Vehicles: as social tools + as the breakthrough point, don’t have a car can also play

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license plates that the id card, because the images of high visibility, is the only convenient bus encoding of memory. Hunting cloud network recently focused on an App called “car”, is a based on automobile and geographical location positioning mobile social software to make friends, solve the parking problems bring owners of nonstandard.

vehicles belonging to changchun DE Marcia technology co., LTD., 13 this month online, founder and CEO Zhou Peiyong first stepped into the Internet industry, is also designed to solve the similar troubles he encountered in life, co-founder of new entrance, liu qian has years of experience in software development.

car even is a tool + social as the breakthrough point of application, and hunting cloud network reported before and similar, are car dating software, but with different in the platform, also can be a user doesn’t have a car.

the owner to install the APP, and with their own license plate number binding, upload to, vehicle VIN code certificate, the user can through the license plate number to contact the owner. Open the App, there are five button at the bottom of the page, click on the “car” into the car even interface, click the blue box above the inside of small white triangle, home to choose the license plate number, enter the license plate number, search for the owner to add as a friend, if be added does not want to be find, data can be set as “god”.

in the car even App, in order to make the user privacy guaranteed, avoid malicious harassment by the user, to chat with strangers need to send me, get your reply after just can chat. The authentication information of the real degree is high, through the VIN code user can know the specific models, value, production date, etc. This guarantee the authenticity of the people who take part in the social information .

car will update the new version at the end of the month, new board this will increase the function of “models” to develop user viscosity, common user or owner, can be in the city live chat rooms and city hall (mobile terminal live travel, road trips and other activities). Find models like, to send signed application models, each models according to the level of different social status is different also, models can sign to get the cost of withdrawal, the new version of new payment functions, create a trading closed loop.

user perfect height, weight, measurements and other information can be models, this section will be based on user feedback certification to adjust accordingly.

cloud network hunting before reports is to provide solutions for the owner, the car is to provide social platform for strangers, even through the license plate number to add each other, and the license plate number is readily available (a wayward people to take bus App). In addition, the function of car star people change of location, and function is more, while the car even only from to find the owner and car dating two functions, the product to do small and beautiful.

about profit model, Zhou Peiyong tell hunting cloud network: “in the city live section of vehicles involved in the giving of virtual items and models of the role of the contract costs into . Future CheLianHui add maintenance division, wash the car division in character, such as price division O2O service. A car even in severe vertical dating to attract users, in the short term focus grinding products, rely on word of mouth and vertical accumulation of service users, will smoke in O2O service into future and value-added services for the company’s profit model.

in addition to the above mentioned O2O service, car will seek benefits for owners, increase the “team” plate, and has put the plate on the development of the agenda, plate, the team is mainly to solve the problem of the handheld radios and some details of the taxi industry, including docking wedding services team, at the same time let owner can earn extra money to part-time jobs.”

next, car even ready to sell 8% of equity financing of up to 2 million yuan, at the same time, 2% return for the investors with the help of the resources. Zhou Peiyong to hunt cloud network, said: “the car even set aside 20% of the option pool to find more partners, make out of this thing, hope to join to the car team.”