Way back to a $500 million investment, jingdong led layout online travel hand in hand

since December 2014, the way cattle travel network (NASDAQ: TOUR) hony, jingdong mall, ctrip subsidiary “ctrip investment”, after the $148 million investment today way jingdong investors such as signed an agreement with the bulls, the way cattle will received a total investment of $500 million. A few will cooperate, dedicated to provide Chinese consumers with high quality online leisure travel service.

under the terms of the agreement, jingdong will conduct in-depth strategic cooperation with the way the cow. Jingdong will invest a total of $350 million to subscribe way shares, including $250 million in cash and $100 million offer way cattle resources and operational support.

the investment, the way cattle new common stock subscription price of $5.33 a share, namely the American depositary receipts 16 dollars a share. The subscription price of agreement has been signed 20 trading days before the way cattle American depositary receipts daily closing price of the average.

transaction is completed, jingdong will become the way the first big shareholder, 27.5% of the way the cow stake, and obtain a seat cattle seat on the board. The deal is expected to completed in the second quarter of 2015.

in addition, hony capital, DCM, ctrip, temasek and sequoia capital will invest $80 million, $20 million, $20 million, $20 million and $10 million for the corresponding cow shares.

the way cattle, will receive the jingdong travel channel – holiday website and mobile end five years free commission exclusivity, sole sales package in the channel, cruise tourism products, scenic spots, visa, train tickets and car rental, and other products and services. Way cattle at the same time will become jingdong airfare and hotel business preferred partner.

way cattle will also receive jingdong provides a wide range of operational support, including the large data flow, financial services, and other business resources, etc.

after the cooperation, as exclusive carrier of jingdong trip – holiday channel, way of cattle will depend on the jingdong mass flow and extensive customer base, to provide customers high quality leisure tourism products and the best customer experience.