Video broadcast application fighting began, the Japanese Twitcasting to enter the United States

note: when the two emerging shockwaves through live video sharing application in the western media, similar application Twitcasting as far afield as Japan has been focusing of making a fortune for several years. A warm response, but for the western media Twitcasting seems a little reluctant, truth is set out to break into the American market, don’t put the Meerkat and Periscope when rivals.

last month, the west sea science and technology media reported that the United States of the two Meerkat live video sharing application and enmity between Periscope. Cooperation with Twitter were shelved after Meerkat worked hard, in the southwest conference of this year’s performance fully shows the bird Meerkat was. And then, the way a cheng bite gold – Twitter launched a Periscope with Meerkat capabilities. The latter in January by Twitter, until recently Periscope, people realized that the Twitter product launch has been in effect for a long time. Battle horn sounded. For an hour or so after the Periscope is launched, Meerkat not to be outdone, immediately announced that it had won a $14 million in financing. But, the valley of the media is still owed the glory of victory to Periscope.

at this time of the ocean, and from a start-up company in Tokyo, Japan Moi group’s bosses read the headlines, heart mixed emotions, it’s really not the taste! Moi independently developed live video sharing application Twitcasting since 2010 has been to provide similar services. Their global number of users reached 10 million this week.

“silicon valley of reporter at that time in the two emerging applications but not care in Asia have such an application has already been mature, it is the other person accident.” Twitcasting global operations manager ishikawa yuki laments, “Twitcasting Snapcht like the United States, has become a part of the Japanese youth life.”

although Moi refused to disclose the specific monthly active users, but according to ishikawa, monthly active users accounted for more than half of all registered users – that is more than 5 million people.

“we don’t clear Numbers for a reason,” he explained, “we have developed the iOS and Android platform corresponding application, there is also a PC client. No matter whether the user registration login account, they can use our products. In previously reported in 10 million registered users, we did not include these unregistered users, but when calculating the number of active users, these special user was counted.”

even if coverage is still hot, the Meerkat and Periscope these applications a heated discussion only circle in silicon valley. Although now discuss total downloads or monthly active users seem a bit rush, but Meerkat never packed into American top 100 iOS app download is an indisputable fact. The Daily Dot (note: cloud network editor king hunting a news site, open source reports related to The Internet news) even estimates released at The Periscope on The same day, two apps are only 20000 active users also however, The Business Insider, a focus on IT and start a Business of heavyweight media) is convinced that The Meerkat user base is only around 500000. It hasn’t arrived Meerkat bottleneck issue, the data has not been too good. But the Japanese Twitcasting already passed the test into the mature period.

hold the Japanese market (as)

Twitcasting by in Japan has developed into a unique platform, brought together a variety of groups on this platform, part of them was an instant hit, and become a star.

when the Japanese women’s idol group AKB48 former members of the board and wild beauty friends decided to go solo, she live on Youtube and Twitcasting are the latest single propaganda video. According to ishikawa memories, propaganda video on YouTube, 37 minutes clicks for around $4000, and 220 million viewers in her Twitcasting only 6 minutes on the radio. Maco, covers European and American songs popular Japanese pop singer, on Twitcasting called on fans to support her latest album. So the album with the issuer, namely Japan iTunes album title. Pop idol bamboo village seed of tung tree (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) is also Twitcasting loyal users. In addition, Twitcasting also appeared in the films and popular comic.

even, Japan’s political members will also play a Twitcasting. At last year’s parliamentary elections, there are five parties through Twitcasting votes for yourself. Ishikawa says that a candidate video released more than 170000 audience. In another field of Tokyo’s election, a candidate on Twitcasting with nearly 500000 fans.

Twitcasting’s official Twitter account (@ twitcasting_jp) in Japanese class ranking third in a web service and application, 1.2 million fans have focused on the account. In the top two accounts is casual mobile game of the fury of the fire Dragon δΈ¨ Puzzle & amp; Dragon and Twitter Japan, fans number 170 and 1.5 million respectively. Even in the Twitter account all rankings, @ twitcasting_jp remain within the first 100. By contrast, only 320000 fans Meerkat and 65700 fans of Periscope seem a bit embarrassed. Of course, they launch time is far less than Twitcasting long, but they are in a short span of a few weeks has already caused by the global number of news reports than Twistcasting within five years the number of reported.

in addition, Brazil is the second largest market Twitcasting, the number of users from Brazil occupies about 10% of the total users. In Brazil, Twitcasting popular between social celebrities. The grammy award-winning singer, victor Ivete Sangalo (Ivete Sangalo) of Brazil’s most popular users, several other from the reality TV show “Big Brother Brazil” actors often use Twitcasting. YouTube star, Kefera and anti-censorship groups Midia Ninja is the application of long-term users.

“we broadband occupancy rate is extremely low, this is probably our network in Brazil and other underdeveloped areas can get great success one of the main factors, and at the same time we delay is low,” ishikawa said. “the Meerkat and Periscope don’t have any advantage in this respect.”

Twitcasting was able to develop steadily in the multiple market localization adjustment and focus on the user experience the two factors is the key. The application has a variety of languages to choose from, including Japanese, English, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. In addition, Twitcasting also provides other useful functions.

in addition to online video broadcast, Twitcasting also launched only voice broadcasting mode, sounds a little strange, but for some very care about privacy Japanese users this new feature is very useful.

“in Japan, have so a group of people who are very keen to imitate animation, animation, and the voice of the singer,” ishikawa said, “this group is made up of a broadcast model special user groups.”

Twitcasting also provide users with the most available by four people live together at the same time. In spite of the upper limit of the number of the model under the current version only four people, but the ishikawa, in April last year, the startup team has tried to one hundred people.

at present, the Meerkat and Periscope on iOS only released their applications. But as we introduce before, Twitcasting not only released on iOS and Android platform application, at the same time also developed a PC client version, while 94% of users choose to use a mobile phone on the application.

develop American market

Twitcasting currently has 10 million users, but 80% are concentrated in Japan. This also no wonder, far across the ocean in the western media will always be ignored so good mature application. Ishikawa’s next step is to change this situation, he hopes gradually entered the U.S. market to let more people know Twitcasting. At present, the company has been planning to form a project team in the United States, at present has hired three employees have, they still work in San Francisco RocketSpace temporarily, is underway in the existing user interface for localization of adjustment, is expected to meet next month with the user.

so far, the development of Twitcasting are natural. But in order to open the American market, the company may make an exception and start some marketing activities. Ishikawa said in communication Twitcasting team hopes to successful B round the end of the year, used to support the cost of the U.S. market. Last June, Twitcasting success from Sinar Mas (hunting cloud network note: Sinar Mas group, Indonesia first consortium) and other western firms raised $5 million in A round of funding.

“in Japan and Brazil, our user base is very stable. We need to do the same thing in the us market, “ishikawa said.” we never see Meerkat as competitors, in our opinion Meerkat is merely a Shared communication tools. Periscope though Twitter do strong backing, but it does not have its own user base, is still share a simple communication tool.”


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