“Want to” leave again: will afford good design through to the end

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the author when just do entrepreneurial innovation project report to interview the invitation “want to go to the net”, but when the “want to go to the net” as a recluse. After 13 months after stop updating of adjustment, “want to go to the net” in September 2014, began to normal operations, and in October by the morningside venture and IDG capital joint investment of $5 million. A round of funding.

it is understood that at the end of 2012, taobao employees before Mr ZuoHui founded the first domestic design class C2C electronic business platform, want to go, because of some reason after stop again update 13 months after operation, the fellow former taobao employees layla as CEO. The enter ali is 7 years, all the way from taobao apparel project operation do cats and bargain, “art lovers” farewell to ali to want to go to net at the end of 2014, in layla’s view, besides inheriting ZuoHui entrepreneurial idea, must integrate to want to go to the web framework.

so, “want to go to the net” after 13 months of stop updating do what changes?

1 and completion of C2C closed-loop

as represented by the mushroom street vertical guide class platform for soaring valuations, “want to” as a focus on design guide in class and handicraft product platform, again after a shutdown phase adjustment strategy, to build trading closed loop in the first place. “Want to” no longer rely on third-party taobao interface “bound”, the trade gradually shifted to “want to” itself, successfully completed the C2C closed loop.

2 , accelerate the transformation of mobile terminal

in recent years, with the BAT, the big three, the layout of the mobile Internet comprehensive mobile end performance is more and more attractive. Layla said, at present, the “to” in the mobile terminal has IOS, android and other versions of the client, and constantly upgrade technology, in addition to the optimization of the shopping cart page and commodity details such as features, also simplifies the payment process, make the visual image and have soared on the user experience, let want to “take you find life aesthetics, the original design, warm heart hand made” brand image is more distinct. Users to “want to” elaborate works all over the world can tap on, unlimited style category, vintage, sen, literature and art, pure and fresh, punk, tang suit, hanfu, independent designers, pure manual hand made, niche luxury brands, orphan works, collection, etc. “Want to” reduce the content of the signal-to-noise ratio and improve the readability of the content, with a fine way to provide users with a good shopping experience.

3 , building design chain

can do a good product but not in the market, many small artists are faced with the realities of “want to institute” arises at the historic moment. In addition to placing online specials sellers story, show products bring life attitude, “want to go to the institute also used various offline interest courses, entrepreneurial market activities such as structures, original designer and user communication platform, the display works at the same time help designers to coordinate all kinds of places. Layla said, “want to go to in the original design of gradually build a small chain. “

website Etsy design arts and crafts from the United States listed, original design market is facing a spring. Layla told hunting cloud network, “design is a kind of spirit to meet, in Japan, in Taiwan, young people are fans of original design. As the abundance of material life, at present China’s consumer demand for design products is becoming more and more popular, especially after the 8090 as the main body of online population, the demand of the individualized product is rapidly increasing.” “Want to” brought together many wonderful ideas, simple craft, and a group of designers have attitude, not only for consumers looking for high quality original design work, also for designers and crafts people spread and provide a platform for the exchange, let more outstanding original works can emerge. Localization “can afford good design”, “want to” all item in addition to having thousands of tens of thousands of yuan of art, there are a few dollars to several dozens yuan creative design, to meet the personalized requirements of all kinds of people on the original.

want to CEO layla traditional channels, 07 join taobao, 8 years of industry experience, experience in taobao, Tmall, bargain, and multiple business such as sales promotion, has been constructed in Tmall designer platform. The CTO money miao xiao has rich experience in software development. At present, the “want to” has more than 20 members, the team is gradually growing.

in the end, layla tell hunting cloud network, want to go to the profit pattern does not depend on selling ads, but from every clinch a deal the products on the commission as transaction costs.” A good project, a platform, on a professional team, welcome more friends to join us. “Layla said.