Want to be a part of reality? Please answer this article 23 ridiculous interview questions

cloud network hunting note: reality is one of the world’s most valuable business company, according to an information on Glassdoor, we collected job-seekers have been asked during an interview very funny question, whether customer service related or technical aspects of the position, believe that an interview can make you feel quite a challenge.

1. “if you need to prepare or make a TED talk, what subject will you choose?” Job seekers – user experience experts

2. “in reality” funeral “what would you say?” – marketing job seekers

3. “are you here for an interview position is what?” Job seekers – engineers

4. “what do you think of the Internet to the world what effect? Is a positive or negative?” – customer manager job seekers

5. “if the tenant out room mainly wants to possess her property what do you do?” – trust and security manager candidates

6. “have you ever in a bus or bike such informal occasions, get to know a friend, and the ability to develop and maintain into a meaningful and lasting friendship?” Job seekers – user experience experts

7. “if the owner of the dog on the tenant of dress or a suit shit out, what would you say?” Job seekers – user experience experts

8. “what do you think that public figures most fit your image?” – the primary customer manager job seekers

9. “give you a dictionary, and a matrix composed of letters, find the matrix line all the words from the dictionary.” – software engineer job seekers

10. “you don’t think I’ll be a good owner?” – community manager candidates

11. “when you walk into a room, what is the theme song of the burning?” – marketing job seekers

12. “please send an email to the company to let them know why we stopped supply unicorn on the menu.” – food and beverage manager job seekers

13. “tenanted by a customer call to reflect the pornographic pictures are everywhere in the home, they feel very uncomfortable, and these pictures are not shown on listing in reality, how will you help the customer?” Job seekers – user experience experts

14. “your partner, or former colleagues think that the biggest misconception is that to you?” – country manager candidates

15. “tombstone you will write about what the words of the current hotel industry?” Job seekers – IT

16. “can you teach me in this a few minutes?” – software engineer job seekers

17. “tell me about when you enter the URL in the web browser what can happen?” – software engineer job seekers

18. “three times with a knife, how to put a round cake into eight equal parts.” – customer experience on behalf of the candidate

19. “how lucky you are? Why so lucky?” – content manager candidates

20. “tell me what did you do in the past month.” Job seekers – user experience experts

21. “how do you survive in a plane crash?” Trust and security personnel job seekers –

22. “what is the most crazy idea you had?” – accounting job seekers

23. “how would you like your grandmother to meet someone whose?” – the customer service representative candidates

Source: BI

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