Warm nest: pet grooming + on-site training, and expand business, family foster care for millions of angel investment

(word/xiao-miao li)

pets economy also has formed the red sea situation in recent years, around the pet economy application is more and more, such as pet social; Vivisection pet trade; Do customized pet feeding programs; Do your dog food; To focus on a pet service platform. Recently there have been many pet O2O business projects. Is one of them.

warm nest is a pet O2O service platform, the current issue of the (nuanwopet) is based on WeChat service, to provide customers with pet grooming, pet on-site training, pets, family foster care and other services. Based on LBS function all the beautician, users can see platform in the handler, select favorite hairdresser door-to-door service and selection on the basis of the condition of the pet package.

warm nest co-founder xiao-zhong zhang told cloud network hunting, pet owners, will be beset with dog’s bad habits such as robot, disorderly bite, random urine, bite, go out walk by a dog, and so on, for these weaknesses, warm nest opens the pet on-site training services, platform has professional handler, give the dog the right guidance, training, help the dog dog to correct bad habits. Warm nest platform to provide users with a single bad habits and a full range of training two packages, single item is 2 to 4 class, is a full set of 6 to 8 class, each class 2 hours of time, all the training takes about a month, most of the general training indoors, training must be present when the host, because the training time is about 80% in the way of training a dog training to master, in order to guarantee the handler is left, once the dog back to the same again, owner will not do again.

pets and a pain points, when they go out in the travel and tourism, the dog do? Generally you will go to the friend foster’s handling of temporary tube or pet store, users can now warm nest to find family foster care for dogs, family foster care is currently platform single-family villas, by the handler is to play with the dog, rather than a dog in a cage the traditional foster model, the handler will accompany the dog every day five hours. Foster will communicate with the host before the dog, and the pet doctor check dog health, in the process of foster care will help the dog to correct bad habits, and release the dog dog state to master, let host can be informed of what is a dog. Foster time, then can come to the dog by the master, can take the dog home by the handler.

in pet grooming, platform has been in more than 30 beautician, in 2 to 3 years work experience, beautician a guaranteed income, door-to-door beauty income all belong to the hairdresser, platform does not use smoke into mechanism. In addition to the interview assessment, pre-job training platform can give a beautician.

before the door beauty, beautician will telephone communication with host, determine the appointments and the dog, (when the door the door overshoes set has become the standard of door-to-door service, such as warm nest will too, of course). When will first interaction to the dog, play, communicate with the host bath dog recent situation, health, service process including bath, cut nails, set ears, shearing, squeeze the anus gland and skin disease inspection, can master, please check the service, told the dog’s health, whether to have skin diseases and so on.

co-founder xiao-zhong zhang told hunting cloud network platform mainly provide pet door-to-door beauty services. Pet one-on-one training door, a relatively low frequency, the unit price is higher, but the guest team is currently pet events, similar to the theme activity, the one-to-many activities relative one-on-one training a high frequency. Another warm nest is recruiting family foster care. Family foster care is recruiting caring and experience in keeping pets at home there is space, and at least five hours a day with the dog family, in the warm nest platform, playing with the dog, at the same time also can get corresponding remuneration. Warm nest has professional handler and senior doctors for family foster care personnel to provide free training, and help foster care division to solve an emergency during the foster care.

warm nest public number (nuanwopet) launched in February in 15 years, is now on the support ring used within the region, operating three weeks orders for 400, activities on the day of the day on March 9th order up to hundred. At present there are 10000 + users. Xiao-zhong zhang told cloud network, hunting or den millions of angel investment, have been obtained.

warm nest is affiliated with Shanghai sprouting claws Internet technology co., LTD., was established in January 2015, is a focus on pet service Internet company. By Internet products and pet professional services are founded. Is a 80 + 90 of entrepreneurial team, at present there are 10 people team.

co-founder xiao-zhong zhang, has many years of experience in Internet product design, service tencent, alibaba, China merchants bank, etc., user experience on mobile products and brand marketing. co-founder Shi Wanjia, many years of experience in the Internet product strategy, service alibaba, haier, samsung, etc. co-founder jun-jieh wang, good at dog psychology and behavior research. (it is worth mentioning that the warm nest on the official website team head of a dog, is their dog.)

co-founder xiao-zhong zhang told cloud network, hunting in the future, the company will be gradually extended to the whole category of pet services, including the door bathing beauty, family foster care, on-site training, medical visits, on-site doctors, etc. It is to do pet O2O and,,,,, etc.