Venture to find financing, how to write the mail is the most proper?

note: hunting cloud entrepreneurial teams frequently meet with investors in the process of financing is a normal thing, when you push the project to investors, how to take hold of the appropriate mail? There is some need to be aware of. From the incubator AngelPad founder Thomas Korte himself in the eyes of the most appropriate strategy is introduced. In Google for more than eight years before him, and after six former Google employees form AngelPad, seed money for start-ups and entrepreneurship. The following content from silicon release:

silicon valley culture based on “open” and “welcoming” on, most investors will read all emails received, see good, have the substantial contents of the mail, they will reply, even if it didn’t warm to introduce myself.

but they usually don’t reply to the following several types of E-mail : demand is not clear; Nothing to do with them; Not on the iPhone for 30 seconds to read.

they don’t reply the need by email to ask you to clarify some issues, this is because the cost is too high contact with strangers, including time cost, also include the cost of credit risk.

even if ask you a question: “where is your company founded? , they will be after you answer, reply again. If no reply, you might think they mean like a needle, but if no reply from the start, you will only feel because they are busy. Reputation is what investors: good credit=good deal flow=good investment=a lot of money; The bad reputation=bad deal flow=… Do you know what’s going on.

the reality is that if you sent an have correlation (and the recipient), material (about you and your company), short (can be fast reading) and the problem is very clear, even if the email style is very cold, you’ll also be able to get an answer to . But if you didn’t get, I think you should ask yourself why.

, for example: I’m not in the email to click on a hyperlink – I don’t like to be traced, also don’t like to receive “I have seen you ever click…” In the mail. If I didn’t reply, is something I don’t want to participate in the email, and most of them the reason, is the E-mail content and I it doesn’t matter.

if you want to do is a self-introduction, founder of the especially for investors, ask yourself whether you really need to fervour of e-mails. When I received a large number of entrepreneurs of e-mails about your project, I think the question of that is standing on the Angle of entrepreneurs, a he doesn’t know how to contact people (like me) .

sometimes, “cold mail” is the most efficient. Below is I found most of the “cold mail” served as the most useful format. write clear up some points below key stroke black , this email has been basically completed.

? Who are you? Where are you?
Hello Thomas, I am a reading engineering students at MIT, I will graduate from the school in 2010…
? How did you know that I, or who introduced me to you?
… I see you visit to MIT in 2007 report on “Google social search development”
? Why do you write to me? Your idea/product/vision/company?
(the following content is your speech –)… Be encouraged in your report, I began to study a society gather user mapping, analysis, post content, professional knowledge, use the information to identify users will different disciplines user ranking of projects. Imagine, for example, you need to plan a wedding: you landed on Facebook, and to find the most likely help you to plan the wedding of a friend, your friend might not even aware that at this moment, in your social graph, this you know he/she is on this specific subject areas the most learned man.
? Give me the other additional information (such as attachment)
(perhaps even better, at the same time, send me your website login password)… Attachment is a kind of can explain the view from the details/product reports/documents/paper/article…
? How can I help you, and why do you think I can help you to
… In order to make the product launch, I are looking for $50000 with full time to do this project. Because you are in Google social search and your patent background in 2004, I think you can investors and consultant role at the same time, I think you will be the board of directors of the company a great person.
? The next step?
… If you are interested, now I am in San Francisco, and very happy to show you our early version.

? (additional points about “letter/reputation”) let me excited!
… I will go and XXX (a very bright angels) and YYY (very smart a person for product, worked at a great company, Google, for example).

in addition to write a letter of “cold mail” to me, you should also consider this:

? In your contacts circle, find a the people I know, and through him to introduce yourself to me, so that you get chance to reply will be high;
? Before you contact me, for I have to understand: first read my blog, my Twitter and other social media information, and I had to share the Google Reader. If you have ever been searching and do homework, you will find that more and more the place where I had to publish and share my ideas.
? Reply, comments, I published in the public social media posts, and then began to online communication and I dialogue.
? And my personal contact, this is good way, unless I pick up my son from school or in and his wife have a romantic date). I use many tools, such as foursquare, Yelp do check – ins, etc., and, when most of my Posting on Twitter, with geographical mark. In addition, if I take part in any meeting or event, I usually one day in advance can be posted in a social network. If I were in an activity, and to meet new friends, I have begun to use Plancast. Come and talk to me.
? Consider the Venturehacks Startup List: if you log in, and answered all the questions they ask, I will be aware of your seriousness. This is the real key to get my attention: use Venturehacks Startup List, then there will be the format of the E-mail me. Only in this way, I got all the information I want.

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