Vertical community, “mei li sisters about” women do woman’s confidante

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user applications have billion level Chinese calendar introduced its recent focus on women’s community products “mei li sisters chat”, its core idea is to let every ordinary women receive care. Hunting cloud network also interview to its founder and CEO Qin Tao recently, and his talk about the story of li.

Qin Tao, cloud (Beijing) information technology co., LTD., general manager, graduated from wuhan university software college, when I was in college in the Internet industry, graduation and get the first round of angel investors in 2010 start-up capital 5 million yuan, in 2014 completed a $25 million B round of funding. From the initial attempt of life class mobile web APP to establish the main direction of the Chinese calendar, the current users reached 150 million, has recently launched women vertical community “mei li sisters chat” products.

beautiful li sisters about formerly called “beauty”, was originally a pink calendar tool for women. Qin Tao said in an interview with hunting cloud network, in the process of doing the calendar, and many women become attached to, to know their demand in addition to time management and health management, and strong share, exchange and talk to demand, therefore, there is a beautiful li such a community.

choose beautiful li this name, because the team felt that every woman like a natural litchi, a stubborn housing and soft heart. Li in this warm female community in the United States, they can lower, keep your mind open to show the most beautiful self. “So beautiful li with metaphor is actually a very literary name”, Qin Tao said.

and other main physical level, large scale women community, beautiful li is to make ordinary women receive care. Qin Tao imagine such a scene, a user to join the li, holding the curiosity to upload a photo their mobile phone normal, deserve to go up a little own inner feelings at this time. This QQ status of post may not premium content in many communities, not exposure and interest. But li in the United States, the optional and for posts are thousands of women see a similar life experiences, are likely to receive dozens and dozens of comments.

for new users with post, perhaps this is her in micro letter in the circle of friends a month to get the attention of the combined. Qin Tao believes that this is pay attention to is the feeling of listening to the female users adequate emotional satisfaction, let them choose to stay in the community, and to actively pay attention to and listen to more sisters. And li products, beauty is spread from the content and user organizations to enhance the emotional experience, promote the virtuous circle of the community.

from May 1, 2014 “beauty”, to 9 February 2015, the transformation of “li”, Qin Tao told hunting cloud network, in the case of no large-scale market, li has more than thousands of users, in hundreds of thousands of active users.

vertical women community product many mobile Internet, mei li is not the first to enter the field, it actually won tens of millions of users for what?

the first: core users, mei li at the core of the user base is the 234 women aged 25 to 35 in the cities. Qin Tao think first-tier cities of social transition, and the 234 line user population is very big but it is at least for attention in the mobile Internet.

The second:

pure interactive community. Mei li is not limited and control the direction of the user’s interaction, user spontaneously produce topic discussion topic every day, not with parenting or shopping such specific requirements, but from the nature of the female sex talk love communication. In a sense, more close to real life in the sense of “community”.

the third: pure female community. Beautiful li “” male cleaning will be carried out in a week, remove the male users, guarantee the user experience.

in the tens of billions of female users on the market, the li want to do is the most understand a woman’s community, because women know the women. Qin Tao also tell hunting cloud network, let beautiful li proud not users, but the user loyalty. “A lot of old customers accompany we go all the way from the calendar, and has been helping us build communities spread word-of-mouth, emotion, also accumulated a large number of community and women UGC related to health and life.”

and mei li’s future product direction is the rich resources of UGC better organized, in meet the emotional needs of the target user, on the basis of further satisfy their demand for information and experience. Mei li does not currently for electricity diversion, and to the problem of commercial Qin Tao late also said commercial everything from the community into consideration.

women when the entire community industry’s focus on 90, 00 after or north guang city circle of fashionable men and women, beauty li concerned is outside the spotlight of this user group of women. so I think in terms of user positioning mei li is a success, thanks to the Chinese calendar powerful user guide, in terms of user data, li has a big advantage. But how backed under the fierce competition in the market and the late commercial mode in addition to electricity, value-added services, etc, to imagine is beautiful li next issue to consider.