Vanquish a home: vertical food electricity, can’t take you to travel around the world, but can I take you to eat all over world

(text/Qiao Zefang)

a eight pieces you see in the dessert shop abs high level appearance handsome boy wearing a white apron do the chances of snacks? I believe many people have not experienced, but the App that paragraph of time is the human nature “rattle” launched such a sale. 50 limited dessert, the taste of the high quality and can get a magazine hard as handsome boy makes this activity began soon ended in desserts sold out. Dessert made little elder brother, of course, is a serious program ape, part-time do dessert on douban, pure pleasure. So, you can see “course” is an art, and with the vast number of female compatriot small heart, still occasionally App little surprise for you. Of course, the above is the added value of the App, vanquish a home’s core business is import global specialty sale.

version team

to vanquish home sales first, based on a bird’s nest “YanGeGe” taobao shop. When rossie founder and CEO Ding Jian ready to start a project, the bird’s nest business has on taobao do 45% of the market, they will be bird’s nest after to do the best in your own thing, almost new breakthrough and development direction has become an inevitable choice. In order to avoid the new project is to make the other a taobao shop, but also to do some interesting things, rossie against YanGeGe home customer sent such a message: as long as you spend 5000, recommended five good thing, to give a reason, you can join our version of the team.

“it is a fun thing,” rossie said with a smile. “At that time, a total of 300 people to sign up, we according to your own experience after screening out 20 people, all because hobbies together”. vanquish a house, of course, also have a dedicated team of seven people, under the screen all day cat international as well as a variety of the slogan of offshore platform, provide team’s eyes good product every day. “Then we put these products to version team, 20 people have various views on communication, the collision is joy ,” rossie tell hunting cloud network. “This 20 people also can recommend yourself feel good goods, if there are a lot of people like the same thing, we will consider.”

in swathes group unremitting picky, space space launch on March 30. Rossie Shared data: as of late last month, a total of create a month sales in 3 million.

upgrade version of the “shop” 1

rossie said the upgrade version of the no. 1 store is the dream of their entire team. 1 store, in his opinion, the best part is the overseas channels, very popular, can meet the needs of many people. This course with no. 1 shop business field is actually the overlap. But the coverage of consumer groups and there are some different, course orientation is more towards the mid-market, hope to be able to meet the demand of high quality life of the white-collar class.

now rattle home platform is about 90% of goods overseas, and then the bonded area, direct mail, the customs directly on the food inspection, avoid gray and consumer trust enough of these problems. The remaining 10% is domestic dealer direct mail, Lima, ACTS as a platform, a platform can choose interesting high quality goods, also can to twice a month to check the goods. After all team swathes of 20 seniority is quite strong.

about the future development of

to vanquish now 40% of the goods on the platform is their delivery, in addition to domestic merchants are direct shipment, overseas goods direct mail also accounted for a significant proportion. Future, Lima, brother is in logistics companies to carry on the cooperation, they also will be sent the team made a special trip to the mall for goods in different countries to filter, can work with local companies, so as to get through our own direct overseas YouTong way.

about financing, rossie, according to vanquish a home is contact with investors.