We are all “communication hoarders”

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cloud network hunting note: as a startup Tutorspree co-founder of Aaron Harris industry focus on communication, especially electronic mailbox. Now we are wrapped by a large number of communication, data information is continuously expanding. He set out by an example of the self, proposed to the communications industry puzzled and confused and self realization.

in April 2004, Google announced its Gmail will provide users with 1 gb of free storage space. At the time, Hotmail only provides users with 2 MB of storage space, Yahoo provides 4 MB. At first, I through the PINE (mainly display orientation of mail processing program), and was amazed to see that email large capacity storage is great. Though not sure whether I used up all the storage space, but remember to take it as my thesis first remote backup. [images]

ten years later, I have nearly 12 gb of email storage space, however, is not enough to use, or have to delete the mail. But at the same time, as the family lived in a house that is too big, I save my E-mail is no longer needed for two reasons: 1) the power of energy permanently destroy things than make things disappear temporarily the power of 2) the interaction of Gmail let I accidentally archived but not delete the mail. This principle extends to the medium with me about all of the communication. Delete pictures than upgrade to store more difficult, delete text than save more difficult, accept social relevance than deny more difficult. In each particular case, I want to save for the future of desire than my useful to save the desire is strong. And in most cases, I want to save is not useful to me.

this is like like to self in the field of strangers. And I don’t like to keep things has nothing to do with me. In addition, to be sure, I have no spare space to store in New York City apartment. And contrary to my apartment, I am sure my email storage space is very comfortable. Today, Yahoo has to provide unlimited storage space for its users, and other industry companies will inevitably will follow the trend. When you consider the following two aspects, why to want to make sense. The first: the storage space is very cheap now.

2: users of the data contained within the social value is more than pay the value of the storage space. Therefore, suppliers provide users more “box” to fill, also is not surprising. When there is no obvious cost keeping operation, it is time to start. Picture [2]

and this leads to a paradox. My communication more frequently, but belong to my things have become less. Even though I got some benefits, but it feels like I lost something as a price for the same. For example, during the second world war, my wife’s grandfather joined us, fighting in Paris. In two years, he left home his wife is to get in touch with him through the mail. These they written letters carrying the history of a person plaint, also refresh us and understanding of the world to them. These things are all preserved for nearly 73 years (continued), it is their subconscious decision. And the decision as we understand their key.

my children and grandchildren may not have read what my wife and I save letters, because we are the system default. And they are unlikely to see the mail content, because when I died, my email account will be locked automatically. But this does not mean that I do no value use of communication. On the contrary, for Google, Apple and Facebook, it USES. After I died, these companies can still obtain what I retain information, and can constantly to meet their own needs.

I don’t quite understand after I get many personal communications, I paid what. But, I know our communication faster and faster, also constantly change in the form of communication. Communication forms at the same time, in the development of mining information speed also grow. But so far, to earn money by our data communication solely for companies.

I think this will lead to some problems. Have this kind of product, can be cross-platform, filtering refine all of my communication information, and find a really useful information. I don’t want it to find the first message is what I said to my wife I love her. I hope it find out the text information at least on the surface is doesn’t make any sense. But on the other hand, I’ll mark it. Although I can control my inbox search to find some content, but I didn’t really find something useful. But Google might be through advertising reflected that it can be so, but it is no benefit to me.

then again, maybe I always think communication is wrong. Perhaps instant messaging has its significance, because at least conforms to our requirements. Or maybe, we did not understand. The case may be my present idea, but I am looking forward to what happened next.

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