Want to improve team work efficiency? Try telecommuting

hunting cloud network May 27

one of the world’s largest office space solutions provider Regus the latest study found: if you want to improve the efficiency of work, you don’t need to give them a raise, give them more vacation time or in the break room to add them sport equipment (such as a ping pong table). You just need to let them choose their own working time and place, you can wait for the increase of productivity and income of the company.

employees want their work time and place more flexibility. Many companies are now willing to cater to the be fond of of staff, to meet their demands. The company adopts integration is telecommuting and office work.

“related projections suggest that by 2020 half of the labor force will be telecommuting. But I think, in our life have the remote work.” Specifically for career in telecommuting, freedom, part-time work or other scheduled jobs other people to provide services to job site FlexJobs, chief executive of Sarah Sutton, fair (Sara Sutton Fell) said in an interview, “99% of the staff are very worry about if in non-work site before inspection work related emails or received related to the job will very troublesome, but now this fear will disappear, whether you are working in the office or at home working on your hand will not appear disjointed phenomenon.”

Sutton, phil said in the interview, if enterprises want to further development of telecommuting, formally enter the remote management of office environment, they can ask the small but growing company study, companies that 100% of virtualized operation. In a recent study survey FlexJobs found that there are 76 companies employees are mostly work in the home, even some company all employees to work at home, these companies are all from different industries. Sutton, a fair after the analysis of the structure of these companies found that distributed works beneficial to the company’s operating strategy and the development of corporate culture, practice shows that telecommuting can successfully achieve the effective management of the company. Companies in telecommuting, need to pay attention to the following:

1. Choose the right post

fair, Sutton, said a variety of professional can remote execution, half of us workers engaged in the work can realize remote office. According to the research of FlexJobs, according to the results of one of the most popular career is the creative director, developers, UI design visual design engineers, accounting and marketing manager.

“can realize remote office professional range is from some primary work expands to work like c-level executives, it can be a part-time job can also be a full-time; In fact, most fields can realize remote office.” Sutton, phil said in an interview, “these jobs have a common characteristic, that is they can depend on the phone, email, or its application to complete.”

2. Recruiting the right employees

to employ remote office staff is the most important thing is that he must be a trustworthy person. “In front of the recruiting company must to do a good job of due investigation.” Sutton, phil said, “you should trust his own instincts when talking to candidates, to those who are interested in your company you must have a keen ears, listen to their conversation.”

Sutton, phil said, through several rounds of conversation, in the process of hiring can know whether your company needs to more clearly how to employees.

millennials have long accustomed to the remote office worker, so they can be suitable for virtual work. “When they were in the university, they don’t need to go to the library and the campus shuttle.” Sutton, phil said in an interview. “they can study in the dormitory, study, finish her term paper. Their generation, time and place are going to take it easy, that is to say they are familiar with is not in the office office.”

3. To take the initiative to communicate

fair, Sutton, said the company’s success requires regular meeting remotely. Often through E-mail to let employees sign in also helpful for the development of the company.

you should pick up the phone, use as Google video chatting such software for video chatting. Sutton, a fair during rest will use virtual space and staff to drink coffee. “I will often do this deliberately, in fact this is a way of play, is conducive to the development of the company.” Sutton, phil said, “it makes me work with employee life synchronization.”

4. Working hours to elastic

in addition to those who deal with the things of the service staff, Sutton, phil corps team with 90% employees have their own work schedules. “Their work time has a lot of flexibility” Sutton, phil said in an interview, “companies take in management, human resources compensatory leave request processing times are very flexible, flexible work hours can reduce the staff in the work of unnecessary friction, can also save money.”

if your employees are scattered all over the country and time zone difference it may cause some problems appear. Sutton, phil said employees need to pay attention to their own work and respect other employee’s work time. The company will have a meeting, should choose to both of us free time.

5. Advantage technology

Sutton, said the company boss phil often worry about what their employees are doing, after all, they don’t see the working process of the employees. This is indeed a telecommuting has problems, but in science and technology developed today, even if the employee does not work in the office the boss can also know what they are doing.

team management based on cloud computing services in the development, it is very important for the management of virtual work. FlexJobs used is a in the form of virtualization provides office functions of online software (Sococo), it can get everyone’s work situation presented in the form of pictures and simulate its work in the office, working with colleagues who can know that every time free.

“you can use the mouse to click knocked at their door,” Sutton, phil, “just like you poked his head in someone else’s office. The software will enhance staff team consciousness. When you don’t have appeared in the line of sight of other employees, your mind is not at work, but don’t worry, darling technology will allow you to work.”

6. Through a variety of methods to meet

successful virtual company is always looking for a variety of methods meet with the employee, Sutton, phil said. Many companies will be held its annual meeting, staff will work the whole team together, promote among employees, the relationship between higher and lower. In fact, in addition to the opportunity, you should also look for other opportunities to meet with employees.

when Sutton, fair during the trip, she’s always trying to meet her staff, employees if she happens to live in her place to travel. She also encourages her other as she did in the company. “If some of them go to other company employees live in a place near the tourist, they can use to public for lunch or dinner.” Sutton, phil said in an interview.


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