Wanda tencent, baidu will throw 5 billion electric business platform fly every network

(word/qing nan)

since the end of August last year announced a joint tencent, baidu and electric business platform, wanda in building electricity o2o platform then launched a new exploration, seven months later, the three parties of investing to “fly every net” finally online testing, wanda electricity again.

a new platform named “fly any net”, the domain name for. Cloud network login page views to hunting, the website is “test environment, temporarily not accept trade”. According to wanda electrical business insiders disclosed the news, the original plan is scheduled for March 31 online, but at present the specific date of trial operation has not been determined.

in the electricity business model increasingly accepted by users and expanded gradually, wanda as traditional shopping mall business representatives also felt the threat. Wanda group chairman wang jianlin was in evaluating ma laughs when change in one year, “Mr Ma becomes worse, a little squeeze to me.” Although is a joke, but can see behind the fear of the ma, and part of e-commerce sites competition concerns. Then, wanda begin from 2012, in the process of building electricity system, and recruited ali old Tom gong, but many reasons cause the project progress.

before flying every network test, wanda has launched a “wan hui net” at the end of 2013, locate Yu Wanda square O2O intelligent electronic commerce platform, the business will cover areas such as department stores, food, theater, KTV, real-time to provide users with the latest square activities, business information and buy goods, discount, movie information query, gift exchange, a food group, integral and other comprehensive information and services. But the project launched more than a year, did not cause too much attention. Then, Mr Wang began to consider introducing external resources to build the thinking of cooperation, and jointly tencent, baidu.

last August 29, wanda, tencent and baidu union held a conference in shenzhen, officially announced the e-commerce companies incorporated in Hong Kong, a total investment 5 billion yuan, including wanda has a 70% stake, tencent and baidu has a 15% stake, the three parties will get through, membership system, payment account system and Internet financial products, a general integral alliance, data fusion, Wifi sharing, product integration, flow into the aspects of cooperation, the former CEO wanda electricity dong ce will be responsible for the operation of the joint venture. Mr Wang said that wanda electrical contractor in the next five years the total investment will exceed 20 billion. Wanda electrical business focus on O2O, unlike ali Beijing university.

in fly nets official introduction, the project is funded by wanda group, baidu and tencent, using technology, intelligent mobile terminal and a new integration wanda group offline resources, realize the online total integration business and services, create high-tech intelligent life O2O open electric business platform.

now fly all of the test is mainly divided into the dining, movies, department stores, shopping, paternity, parks, such as plate, basically inherited the business scope of wan hui network. Besides, there are shows and financial two plates. Among them, the financial business is wang jianlin wanda previously mentioned new into Internet financial sector, investors can through this platform will be idle funds to buy creditor’s rights, thereby gaining interest returns, the current yield is about 5.6% – 7.0%.