Was suitable for millions of dollars investment, housing in the housing O2O to explore what’s different?

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and cloud network reported before, hunting room ah is real estate O2O marketing link for the type of service, is for a new business.

room was established in December 2014, is a subsidiary of tooth information technology co., LTD. Suzhou room products. Founder Liu Xigang former real estate 365 JuWang innovation industry research institute, and in the housing for eight years. Founding team has more than 20 people, mostly from the former soufun, joy in the real estate Internet companies. Founder Liu Xigang, hunting cloud network to ensure that the completed suitable for angel rounds of financing capital millions of dollars.

The purpose of the

to start a startup, Liu Xigang naturally when it comes to the change of the current business environment. Once upon a time a lot of attention is the rental and sale of second-hand housing, the traditional housing developers user access rate is low, but as “full name agent marketing” mode is gradually accepted by the developer, plus market oversupply, the developers suffer from pressure but don’t know how to change. At the same time, how to transform the broker, improve management efficiency and the transparency of information is also about the compatibility problems. Liu Xigang tell hunting cloud network, room is echoed the status quo of real estate.

room ah is playing the platform resources (housing developers) and customers (agent brokerage company has the role of integration, room ah let universal agent directly through the system building docking with the developers, developers marketing cost, enhances the working efficiency of the brokers and lower buyers purchase cost.

in addition, in the audit of developers and brokers, buying and selling of both sides have been room ah system management. Users can to evaluate service agent, and agent credit score also represents his service level. The room has been trial operation in suzhou, plans to expand to 2015 in chongqing, Qingdao, changchun, shenyang and so on more than 10 major cities.

when it comes to future planning and business model, Liu Xigang said house is only one entrance, room ah want to know the information of users, and buy a house decorate, move, and so on some subsequent things that can provide business model with imagination. For the purpose of the financing, he said, or home market, then consider A wheel.