VR technology abroad hot day, BATX but are reluctant to do

cloud network hunting note: virtual reality technology is generated by computer, through the see, hear, touch, etc, users create immersive interactive visual simulation. such as the United States developed countries on the extensive research, and made great achievements in the field of game equipment, etc. Virtual reality technology in China is still in its infancy, the science and technology enterprises.

all hype about virtual reality make me dazzled. Like most people, when I first saw the Oculus on Kickstarter Rift, don’t believe this will become a mass consumer product. When Google launched Cardboard, I think it’s only a joke.

but then I discovered that I was wrong. Two weeks ago, I spent 10 yuan on China’s taobao bought a Cardboard ($1.6).

Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of the Oculus VR. Before that, the Oculus through Kickstarter funding, after received $75 million in series B investment. Microsoft based on his concept of virtual reality, launched a new generation of virtual reality (note: cloud network editor king hunting actually said augmented reality more in line with the concept of the product Microsoft) equipment HoloLens, there are even rumors that Microsoft plans to launch a special for the Xbox game of virtual reality helmet. In Asia, some well-known electronic brands have launched their own