Vipshop $5 million investment in electricity sales promotion Ensogo

(/hao wen xuan)

sale e-commerce sites Ensogo today announced on Vipshop $5 million strategic investment, huaxing capital Ensogo sole financial advisers in the transaction.

Ensogo, founded in 2010, listed on the Australian stock exchange in December 2013. Ensogo provide special products for southeast Asia more than 600 million users, has its business in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. In the middle of march this year, Ensogo has accepted the investment institutions of Hong Kong Ward Ferry about $7.6 million of investment Management, account for 10.6% of the shares.

Ensogo, chief executive of Kris Marszalek said, looking forward to the cooperation with Vipshop, further consolidate and develop the Ensogo business in southeast Asia, believes that the long-term cooperation relationship in the future will have a positive synergy effect.

product will only investment management director for the koo said, “Ensogo sales in southeast Asia, Hong Kong, is a well-known electrical contractor. This strategic investment is Ensogo Vipshop globalization step electric business platform development strategy important action. Through this strategic investment, product will better understand the rapid growth of electricity dealer market in southeast Asia. At the same time, we also can provide Ensogo Vipshop in discount retailing experience, so as to help the better development of Ensogo sale business in southeast Asia. “