Walking journey: depth swim platform on the basis of the charter of the destination

(text/Li Xitong)

as a travel enthusiasts, most inner feelings is “experience” instead of “tour”, how to zero distance contact with the local conditions and customs, the depth of experience of destination residents’ life is freedom of every row players need to explore eternal proposition. Walking tour is to provide the depth and a car-sharing service platform, aimed at present efficient fragmentation for consumer information, solve the problem of destination little traffic.

founder Cui Tao, netease, baidu, jingdong Internet companies like work experience. Business for the first time made the small scale of group company, later also involved in the fields of the Internet financial. Due to have a passion for outdoor and extreme sports, since 2011 has been conceived walked the blueprint of travel and is continuing to improve.

walking travel company was established in June 2014. Initially only in exploring the depth of destination lines from yunnan province, yunnan line coverage has reached more than 70%. Walk trip we consider the coverage from the following three aspects: one is for the cover of local tour charter driver; 2 it is to take the channels for the local coverage; 3 it is occurring in the process of water volume. Cui Tao said, walking trip from sales, service platform, the depth of the destination to cover these measure point is ahead of other similar products.

on the walking tour APP you can see, the main services include carpooling platform and depth tour service. Depth vernier means on the basis of charter, fragmentation series destination tourism projects and provide personalized travel service. Price changed by the driver with the expected price first, walk trip again according to the market price and ensure the driver under the premise of acceptable price, provide consumers with a reasonable price. In addition to the charter, you can also see a lot of features such as diving, hot air balloon, ski play line products.

the future as more service platform used by drivers to join, the more users, walking trip will gradually solve the problem such as driver empty return and make a further reduced price. Walking Cui Tao revealed that at the end of June travel will launch a third function.

at first the development of walking journey from as much as possible into the local server as the main target, the driver interview story all over WeChat platform release. Walked and then solve the problem that the viscosity, make travel no longer stay in the tooling stage, join social elements carpooling function, fast and efficient connection in the crowd. Then from the tourist city of local drivers as a starting point, a series of more local travel service. Cui Tao said walking trip current understanding of the industry has reached version 6.0, the sixth stage, so when it originally founded directly across from 1.0 to 2.0.

walk trip aimed at resolving the two spot on the market, a small traffic information users access to the destination is difficult problem. With the rapid development of the tourism industry, more and more businesses into a price war, reduced travel costs of consumers. Consumers from the destination no longer become a difficult problem, and how to effectively organize the destination fragmented information, solve the problem of consumers on arrival schedule is many businesses strive to answer questions. The second is a chartered tourist destination driver of customers. A lot of good charter drivers can provide different quality to play magic and route, due to the lack of platform driver cannot establish a personal brand, walk trip is committed to build such a platform.

Cui Tao points out, now is the time to highlighting the whole tourism industry, the future will form the new entrance of destination tourism, travel and walking at the present stage is in the midst of the comprehensive expansion phase. Walk trip, of course, has also had a lot of difficulties in the process of development. Solve the cooperation with different driver is not the same way, how to effectively convert the order to make it more standardized are walking tour is to solve the problem.

walk trip current users has reached ten, monthly turnover is about to do, and the rate of one hundred and sixty percent per month on a rapid growth. Line number has more than 2000, the domestic depth covers 10 cities such as yunnan, sichuan, Tibet, xinjiang, qinghai, gansu, Inner Mongolia, etc., foreign exclusive coverage six cities such as Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, myanmar, etc., will be fully covered by the end of overseas destination, provide users with comprehensive product destination for pleasure. Team 41 members, according to the core team in the near future will be moved from guangzhou to Beijing.


it is understood that travel has now completed A round of funding, the specific institutions and the amount will be released in early June.