Vice President of md Xu Wei: why I don’t want to start a business?

note: hunting cloud about entrepreneurship, someone grasp opportunities, some is speculation, success lies in the right place, right time human factors, such as “beginner’s mind” is the key point lies in the venture, whether for business? Truly know yourself, in order to choose a suitable road, the following is one of the vice President for md Xu Wei share content, from understanding entrepreneurial motivation, and why not to choose the entrepreneurial path, provide reference for the entrepreneurs. Its public for xuwei0418, recommend to listen to.

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there is a long forget it sticks to me recently, he says a senior site is more suitable for me, but not suitable for yourself to start a business.

I’m deeply impressed.

maybe in my friends eyes, I am suited to entrepreneurship, at least read my articles, because I often write something stand in the perspective of entrepreneurs. But I want to say is: can you want to understand, and can do it, really is the wrongly?

I know oneself is not a natural entrepreneur, and even some of my “advantages” exactly is blocking me to the “weakness” of entrepreneurship. So, I give their location is to join an entrepreneurial team, and a group of like-minded brothers went out to do a big deal, rather than their own independent undertaking to do one small thing.

I don’t want to interfere in other people’s decision, I just want to share my thinking process of the decision, may the thinking for some people or some reference value.

when I face “I want to go to a startup” the question, I will ask myself “why should I go to business. About the business reasons, I tend to list the following a few:

1, in order to achieve financial freedom

if you happen to a 80 (including 90), after you don’t want to escape from north wide, prepare your home and didn’t give you a house in a good marriage, you calculated with their own income it will take 30 years to pay down payment, so you get an answer: “if you want to marry Bai Fu beauty, towards the peak of life, only the business do the boss is a way!”

although I didn’t see any statistical data, but from the point of the success of the entrepreneurs I’ve ever, only a few of them are self-made prick silk, most without business actually don’t worry about money.

you know ma’s father was driving a Mercedes to help him do zhang? Do you know Mr. Ma’s father is a Chinese guci doyen? Do you know the father-in-law of Mr Wang is the vice governor of guangdong province? Do you know Mr. Ren’s father is a vice minister of commerce before? Do you know Mr Wang house millions?

this may really cruel, but guess what makes sense. Entrepreneurship is a risky activity, if you have a risk to bear ability is weak, so slightly waves may you “to” the wind and rain. And if you’re well-read, then you will have a higher risk tolerance, you may can we stick to it long time more than others, finally you have to left, and then “leftover is king”.

if your business is to make money, then I want to remind: this year the stock market is very good, perhaps fry is also a good choice, but the risk of both are similar.

2, in order to “dream”

I think dream is divided into two kinds, a kind of dream is dignitaries “front”, there is a kind of dream is “self-actualization”.

the Chinese partners on the film I am watching cry, this movie was very real, true to the entrepreneurs to deep inside the darkest, most secret corners in the spotlight, you dare say you struggle not because despised by his former girlfriend? You dare say you struggle not because you hate someone mix better than hello? You dare say you struggle not because you always can not get the parents’ praise?

the Chinese partners the entrepreneurial drive is presented among the dignitaries “front”, entrepreneurs have a sense of achievement through recognition from others, this kind of motivation with a similar “revenge” pleasure: you love reason disregard to me yesterday, I can’t afford to let you have been today! Have to admit that this is a kind of let a person very the feeling of dripping fun.

but grandees “front” can only support entrepreneurs to come to the first stage, is to dig into the first bucket of gold, harvest the first stage of “success”. Such as Steve jobs at Apple II stage success, musk on the success of the Paypal stage, ma in the success of alibaba B2B stage, the success of tencent QQ stage. If these entrepreneurs to, in this life must also earn money is not finished, their reputation after enough rest brag also used.

but they don’t, so we didn’t use the iPhone, we just opened the tesla, we can buy buy buy on taobao, you can in WeChat public, see this article. To support these cattle people continue to work hard power is “self-actualization”.

dignitaries “front” and “self-actualization” is the fundamental difference between different criteria to measure the value of a person, the former standards from the secular society, while the latter’s standard is by yourself. The vast majority of people are unable to free from worldly this chains, for the preliminary stage of the entrepreneur is a kind of power, and of high order entrepreneur is a bound.

ordinary people can be very don’t understand: “jobs are so rich, why to have cancer will continue to adhere to work? He did not know to enjoy life?” And jobs of the answer may be: “my life is coming to an end, I will continue to grasp the last time to get my work done.”

the state of different, the dream is different also. If I were a investors, I will only invest to those who really for “self-actualization” entrepreneurship, only they can accomplish something great. Dignitaries, and those who pursue “front” of entrepreneurs, I am not questioning their ability to gain financial freedom, but their bottleneck will appear earlier.

for myself, I for dignitaries “front” it was not too big interest (perhaps because the cause of the home more coddled, was praised as a child is much, not too lack of approval), so I won’t venture for this purpose. “Self-realization” I should have some, so the general business may also can’t meet my appetite, “change the world,” but I don’t have to go alone the ability to change the world, so more rational choice is to join a team can change the world.

3, because don’t want to work (or can’t find a job)

this, this, ok, it is also a reason.

but these moments is also familiar with — —

“really want to hurry up graduate, the graduation need not so bored in class.” Later graduated and started to miss being in school.

“really want to go abroad, foreign is far better than the Chinese.” Later to go abroad, began to miss being at home.

“really want to buy a car, a car more convenient ah.” Later, the car, still call uber every day.

this belongs to the typical “siege effect” : exaggerate their understanding of things, magnify themselves do not understand things, the advantages of giving yourself some expectations. Frankly, this is a kind of typical irrational behavior, entrepreneurs to abhor.

4, because business is fashion

as the saying goes: “god wants to make its destruction, must first make it mad.” Entrepreneurship should belong to a game of a small number of elite, now has become a popular trend, you will not seem to have an entrepreneurial experience, are embarrassed to say “hello” and attend the party can’t find a common language.

however, this is not drop!

this is like saying that you see now of a good stock market, index Dally ceng to escalate, you have a laundry list of rich story, hence you sit still, overcome a fear, greed eventually you salience of the tragedy.

at the time of market madness, you can always find a reason to prove correct,

“this government is a big support for entrepreneurship.”

“if missed the Internet + the wave, I may can’t touch a good chance in my life.”

“who was also in the unit is not as good as me, he can I why it’s not.”

“XX demand the market now, but no one has to satisfy it, so it’s a good chance.”

“silicon valley came out a new model, while the Chinese are no one copy, we need to copy a quickly.”

for entrepreneurs, calm objective thinking is more important than the subjective desire passion forever. If you can’t do the independent judgment of public opinion is likely to be around, so you must have not ready to entrepreneurship.

— I am a line —

now, let’s put an end to the first part. Discussed above these contents belong to the starting point of entrepreneurship, in general, the only reason of my personal recognition is to “entrepreneurship is a process of self actualization”, other reason has this or that problem, I personally don’t agree.

however, it is not enough to have good wish, you also have to have some “necessary conditions”. Necessary conditions may be very much, such as the real market demand, sufficient capital support, mature supply chain upstream and downstream, and so on, but I just want to involved in this article about “human” part, that is a potential entrepreneurs must have the ability quality.

1, thinking +=all-around player

university when we joke like this: “after a will become a writer, b will become a lawyer, will become a CFO, ding, ding, what special skill all have no, then go do leadership.”

to lead us there will always be such a bias, think they are the only orders, will not work. In fact, it belongs to a kind of “fallacy” most people, because of less number of leaders in the crowd, so the majority don’t really know the minority.

no one position to the person’s comprehensive quality requirements so high, if you are in any short board, hard to become a successful entrepreneur.

jobs is strong enough? But young middle-aged different jobs, jobs and weak youth jobs’ emotional intelligence, the cause of his overconfidence, communication with others too strong, eventually, was expelled from the board of directors. Jobs returned to apple in 1997, he has experienced the frustration of deportation for the middle-aged, and experienced management pixar’s success, emotional intelligence is becoming mature, so he guided apple step by step to peak.

Ben Horowitz among the business difficult to managers is divided into two types 1 and 2. Type 1 managers thinking ability, ability to think long-term, insightful, can always catch the essence of things, but the disadvantage is that they are easy to overlook details, executive force weak; Type 2 managers perform ability, do things in good order, to rigorous work plan, and can always make plans to become a reality, but the disadvantage is not willing to part with or use for type 2 managers take the time to think, they will feel simple question to consider is a waste of time, not to perform several tasks come true.

in the real world it is difficult to found this two qualities in a person at the same time, because the two are almost is a paradox. But the tragedy is that the demand for qualified CEO just want to have a combination of these two kinds of quality! It is likely to have?

I have enough confidence in their ability to think, but I admit, I belong to the typical type 1 managers, I belong to the kind of person who is very slow to detail, always not Numbers, want me to catch ground execution always let me feel a little “hard”, I have to use software tools to let oneself not so easy to forget.

3, Beijing office is located in the temple the entrepreneurial space science and technology, science and technology, temple slogan is called “entrepreneurial practice”, carefully springtime delights, this sentence is really tasty.

2, real experience setbacks

if I were an investor, I will ask entrepreneurs to the question: “please tell me that you are the most profound experience of a setback.”

if he has experienced “the real setback”, and now can also optimistic laughing face to face with me, that I do not need to worry, I will think he is mature enough. If he had never met a real setback, even if he showed a very high IQ, very good eq, I will be in my heart to give him a secret discount valuation, I must go to buckle his “frustration cost”.

as we evaluate the stand or fall of an suv, we want to see how is it in the worst environment performance, rather than watch it on the tarmac to how fast to run to. So I need to know is that when you face difficulties, you will have what kind of performance. Let oneself better performance of prosperity is there are ways to follow, but in the midst of adversity let oneself do not collapse, but can only rely on the adversity itself to education.

a setback to the person’s education is mainly in the aspect of will, rather than experience level. If experience can learn from the mistakes, it estimates that no company can live one year of age and experience that you could learn from books, from cows. But will this stuff, can only rely on “enlightenment”, “teaching” are not meant to live on. We go to see a celebrity biography, will find that all the people in the early years had suffered a “devastating” experiences, they always will tell other people: “I thank those who experience, it let me grow up.”

3, do you have a core team

in this matter, no resources are more important than “people”, and no one is more important than “core team”.

what I call the core team, not refers to the CXO you spend millions of annual salary, please, not fool you by “we” recruitment advertisement to the “talent”. “Core” the word is never simply defined from the perspective of “professional”, it is a “professional + loyalty”.

the core team is that when you haven’t A round of funding in place, crowded in residential building to talk to you to change the world; The core team is when you are confronted with the crisis, are willing to pay cut to help company to control costs; Core team is dare to strike table with you in the meeting room, the room is firm to perform your resolution; The core team is spend how many money also dig rivals will not go; The core team is also go with you to the nasdaq bell.