, release information promotion, accelerate business promotion; 2 it is to provide members with shopping information, plays a role of guiding consumption. The model in the light of consumer demands, made two S2C closed-loop, at the same time solve the demand “for specific consumer behavior” and the merchants “to attract consumers” two big key points.

it is understood that we have three service mode: integral gift certificates for + + for the convenience of online payment prepaid phone service. Allah for realization of three nets, ordered through our terminal, e mall, mobile client provide perfect O2O platform, to provide users with all-weather safe and convenient service. Tickets, tickets, game point card, prepaid phone, pay cost reimbursement, coupon printing, integral gift certificates, commodity purchase in advance… From life to entertainment, to meet the diversified customers’ needs.

the use of the specific to our order, in Shanghai pudong development bank, for example: the score of the user in addition to receive pudong development bank notification messages will receive the activation code for book “Allah” send text messages. Users in the Shanghai area any convenience store, with a book “Allah” terminal in according to the instructions in the terminal, input for activation code and phone number to print out the cash voucher, coupons can be used as cash in the convenience store. Electronic voucher can be used by several times, pay attention to when using electronic voucher deadline.

we order target user focused on the young gens, this kind of people willing to accept and try new things, can also accept this way of consumption of our order. We currently has 3 million users, about 50000 m new subscribers a month. At present there are family channel partners, rosen, 7 eleven, friend, mong tsai, etc; Content partners with China unicom, China telecom, pay treasure, travel, etc. We order as a new type of consumer service mode and no real competitor. As for the profit model, service charge according to different divided into partner and divided into two kinds.

we order terminal using method is not only limited to the points for this one, also reflected in the online promotion way. Joe elegant coffee by Allah made online, for example, let the book are using our terminal user switched their attention to doing the activities of qr code for Joe of coffee. Users only need to pick up the phone and qr code, can be in the store for a bottle of Joe and coffee. This online promotion mode compared with the traditional street promotion not only save the rent and human resources, as well as cooperation with Allah order brought traffic convenience store, realize our order + convenience store + Joe elegant coffee tripartite profit situation.

when it comes to the future development plan, said lee kia hwee, “the first thing to expand signing merchants, from convenience stores and expanded to the consumer retail industry; And then improve the mobile client, make it more conform to the consumption habits and convenient; Finally achieve integral C2C convertible. In addition, also plans to cooperate with other O2O enterprise, make integral gift certificates can convert a taxi coupons, housekeeping, washing pearl milk tea shops and other services.”

cloud network think hunting, we order terminal as opposed to a convenience store system, form the mutual exchange and communication platform between the integral, terminal and an App also provides consumers with channel advantage, make we order to get the recognition of users. Although we order formed its own advantages, but the user base is not strong, less attractive to the demand side. Terminal cost is high, the coverage is not comprehensive, etc. Now the profit pattern of substance is the use of the demand of marketing budget, but there are traditional service company responsible for the budget, the existing pattern of interests are hard to break.